Manifest Season 3 Episode 4 Review: Tailspin

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Vance wasn't lying when he referred to the NSA's 828 investigation room as "eureka."

Much of Manifest Season 3 Episode 4 focused on the mystery surrounding what happened to Flight 828 and the tailfin, and it was a lot to process. 

We were bombarded with plenty of information, but as usual, with every answer, several new questions arose. 

A New Home Life - Manifest

It's almost like we can't ever get ahead of the mystery; we're always two steps behind as we try to piece together all the clues. 

Ben, Saanvi, and Mic have been trying to figure this out on their own, but it's evident that there's so much at play here that even a robust team of government researchers and scientists has been struggling to come up with any plausible theories. 

Mic: Are you saying that you felt what Beverly was feeling?
Zeke: I think I did.
Mic: That is next-level.

For starters, Vance's team proved what Ben suspected all along: the tail fin is an original part of 828. 

And it apparently teleported to the bottom of the sea on the same night that Zeke beat the death date and the methheads drowned in the lake.

Getting to the Truth - Manifest Season 3 Episode 4

Yep, teleported. 

That was also the same night and time that Saanvi killed The Major, which lead her to believe that the events were somehow related and intensified her guilt. 

The connection between all the events remains unclear much like the connection between the passengers and the non-passengers. 

The recovered tailfin also showed signs of corrosion that were consistent with having spent seven years in saltwater. 

The Full Story - Manifest Season 3 Episode 4

How is it possible that the tailfin is showing signs of original wear and tear?

Does this mean that if a passenger doesn't beat the death date that their body decomposes in the original way they died?

That seems to be what Taylor's preserved corpse revealed. 

Following 828's return, Taylor died of a gunshot wound, yet her post-death injuries were consistent with a mid-air explosion. Not to mention she also had traces of an algae strain unique to the Caribbean, which matched what was found on the tailfin. 

Dealing with Reality - Manifest Season 3 Episode 4

I've had several theories as to what may have happened to the passengers -- including my favorite one about different dimensions -- but none of them make any sense in light of recent developments.

There's also something off about the fact that Troy Davis is alive again. I can't put my finger on it, but I want to know all about the "mind-blowing" things he's learned while working for the NSA. 

Back at the NSA - Manifest Season 3 Episode 4

I'm glad Ben was slightly skeptical of Vance now that he's working for the government again since they've played a huge role in covering up what happened.

And there's also the fact that this is much bigger than even Vance himself. The NSA got rid of him once before, I don't think they'd hesitate to do it again. 

Coming After Them - Manifest Season 3 Episode 4

I'd like to think that he's covering up The Major's death to protect Saanvi, but I can't shake the bad feeling that came over me when his informant warned him about Jared. 

Jared's dedication to the case is admirable, but he should've heeded Drea's warning about stepping on someone's turf.

Saanvi: Wait, it vanished?
Ben: That's impossible.
Vance: As a colleague of mine told me the day you landed, I think we've taken "impossible" off the table.

Let's hope Vance doesn't try to take out Jared for getting too close to the truth. 

Though, if I'm being honest, if it's so easy to piece together what happened the night of The Major's murder, Vance needs to do a better job at covering his tracks. 

Glow Up - Manifest Season 3 Episode 4

And what's with the sanitation truck? Is that how they got rid of The Major's body and moved it to New Orleans?

Could you imagine if The Major came back to life and was forced to defeat the death date!?

The episode didn't really dive into the Egyptian mythology that Olive and Angelina discovered on Manifest Season 3 Episode 3, but they did mention Osiris, the god of the underworld who died and was resurrected. 

A quick Google search revealed he was associated with flooding, which I found interesting considering all the drowning and water elements on the series. 

Making the Connection - Manifest Season 3 Episode 4

The methheads are a week away from their death date and puking up water. 

Olive and Angelina also mentioned that Osiris' wife, Isis, moved heaven and earth to bring him back to life and have a baby. Doesn't that sound kind of like Ben, Grace, and Eden?

How much are you willing to sacrifice to get to the truth?


Again, I'm not sure what to make of it, but I thought it was interesting. 

While Ben and Saanvi were working on piecing together what happened to them on Flight 828, Mic and Zeke were helping Pete follow a Calling. 

Getting Answers - Manifest Season 3 Episode 4

They're still of the mindset that if you follow and complete the Callings, you have a chance at beating the death date.

Obviously, that's a bit harder for someone like Pete who is behind bars, but Mic and Zeke figured they'd do their best to help him out.

The Calling led them to the realization that Pete was used by his high school coach to sell drugs, which killed one of his teammates. 

Pete has struggled to come to terms with his grief and forgive himself, which is all too familiar to Mic and Zeke.

Looming Death Date - Manifest Season 3 Episode 4

They've all had trouble coping with the loss of a loved one and blamed themselves.

Is that the connection we've been missing between the passengers and non-passengers?

And as if they weren't dealing with enough, Zeke is experiencing some kind of "feeling" where he knows exactly what someone is going through and can relate to them. 

Is this a side-effect of beating the death date? Is Zeke supposed to use this new gift to help others?

Teaming Up - Manifest Season 3 Episode 4

Again, I'm not sure what to make of it, but Zeke has clearly leveled up.

I love the passion that everyone has for getting answers because it's ramping up the action, but I actually need answers. 

Hopefully, the upcoming two-parter will give us some much-needed clarity! 

Saanvi's Truth - Manifest Season 3 Episode 4

What did you think about the episode? 

Do you have any new theories based on what Vance revealed? As always, comment below and be sure to watch Manifest online!

Tailspin Review

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Manifest Season 3 Episode 4 Quotes

Mic: Are you saying that you felt what Beverly was feeling?
Zeke: I think I did.
Mic: That is next-level.

Saanvi: Wait, it vanished?
Ben: That's impossible.
Vance: As a colleague of mine told me the day you landed, I think we've taken "impossible" off the table.