Beware of the Midwife Sneak Peek: First Impressions Can Be Misleading!

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Bringing a life into the world is a precious and sacred ordeal, but happens when the person who promises to help you do it has ulterior motives?

It's a question presented in Lifetime's family thriller, Beware of the Midwife.

And you might want to buckle your seatbelts because this one is about to take us on a ride!

Wary of Her - Tall - Beware of the Midwife

Sarah, In Contempt's Mouna Traoré, and Kevin, Lifetime veteran leading man Michael Xavier, are a happy couple who are ecstatic about the upcoming birth of their first child.

When it comes to the birthing process, the options are limitless. There are so many ways someone can bring a child into the world.

After struggling to conceive, it's understandable that the pair would opt for an intimate ordeal with someone they feel they can trust.

And that's where Rose, played by Raven Dauda, comes in.

Monitoring Sarah and the Baby - Tall - Beware of the Midwife

She's a midwife who radiates the type of maternal energy and confidence that puts anyone at ease.

It's certainly the effect she has on Sarah, who, along with her husband, has determined that they would prefer to deliver their first child at home without the muss and fuss of dealing with a busy hospital.

Everything about Rose is promising on paper, but the couple will face the ultimate terror and every parent's worst fear: someone taking their child.

Stealing a Baby - Tall - Beware of the Midwife

The woman they invited into their home and entrusted with their child's life has some ulterior motives, and they include kidnapping their child under the guise that it's the grandchild that she always wanted and needed.

Sarah and Kevin have the nerve-wracking task of finding this woman who took their child before their baby is lost to them forever!

We have an exclusive clip of the film and our first glimpse of Sarah and Rose meeting for the first time.

Sarah is glowing, and she appears to be ready to pop any day now. She and Rose have a lovely sit-down where Rose explains why she's the right woman for the job.

Wary of Her - Beware of the Midwife

From the sounds of things, Rose's daughter is the one who arranged for her and Sarah to meet, which makes you wonder if her daughter couldn't conceive a child of her own, or is it the first of many lies that Rose may be telling the happy couple?

Rose shares that she used a midwife and delivered at home when she had her daughter, and she's been passionate about the cause ever since.

Rose opens up about her previous miscarriage and how, even though she's not anti-science, she does feel the home deliveries offer something sacred and deserving of a holistic approach.

Rose Kidnaps- tall - Beware of the Midwife

Rose says all the right things to appeal to Sarah, who also had a tough time conceiving their child.

Once Rose hints at some of the inequity and systemic sexism and racism that women and Black women, in particular, battle when they seek medical advice and help, Sarah is confident that she found the right woman for the task.

But as we've suspected by now, she's wrong about this one.

Expecting Mom - tall - Beware of the Midwife

Rose could be a used car saleswoman with her skills! Check out the exclusive clip below to see her talk a darn good game.

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Beware of the Midwife airs Sunday, April 11, at 8/7c on Lifetime.

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