Days of Our Lives Spoilers Week of 12-21-20: Five Days of Christmas!

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Christmas has been lacking in Salem in recent years.

Instead of putting aside the drama for some warm holiday scenes, Days of Our Lives has often given lip service to the holiday while everyone continued to be heartbroken or angry.

But Days of Our Lives during the week of 12-21-20 may make up for past lacks, as we are getting five full days of Christmas!

Days of Our Lives Spoilers Week of 12-21-20 - Days of Our Lives

The spoiler video offers few clues as to what will happen but promises plenty of Christmas celebrations.

Highlights include Steve playing Santa in the annual Christmas celebration for the sick kids in the hospital... and turning Kayla on while he's at it; Ben being invited to participate in the annual Horton Christmas tree trimming; and Will coming home for the holidays while Sami wishes Allie a merry Christmas over video chat.

Lani is also due to give birth in the middle of the festivities, and Belle and Shawn will finally tie the knot.

This sounds like a lot to pack into just one week's worth of episodes, but if there's any time to overload viewers with warm family moments, it's Christmas!

The Steve/Kayla scenes are fascinating because they have been at odds with each other over Tripp for far too long.

Hopefully, they'll get back to being the loving, supportive supercouple they used to be, at least for a little while. With Ava missing and Steve teaming up with Tripp to find her, I can't imagine Kayla's going to stay too happy for too long.

It would be nice if Stayla's daughter Stephanie also came home for the holidays, though she seems to have been forgotten about in their excitement that Joey is out of jail. She was last mentioned when Steve thought he was Stefano, so perhaps she still carries a grudge... or her existence slipped the writers' minds.

But at least we get Will, and Sami's online visit looks like it will be a nice nod to the millions of viewers who are forced to celebrate virtually with loved ones because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Although the week of 12-21-20 is mostly Christmas focused, a few other things are going on. Check out the Days of Our Lives spoiler photos below and let us know what you think!

Kiriakis Family Christmas - Days of Our Lives

The Kiriakis clan celebrates Christmas Eve.

Usually, everyone is crammed into the Horton living room, but this time, the Kiriakises celebrate their own.

I'm not sure why Allie is there. Her parents are Hortons and Bradys.

Nor does it make a lot of sense for Marlena to be there. But I guess she and John want to support Brady, and Allie wants to be with her grandparents.

This is most likely a set-up for Claire's new boyfriend to run into the woman he raped and add some drama to what should be otherwise festive scenes.

Brady and Kristen Fantasize - Days of Our Lives

At the prison, Brady and Kristen fantasize about spending the holiday at home.

I have to say that this is the least exciting spoiler of the week.

These fantasy family sequences never do much for me, and since Days appears to be headed toward a Brady/Chloe hookup, I'm not sure I see the point.

A Christmas visit would have been more than enough, but Bristen fans may enjoy these scenes.

Horton Christmas 2020 - Days of Our Lives

On Christmas Eve, the Horton family comes together to hang their ornaments.

The Horton ornament hanging is my absolute favorite Days of Our Lives Christmas tradition.

Doug and Julie have stepped up to fill Alice and Tom's shoes both at holiday time and during the year, so it's fitting that they now host the ceremony.

It's too bad that JJ left before Christmas, but he always got short shrift at the Christmas parties anyway. Let's hope someone remembers to hang his ornament!

Either way, I'm looking forward to both the tree trimming and the traditional Christmas toast celebrating the family and all they've overcome in the past year.

A Special Gift - Days of Our Lives

Claire gives Ben a special gift from Ciara.

Ben is getting an ornament this year.

Someone always gets one, and if Victor can have one after everything he's done over the years, Ben certainly can too.

These scenes will be bittersweet, though, and Ben's mourning Ciara's death has been overdone as it is. 

It would be wonderful if the Christmas miracle this year were an alive Ciara returning home, but from spoilers, it looks like she will just be making a ghostly visit to encourage Ben.  Meh.

Lani Goes Into Labor - Days of Our Lives

Lani's labor kicks into high gear with her family by her side.

What would Christmas be without someone going into labor?

The big question here is whether Lani will let anyone help her. Lani hates both her father and her husband because they interfered with her love affair friendship with Kristen by locking Kristen up for trying to stab Victor. So who, exactly, will be by her side?

Valerie is a doctor and appears to be returning for the holidays, so she would be an interesting choice. And maybe Theo will return. 

A Very Brady Christmas - Days of Our Lives

The Bradys and the Carvers celebrate Christmas Day in Salem.

The Carvers don't seem too concerned about Lani being in labor -- do they even know about it?

I'm thrilled that Roman gets to be part of the festivities, though. In recent years, he's been mostly sidelined, making sporadic appearances to say a few lines and then disappears.

If Roman gets a real storyline sometime soon, that would be an amazing Christmas present for those fans who have been watching for long enough to remember when he was an important character.

Marlena Encourages John - Days of Our Lives

Marlena encourages John to work things out with Steve.

John and Steve's friendship is one of the best parts of Days of Our Lives. There aren't enough people hanging out with friends, especially among the guys.

So hopefully, Marlena can convince John to let go of their recent conflict over Tripp. It's not worth letting John and Steve's friendship go down the drain for!

Also, John's post-aneurysm symptoms need to come into play. His mood swings are supposedly due to brain damage, so how will that affect his response to Marlena's suggestions?

Steve's Latest Theory - Days of Our Lives

Steve shares his new theory with Kayla.

Christmas is not a time to be sharing theories about anything, especially not while dressed as Santa.

Patchy Claus is always fun, though, and Steve and Kayla deserve some good times together.

So hopefully, this won't devolve into another argument about whether or not Tripp raped Allie. We do NOT need that on Christmas.

Lucas Confronts Tripp - Days of Our Lives

Lucas confronts Tripp about Allie.

Ugh. Who invited the Grinch?

I was hoping Lucas would confront Allie about her recent violent behavior and remind her that his story about Sami was not a directive about what to do!

Instead, we appear to be in for yet more scenes of someone violently confronting Tripp for something he didn't do.

This whole story is made more intolerable because it's focused 100% on Tripp being the victim of a false accusation instead of Allie being a rape survivor. Will the writers EVER learn their lesson when it comes to writing sexual assault stories?

Belle and Shawn Get Married - Days of Our Lives

Belle and Shawn get married!

And this time, there should be no lunatic waiting in the wings to derail their wedding.

I wish this had been built up over the course of weeks to a Christmas wedding instead of being a spontaneous surprise.

But hopefully, it'll be a romantic addition to this year's Christmas festivities despite how rushed it seems from the spoilers.

Your turn, Days of Our Lives fanatics!

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