Days of Our Lives Spoilers Week of 10-05-20: Packed Full of Drama

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The bad news: it's another short week in Salem.

The good news: Whenever this happens, Days of Our Lives doubles the drama to make up the difference, and judging from the spoilers, this is no exception.

Days of Our Lives during the week of 10-05-20 promises serious movement in the Allie/Tripp story, wedges thrown up between couples in both that and the Eli/Kristen/Lani story, and more!

Days of Our Lives - Spoilers Week of 10-05-20

As I predicted in my review, the focus of the Allie storyline appears to be shifting to whether or not Tripp is the man who raped her.

Clips depict Tripp angrily insisting that Allie is lying while Kayla shares her doubts about her stepson's character with Steve.

Kayla: I don't know. Maybe he's one of those types of guys who can't take No for an answer.
Steve: Wait a minute. You don't think Tripp did this, do you?

The accusation might drive a wedge between Claire and Allie as well as Steve and Kayla, as the spoiler video also includes Allie telling Claire what she believes Tripp did to her.

While this is all solid drama, it remains to be seen whether Allie's struggle with post-rape trauma will be highlighted at all or whether the rape was a plot point to create conflict for a recently-returned Tripp.

The Tripp/Allie story isn't the only one getting attention during Days of Our Lives' three drama-packed episodes. 

The video suggests we are going to pick up where we left off with Vincent vs Ben/Hope...but how can anyone believe what he says about Ciara's fate?

He's made it clear that he'll do anything to get revenge on Ben for Wendy's death, so if that means letting him think Ciara is dead, so be it. And even if he says she's alive, he could be saying so to ease Hope's pain while knowing that nobody will ever find the remains.

In addition to the spoiler video, we have six official NBC spoiler photos for you to check out! Read on for the full scoop.

Learning Ciara's Fate - Days of Our Lives

Vincent reveals Ciara's fate to Ben and Hope.

As mentioned above, it's hard to trust Vincent no matter what he says.

Since head writer Ron Carlivati wished Victoria Konefal (Ciara) well on Twitter and said he hopes she comes back soon, Ciara is either alive or there is a resurrection story in the works.

But what Vincent has to say about it is anyone's guess, as is whether it's anything close to the truth.

Allie Confides in Lani - Days of Our Lives

Allie tells Lani what happened in London.

Lani is the worst person to take Allie's statement.

Even if she hadn't taken advantage of a blacked-out-drunk JJ the same way Tripp allegedly did to Allie, she's currently embroiled in a job-threatening scandal because she helped Kristen escape. 

Sadly, there are only two female cops in Salem, and Hope is busy with Vincent. So Days of Our Lives will undoubtedly show Lani as being compassionate and understanding despite her history and general character.

Allie's Shocking News - Days of Our Lives

Allie gives Claire shocking news about Tripp.

The interesting question here is whether Claire believes Allie.

Claire feels guilty about her own violent behavior and seems to already be moving toward a second chance with Tripp. So she'll likely defend him.

This could put a wedge between the cousins just as they were establishing a friendship. And the drama will probably extend to Claire's parents, who might find themselves at odds with Lucas once he finds out.

And if Sami ever learns that Belle took the "wrong" side of this, heaven help them all.

Eli Pleads With Kristen - Days of Our Lives

Eli pleads with Kristen to help keep Lani out of trouble.

Okay, I'm not sure how that's going to work. 

Spoilers suggest Eli tries to convince Kristen to confess so that Lani will stay out of jail.

Kristen and Lani would do almost anything for each other, but I don't think Kristen will do THAT. She finally has happiness with Brady and baby Rachel and she's not giving that up for anybody.

Victor Fires Xander - Days of Our Lives

Victor fires Xander!

And the CEO merry-go-round at Titan continues.

I'm guessing that Victor finds out that Xander encouraged Jan to call the cops on Philip.

This is stupid. Philip did threaten Jan and grab her arm. He ought to learn that actions have consequences, whether or not Xander encouraged those consequences.

And Victor should make decisions that are in Titan's  best interest. Giving in to Philip's emotional blackmail in the first place was a poor business decision that was not worthy of shrewd, ruthless Victor.

The New Titan Intern - Days of Our Lives

Claire gets to know the new Titan intern, Charlie.

I guess Claire will be the next one jumping into the family business now that Ciara's gone... probably for the sake of falling hard for a new guy.

Only time will tell if Charlie is trouble or not. 

Knowing Days of Our Lives' story patterns, most likely Charlie and Tripp will compete for Claire's heart, evidence will mount against Tripp, Claire will choose Charlie while Tripp is in jail, and then it'll ultimately turn out that Charlie was the bad guy all along.

Let's hope they went a less predictable route this time.

Your turn, Days of Our Lives fanatics!

What are your thoughts and theories about this abbreviated week in Salem?

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