Devils Season 1 Episode 9 Review: Duval's Master Plan

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Massimo can't catch a break, can he?

His showdown with Dominic started on Devils Season 1 Episode 9. But Massimo just can't put anything over on Dominic.

Dominic and Massimo are playing financial chess, but Dominic always seems to be several moves ahead.

Turning on Each Other -- Tall - Devils Season 1 Episode 9

So how is Massimo to best him?

He needs help. Almost everyone's help.

One Last Talk - Devils Season 1 Episode 9

At least one piece left the board this episode. So Duval and his Subterranean hackers won't be Massimo's saviors.

Much as Sofia has been, Duval, with his Subterreanea network, could have been a useful ally for Massimo. But Duval had his own scheme, valuing anarchy over the global economy, for all his altruistic talk.

Duval finally got his own way as Massimo decided he needed to throw in his lot with Subterranea. 

And Massimo had a solid plan, to steal the incriminating documentation he needed to bring down Dominic by hacking the NYL servers.

Fortunately, Eleanor and Kalim were willing to follow Massimo's lead at least one more time.

Ice Queen - Devils Season 1 Episode 9

It was that old magician's trick. Eleanor distracted everyone by blowing up at Massimo while Kalim patched Paul's laptop into the servers.

If only Duval had held up his end of the bargain.

But he and Massimo were taking different approaches to the situation.

Over the course of the series, Massimo has developed a conscience. The former rising master of the universe wants to save Europe's little people, including those in his native Italy.

Duval just wanted to burn it all down while getting rich, and he didn't seem to care who got hurt in the process.

Making a Choice - Devils Season 1 Episode 9

Some hero of the people he turned out to be.

While making fun of Massimo's idealistic side, Sofia ultimately chose him over Duval. Even Duval recognized that he had lost her.

Not that Massimo was helping himself on the Sofia front.

He wouldn't tell her, or anybody, that his father had died. Likely the intensely private Massimo didn't want anyone's sympathy.

That was kind of a letdown. After he decided to stay in Cetara at the end of Devils Season 1 Episode 8, he left immediately after burying his father. What was the point?

Back in the Fight - Devils Season 1 Episode 9

On the plus side: Fewer subtitles.

He should have let in Sofia at the very least. She shouldn't have had to find out about his father by intercepting an email.

Then, once Massimo found out what Duval was up to, he assumed that Sofia was involved and played him the whole time.

Granted, that was her history, serving as Duval's "honey pot."

But Sofia has been changing, thanks largely to Massimo's willingness to open up to her after Carrie's death.

Surprised by Dominic - Devils Season 1 Episode 9

Massimo has also been opening up for the first time since Carrie up and left him to move to the States.

So these two broken souls have been good for each other.

After Sofia's acquaintance explained what Duval was doing after looking over the algorithms, Sofia knew what she had to do.

After Massimo's accusations, Sofia was determined to prove herself to him, slipping back into Subterranea and stealing back the dossier.

She also arranged to have the police scoop up Duval for insider trading while bringing down Subterranea, all for Massimo.

Over His Head - Devils Season 1 Episode 9

That arrest also should serve as redemption for Bale and Winks as well. So might they be an asset for Massimo and Sofia when they need one most?

Speaking of characters needing redemption, how about Oliver?

He has been busy doing all the wrong things for all the right reasons.

Massimo gave him a great opportunity at NYL. To fit in, he hacked the LaVar for Eleanor and Kalim. Chris caught him doing so on surveillance, which enabled Dominic to blackmail him into being his mole in Massimo's group.

Suspicious of Oliver - Devils Season 1 Episode 9

He moved Tyrone and LaToya into a condo in a safer neighborhood. But to keep this safe space for his family, he has to hang on, no move up, at NYL.

Also, Oliver is beginning to adopt the NYL persona, taking what he wants (Eleanor, others' work) with little thought. It's not far to go to sacrifice his mentor in exchange for becoming a full-fledged trader.

Eleanor and Kalim saw what was happening and convinced Massimo not to trust him. In fact, they used Oliver to set Massimo's plan into action, to get rid of Dominic's puppet Paul.

Not that he no longer has any usefulness for Dominic, could Oliver become an asset again for Massimo, especially now that Dominic has forced him out?

Revealing Photos - Devils Season 1 Episode 9

Massimo also has to determine that he's got another double agent in his camp, in the form of his investigator Rigby, the man he depends on to help him disappear.

And who knows how much longer Eleanor and Kalim will continue to help Massimo now that he's no longer their boss? Both strike me as more mercenary than loyal. They hadn't hesitated to go behind his back in the past when he was distracted.

Also, Nina may end up an ally for Massimo, her one-time lover. She blames Dominic for their son's death, and she would also be getting justice for her friend Claire in Ed's death.

To review events before the finale, watch Devils online.

How does Massimo come back from his setup?

Who will help him?

Is Duval gone for good?

Comment below.

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Devils Season 1 Episode 9 Quotes

Sofia: There must be some way.
Massimo: I think there is if I end my career. And Dominic Morgan's too.

It's the devil who tempts us with choices.