The Boys Season 2 Episode 6 Review: The Bloody Doors Off

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With only two episodes left to The Boys Season 2, there is a lot left to explore.

The Boys Season 2 Episode 6 shares a bit of Frenchie's back story, at least as far back as five years, while introducing a new Supe to the mix as a cautionary tale.

And while Homelander and Stormfront grow ever closer, Butcher and Annie begrudgingly find they might have something in common.

Betty White of The Boys Season 2 Episode 6

Let's get this out right away. Even getting a little more background on Frenchie still doesn't paint a broader picture of the guy.

It does offer an explanation as to why he has been so taken with Kimiko, though, and even revealed his entry point to working with Grace and the Boys.

She had him by the short hairs, as they say when she threatened to send his made family to supermax if he didn't rise to the challenge of joining her team.

Cheri: Awww. You're sensitive.
Frenchie: No! Those saucy ladies, they made their own family, so I did what they did.

It's no surprise that Frenchie had a made family, just like his mentors, The Golden Girls, or that he was making a living for himself in pharmaceuticals.

What Kind of Work? - The Boys Season 2 Episode 6

But it's his made family that has taken the lovely young man with a heart of gold and weighed him down with plenty of guilt.

When we first met the guy we now know to be Lamplighter, I had no idea he was a big deal. I know, I know. I should pay more attention to casting news. But then there would be nothing to surprise me along the way.

So, while Shawn Ashmore is a big enough name that I knew he was somebody, how he tied into the grand scheme of things goes far beyond being a founding member of The Seven.

And I have to wonder if the story is taking a detour from his plight in the comics, where he got beaten to death by Frenchie and The Female. Instead, Lamplighter has a much more compelling story than one would imagine, having killed Grace's grandchildren.

Lamplighter - The Boys Season 2 Episode 6

Like everyone else that Grace works with, they managed to get something on Lamplighter, forcing him to work against The Seven. But he was no sooner onboard to do that then he got called to put a hit out on someone.

That someone was Grace's family, and instead of the hit, he managed to set her grandchildren ablaze.

We know that The Seven is filled with corruption and bastards beyond our wildest imagination, but there is some goodness in some of them, too. Maeve and Starlight are good souls. Hell, you can even find flecks of decency in Homelander when he isn't so self-centered.

And judging by Lamplighter's actions during "The Bloody Doors Off," he's had a come to Jesus moment about the atrocities he's committed. And by coming into focus again, he's also initiated a little redemption for Frenchie, who has similarly been castigating himself for half a decade.

Frenchie kept from everyone what happened the night Lamplighter lit up Grace's family on his watch. His Golden Girls were in a heap of self-made trouble, and Cheri guilted him into leaving his post to help their drug-addled friend.

Not a Word - The Boys Season 2 Episode 6

So Lamplighter has wondered why, if he was being followed, anyone allowed him to do what he did (maybe everyone needs a canary), and Frenchie has been trying to find redemption after being that person who allowed it.

The dynamic between everyone as they relived their worst nightmares was pretty great and definitely tragic.

Frenchie knows too well how one bad move can change your life, so he was trying to keep Grace from killing Lamplighter outright despite the man practically begging to be put out of his misery.

Given what we're experiencing with the Supes, including The Deep and A-Train getting kicked off the team and Homelander's desperation to be adored and in charge while also coming down mightly on Maeve and Starlight, meeting Lamplighter shed light on the stakes.

It sure seems like those who get killed in action are a lot luckier than those left carrying the burden of their mistakes. Still, Lamplighter seemed more cut up about Grace's grandkids than A-Train ever did about slamming through Robin on the street, leaving his hands in Hughie's.

Kimiko's Blood Money - The Boys Season 2 Episode 6

Of course, Lamplighter has had years of atonement for his sins.

How awful it must be to be saddled with killing the newly created Supes when they don't live up to expectations. His every move creates a "there but for the grace of Vought go I" scenario, yet he's still beholden and forced to do it again and again.

The entire episode tying into that event also allowed Frenchie to do more than look doe-eyed at Kimiko, something he's been doing for too long. Nope, he cannot redeem himself through her. But he can make a ton of wisecracks and come out on top of this hour, at least.

The words were rolling off his tongue, and it started with the Golden Girls discussion. It really helped to understand his caring nature. We also got to know how close and Mother's Milk became during their time on the Boys team, and their interactions led to some funny stuff.

Frenchie: The bachelor party I will throw you! What's your stance about transgender strippers?
MM: Strippers ain't really my kind of Hershey's, with or without nuts.

Whether Frenchie was telling MM he'd through him a hell of a bachelor party, and oh, by the way, what did he think of trans strippers (MM prefers his Hershey's without nuts) or needling MM about the thick dick that was around his neck, Frenchie had a very good episode, indeed.

MM: That's his fuckin' dick.
Frenchie: Don't be so closed minded.

You Don't See That Every Day - The Boys Season 2 Episode 6

Hey! Tell Butcher about the thick penis around your neck!


And that brings up the crazies that have been left out of the Sage Grove, uh, asylum, I guess, for the newly minted Supes. What a bunch of crazies!

