Grey's Anatomy's Giacomo Gianniotti Wraps Directorial Debut: 'Now Back to Being DeLuca'

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Another Grey's Anatomy star is stepping behind the camera to oversee an episode of the veteran ABC drama series.

Giacomo Gianniotti took to Instagram earlier this week to confirm that his stint as a director is over.

“Well, that’s a wrap!” wrote the Andrew DeLuca actor.

Manic DeLuca - tall  - Grey's Anatomy Season 16 Episode 14

“Ten days of beautiful, fast-paced, red-eyed glory. Wouldn’t change it for the world.”

He went on to thank everyone involved with the episode.

"Thank you so much to my whole team at @greysabc for the support. My brother in arms and DP Steve Fracol. My writer @juliewong2017 for such a great script. And really most of all, our crew," he shared.

"Our incredible crew of hardworking men and women who every day from sun up to sundown, busted their ass to make this beautiful art."

DeLuca's Deception  - Grey's Anatomy Season 16 Episode 13

"Thank you thank you thank you. Grateful is a massive understatement. Now back to being Deluca 👨🏻‍⚕️ 😂😂😂. We are back March 11th DO NOT MISS THE CROSSOVER!"

The episode the actor directed was Grey's Anatomy Season 17 Episode 11, but it's not set to air until April.

When the ABC series returns after its latest hiatus, it will be another crossover with Station 19.

"Grey’s Anatomy picks up where the previous episode of “Station 19” left off as both teams tend to a tense situation with so much at stake," reads the logline for the March 11 return.

Mentor/Mentee - Tall  - Grey's Anatomy Season 16 Episode 4

"Meanwhile, Jo convinces Hayes to bend the rules on a case, and Maggie and Winston reconnect on the return of Grey’s Anatomy."

If you want to find out what happened to DeLuca and his sister after following Opal, you're going to need to tune into Station 19 Season 4 Episode 6.

The logline reads:

Carina and DeLuca pursue Opal, the woman suspected of sex trafficking last seen in the “Grey’s Anatomy” winter finale.

COVID- Specialist- Tall  - Grey's Anatomy Season 17 Episode 4

Meanwhile, Maya leaves Andy in charge for the yearly inspection, and Dean and Vic struggle to cope with the fallout Dean’s traumatic arrest on the return.

As for whether this is the final season of Grey's Anatomy, the jury is still out.

Gianniotti previously teased that this was being looked at as the concluding part of the beloved series, while series lead, Ellen Pompeo recently said that there's no telling whether this is the end of the line.

"I can't say. Can't say," Pompeo said on CBS Sunday Morning late last month.

DeLuca's Crash - Tall  - Grey's Anatomy Season 16 Episode 21

"We honestly have not decided. We're really trying to figure it out right now."

"It's, what story do we tell? To end a show this iconic, you know, how do we do it?" she added.

"I just want to make sure we do this character and this show and the fans – I want to make sure we do it right."

What are your thoughts on all of this?

DeLuca versus Catherine

Are you excited for the actor's directorial debut?

Hit the comments below.

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