Ginger: I'm so sorry, Eric.
Eric: My wife is sleeping with my sister and my brother is hitting on my girlfriend. I think the sorry one.

Eugene, you came back for us.


Eric: Mama's only going along with this charade to keep Veronica's shares in the family. She taught us right from wrong, but only when it's convenient.
Rose: Wait where are you going? Don't be a little bitch, Eric.

You should just be grateful that you have a seat at our dinner table, Ginger because you'll never have a seat at our board.


Margaret: Where the hell have you been?
Eugene: God sent me on a specific quest, a crooked path that led me home.
Margaret: And there were no phones on this crooked path?

He was my father! He was just your sperm donor. We're done!


Anne: Margaret what are you doing here?
Young Margaret: I guess I'm kinda sad. I'm the cook's daughter. I'll never have what those rich girls have.
Anne: Come with me... this was my dress when I first came out. Why should rich girls have all the fun?

Nothing is going to ruin my daughter's perfect wedding day. Not even her groom.


Eric: I can't live in a world where God is a joke.
Cop: Sign the confession and he won't be.

Mark: Can you imagine if we had took that first deal and went home? We wouldn't be here if it wasn't for you. Ginger: Let's be honest, if it weren't for the women in your lives Veronica, Yopi you two would still be broke, so here's to the women who made it all possible. Cheers.

Rose: I need to think about my life.
Mark: I can wait.
Rose: Don't.

 Everyone out, NOW!!!

Franklin. Get out of this house. Margaret

Filthy Rich Quotes

Eugene: Look how far we've come.
Margaret: Twenty-five years. All things are possible in Him.
Eugene: In you.
Margaret: In us. 
Rose: Oh, Lord.

Rot in hell.