They all escaped when the Boys and Lamplighter mistakenly released the Crackin (Kraken, yes, but crack, heads exploding ... get it?). She is one scary being. With a simple twist of her fist, you explode.

Where have we seen that before? When Susan Raynor's head exploded! Was the Crakin' released before? Maybe she's taken out for a hit now and again.

All of the scenes in Sage Grove were bonkers, and they also led to Hughie taking a shard of glass in the abdomen, a predicament that set Annie and Butcher on a quest to a middle ground.

Do You See 'Em? - The Boys Season 2 Episode 6

Butcher hates Supes. When he couldn't even contain himself to commiserate with his wife over her son, then you know he's not up for giving a pass to Annie/Starlight no matter how much his Hughie canary cares for her.

But he was more than happy to chum the water of Sage Grove with her help, believing that if they were caught in the act, it would be Starlight who felt the wrath of The Seven in their place.

Oh, he made me mad the way he was lining up Annie in his crosshairs even as Hughie was innocently asking after her well being and that of the other Boys as they gained entrance into Sage Grove.

But Annie is no cowering flower, and she almost managed to make Butcher wince as she called him out on his Supe hatred. It was really Hughie's injury that forced them to recognize something other than disdain for one another, though.

Annie In the Crosshairs - The Boys Season 2 Episode 6

When you love someone as kind as Hughie, there has to be something good inside of you to recognize and care for it in Hughie.

They could see the commonality in themselves, and they didn't like it. That was made even worse when Annie was forced to kill an innocent man who made one too many wrong moves, putting Hughie's life in further jeopardy.

Even Butcher couldn't disagree that there is a time when her powers come in awfully handy. He went from hating them to begging her to get them back so she could cauterize Hughie's gaping wound.

When she was cradling Hughie in her arms in the back seat of the dead man's car, she was having a conversation with Butcher straight out of her own mind, demanding he stop gloating that she might have more in common with him than either of them thought.

FBI Needs Your Car - The Boys Season 2 Episode 6

It was a one-sided conversation, but they were on the same page. She doesn't want to be a killer, and he doesn't want to be soft. Yet they are both a little of both, which is why Hughie loves them so fiercely.

Could you even stand their conversation about Hugie's baby shampoo and rubbing Desitin on his bum? I can't wait to see what this does to their dynamic going forward.

Surprisingly out of the fray of the day-to-day missions was the Homelander/Stormfront duo. Well, she was front and center at Sage Grove, but that left things with him hanging, a feeling he didn't appreciate at all. He's getting about as gooey as the guy's head he crushed after getting a handy in the alley.

I keep wanting Homelander to tap into the sprinkling of goodness that I see in there, but by falling for Stormfront as he has, you know there is no saving him. He's bound to be become an ultra villain at some point, right? Can he possibly keep up his public persona forever when he's so far gone?

Passive Aggressive Arguments - The Boys Season 2 Episode 6

Even Stormfront seems toned down in Homelander's presence. But if you think about who she was and with whom she was entangled, it makes a lot of sense.

Homelander is the ultimate blonde boy of strength that the Nazis wanted to create. He really is everything they dreamed, so seeing the embodiment of that dream must be unsettling to Stormfront.

Stormfront being a part of The Seven seems just as destined as she was to find and join with Homelander. She was the first successful V injection. What on earth has she seen through the years with so much power?

And how on earth did she manage to keep herself so well hidden? She's not exactly the model of restraint when it comes to her abilities. Yet here she is -- still alive to tell the tales of her Nazi cohorts.

Vought Made Them - The Boys Season 2 Episode 6

Despite everything else going on, there were still a few scenes with The Deep and Maeve, who are now sympathizing. He's hoping to find a way back into The Seven, a carrot she's dangling in front of him, and she's hoping to find a way to take down Homelander.

With the information that The Deep got from a rowdy school of halibut (yum!), he found some kind of a recording from the flight she and Homelander let crash into the ocean.

She wants to use it to blackmail Homelander, but I can't help but wonder if she's paying attention to what's on the recording.

Well, if she wasn't when she first got the idea, maybe after seeing Elena's expression of fear and disappointment, it will strike her what she stands to lose by going that route.

Brave Maeve Pride Bars - The Boys Season 2 Episode 6

The only thing I really liked about her scenes was the Brave Maeve Pride Bar commercial. Otherwise, her scenes are too short and inserted without much thought for the rest of the hour. The same goes for The Deep and A-Train.

Since they're not in on the bigger story, their stuff falls flat. That's too bad because there is so much potential. Maybe The Boys Season 3 will find them getting the attention they deserve.

The hour ends with the promise that the Crackin' will make waves, but how and when, we will need to wait to find out.

There are a lot of pissed off Supes on the loose, and that will have to make waves, whether during this season or ahead in Season 3.

New Girl In Town - The Boys

It's your turn! What was your favorite crazy moment of The Boys Season 2 Episode 6?

What's next?

Share your thoughts in the comments.

The Bloody Doors Off Review

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The Boys Season 2 Episode 6 Quotes

Never go into shark infested waters without chum.


Cheri: Awww. You're sensitive.
Frenchie: No! Those saucy ladies, they made their own family, so I did what they did.