Sam Heughan and Graham McTavish Tease Men In Kilts: A Road Trip with Sam and Graham

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Happy Valentine's Day, ladies and gentlemen!

Starz chose a wonderful date to premiere their latest series starring Sam Heughan, Outlander's Jamie Fraser, and Graham McTavish, who played Jamie's uncle, Dougal Mackenzie.

We may be in the middle of a Droutlander, but Starz has found a way to wet our whistles while we wait!

Land Ho!

Men In Kilts: A Road Trip with Sam and Graham is exactly what it sounds like: a road trip featuring the Outlander personalities.

The duo takes their friendship, and all that goes with it to the country they love, Scotland.

Whether you're Scottish at heart, an Outlander fan, or have never given a second thought to visiting the lush countryside of Scotland, you'll find something to love with Sam and Graham as they tour the land in an RV.

We had the chance to chat with Sam and Graham for a few minutes to get their thoughts on the series, how it came about, and whether they might continue the journey beyond Men In Kilts Season 1.

They'll learn about the country's rich history and heritage, which is an immersive adventure for them and us, too.

Sam and Graham Bicycling

Whether meeting local artisans, diving into traditional food and drink, or meeting an extraordinary cast of real-life Scottish characters, Sam and Graham learn and laugh together, bringing something truly special to the small screen.

And if you know anything about Sam Heughan, you know that he's got a competitive nature.

The pair chats about tat in our interview and Sam reveals that you'll see a little more of him than you might expect during such an adventure.

That's the peril of putting a little skin into the game, if you know what I mean!

Men in Kilts: A Roadtrip with Sam and Graham is a fun-filled buddy travelogue through Scotland led by, of course, Sam and Graham.

The two will reunite for an epic experience exploring their heritage and meeting an incredible collection of people who truly showcase what it means to be Scottish.

Sam and Graham Bicycling

The half-hour, eight-episode series offers the duo’s one-of-a-kind perspective on everything from Scottish clans and the Battle of Culloden to whisky tasting and folk dancing, with Sam and Graham’s witty banter and hijinks leading the way.

Whether hanging off the edge of a cliff, wrangling a flock of wild sheep, or discovering the true legacy of their Outlander characters, both men dive headfirst into each and every experience.

We're going to be reviewing all eight episodes of the series weekly, so be sure to join us!

Find out what they had to say about it all in our exclusive interview.

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Men In Kilts Quotes

Graham: Born in the crucible of our imagination, we have finally manifested
A TV Show
Men In Kilts.
Sam: Men.
Graham: Men. In.
Sam: In. Kilts.
Graham: Kilts.
Sam: A road trip with Sam and Graham.

Graham: A land that is cut through with locks and rivers and valleys and mountains that altogether weave like some kind of tartan kilt.
Sam: Oh, I knew you were going to go there. That was beautiful.
Graham: Into a beautiful fabric which is called Scotland.
Sam: Scotland!

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