Days of Our Lives Spoilers Week of 10-12-20: The Net Tightens

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A changing story. An angry new guy. Friends and family taking sides.

Yep, it looks like Tripp is in major trouble on Days of Our Lives during the week of 10-12-20.

And he's not the only one, since Eli has that recording of Kristen's confession.

Days of Our Lives - Spoilers Week of 10-12-20

According to the Days of Our Lives spoiler video, there are fights breaking out all over Salem.

Charlie: Claire wants nothing to do with you!
Tripp: This is none of your business!
Charlie: Oh yeah? Well, I'm making it my business.

Charlie and Tripp's altercation is interesting because of Charlie being brand-new.  It brings up questions of who, exactly, .his guy is and why he is so determined to stand up for Claire.

Some fans think that Claire is going to fall hard for Charlie, only to find out that he is the guy who raped Allie that night. Given Days of Our Lives' track record with such stories, this seems plausible.

But maybe they'll surprise us and he'll turn out to have a different backstory.

Charlie's confrontation is sandwiched between two other fights: Jake/Chad and Xander/Philip.

I'm the older brother. That makes me the heir and you the spare!


The Jake/Chad stuff looks as silly as ever, with Jake getting in Chad's face and getting ready to throw a punch. Who's down for this? Because I definitely am NOT. And predictably, Philip's next annoying move appears to be to make a play for Sarah. 

It's disappointing that Philip returned to Salem with such a giant-sized chip on his shoulder. He's acting like a spoiled, male version of his mother, and I'll be happy if he goes back to wherever he came from.

Curious about what else is going on in Salem? Check out the spoiler photos below.

Abigail Asks for a Favor - Days of Our Lives

Abigail asks Chad for a favor regarding Jake.

Gwen asked Abigail to put in a word for Jake, so I'm sure that's what this is going to be, and equally sure that Chad won't be happy about it.

I really, really wish that Abby had some other story besides round 10 million of being naive and gullible while some woman plots to stab her in the back. 

Come on! Abby is supposed to be an investigative reporter. Where are her instincts? For that matter, where is the story about her uncovering a big secret that would actually hold viewers' interest?

Getting to Know Them - Days of Our Lives

Gwen gets to know Jack and Jennifer.

Jack had better not have left his own investigative instincts at the office.

After all, SOMEBODY has to see through Gwen's nonsense.

And the Jack of yesteryear would have pretended to trust her to get close to her and find out what she was up to while Jennifer fretted about his underhandedness and how this whole thing could blow up in his face.

Can we have THAT Jack back? Please?

Eli Comes Clean - Days of Our Lives

Eli comes clean with Kristen.

I'm not sure what the point of this is.

Eli's goal was to get evidence that Kristen stabbed Victor. He got that evidence. No need for further conversation.

I guess his compromise is to give Kristen a heads-up that she's about to go down for attempted murder.

But that won't save him with Lani after going behind her back for the second time.

New Evidence - Days of Our Lives

Hope and Shawn receive new evidence regarding Ciara.

According to Kristian Alfonso (Hope), her last scenes should air around October 14. 

So will Hope's exit be that she goes off in search of Ciara or runs away to process her grief over Ciara's so-called death?

If we are supposed to believe Ciara is dead, this evidence better include finding her remains, or at least a blood splatter confirming that she was shot.

Second Thoughts - Days of Our Lives

Belle has second thoughts about representing Philip.

I guess Shawn's temper tantrum about having to wait half an hour to go to dinner got to her.

Honestly, as schemes to break people up go, this is a weak one. 

And after years of dealing with Sami's nonsense, Belle should be able to spot manipulation a mile away.

I'd love it if she thought Philip was in on Jan's plan and rejected him for that reason.

Kristen's Shocking Decision - Days of Our Lives


Kristen makes a shocking decision.

According to Soap Opera Digest, Kristen's decision plead guilty.

I'm not sure why this is shocking. Eli has her taped confession. 

Assuming the tape is admissible, any lawyer worth her salt would be working hard for a plea bargain at this point. 

Trask won't give an inch, but will justice be done in Salem for a change?

Giving Lucas the News - Days of Our Lives

Nicole reluctantly gives Lucas devastating news.

Okay. I love Nicole, but this town crier motif has got to go.

Allie's rape is HER story to tell, not Nicole's.

I don't care how much Lucas yells that he's Allie's father and has a right to know; he doesn't.

I'm sure these scenes will be emotional, but the messaging behind them -- that a young survivor doesn't have the right to privacy about her ordeal -- totally sucks.

Changing His Story - Days of Our Lives

Steve is alarmed when Tripp amends part of his story.

Any guesses as to which part?

The only thing that would make sense is if Tripp suddenly says he DID have sex with Allie that night. But he's been so adamant that he didn't that that wouldn't make sense.

I suppose Days of Our Lives could be going for him beginning to believe Allie's claims because everyone is accusing him.

This is something that can happen, usually under intense interrogation, but it is too psychologically sophisticated for this show.

Kayla Has an Idea - Days of Our Lives

Kayla offers a way to prove whether Tripp is telling the truth or not.

Could it be? Has someone finally remembered that paternity tests are a thing?

Both the Chief of Staff and the aspiring medical student involved in this should have thought of that right away. If the baby isn't Tripp's, then someone else had sex with Allie that night.

But of course, someone could change the DNA test results. This is Salem, after all.

Pushing Xander Over the Edge - Days of Our Lives

Philip succeeds in pushing Xander over the edge.

Just what Salem needs: a competetion between Xander and Philip for Sarah.

Philip seems to have returned to Salem determined to grind Xander into the ground.

It's a shame, because the two men both have spent their entire lives failing to live up to Victor's standards and could be great friends if they would stop this obnoxious pissing contest.

And really, if Sarah falls for Philip, she's too flighty to be worth Xander's time.

Your turn, Days of Our Lives fanatics. What are you looking forward to on Days of Our Lives during the week of 10-12-20?

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