Christmas Unwrapped Exclusive Sneak Peek: Impressing Erik Christmas

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If you listen intently, you can hear the sound of jingle bells ringing.

The holiday season has come early for Lifetime, and a slew of Christmas films are underway.

On Saturday, October 24, it's the premiere of the Tiffany Haddish produced Christmas romance, Christmas Unwrapped.

A Determined Reporter - Christmas Unwrapped

We scored an exclusive first look at the film, and it's a fun, sweet minute and half clip giving us our first look at our lovely lead characters and what appears to be their first meetng.

Charity (Amber Stevens West) stumbles her way through the ice rink to a bench with the assistance of the handsome Erik (Marco Grazzini).

She wants to speak with the subject of her latest assignment about his Christmas charitable endeavors.

Charity is a reporter, and she wants to write a story about the mysterious, handsome, and generous founder of an organization called Never Stop Believing.

Ice Rink Meeting

Charity comes prepared, running down everything she knows about Erik, and her thorough research and efficiency impresses him.

A good impression works both ways.

The moment Charity asks about Erik's activities -- and his motivation behind his Never Stop Believing company -- Erik's exuberance is beyond containment.

Earnest and Dedicated - Christmas Unwrapped

She asks him what he gets out of being so generous, and Erik's answer is charming as ever.

Check out the clip below to find out what he says.

Christmas Unwrapped airs Saturday, October 24 at 8/7c on Lifetime.

Erik's Impressed - Christmas Unwrapped

Check back afterward for a full review!

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