Days of Our Lives Spoilers Week of 6-14-21: Sami Caught Between Two Lovers

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What do you do if you're caught between two lovers?

If you're Sami Brady-Horton-Dimera, you kiss them both... or maybe more.

That's right: Days of Our Lives spoilers for the week of 6-14-21 include Sami kissing both Lucas and EJ and going to bed with at least one of them.

Spoilers for the Week of 6-14-21 - Days of Our Lives

The spoiler video suggests that Lucas is anxious to win the tug-of-war for Sami's heart for once and for all.

I don't blame him. He's been in love with Sami forever, and she only abandoned him for EJ in the first place to save Lucas' life!

But Sami isn't as certain what -- or who -- she wants, as the video juxtaposes Lucas asking her if she's told EJ yet that it's over with her in bed with her husband.

Lucas didn't put up with Sami wanting him to wear a wire to help her spy on Nicole, but will he put his foot down and insist she makes a choice right now?

That could be risky.

Sami's heart MIGHT belong to Lucas, but she's still freaked out about that idea and insisting she wants to repair her marriage with EJ.

So pushing too much could make her run away and right into EJ's arms.

Whether you're team Lumi or team EJami, there's a lot more going on in Salem besides this... and some more romance on the horizon, too! Read on for the rest of our Days of Our Lives spoilers for the week of 6-14-21.

Locking Horns Over Chloe - Days of Our Lives

Philip and Brady lock horns over Chloe.

This is also an old rivalry.

It's an open question who's flightier because Brady was 100% committed to Kristen until a week or two ago, and Philip complained for months that no one could hold a candle to Belle.

If Chloe has to choose one of them, I'd prefer she gives Philip a chance. Chloe is more clearly a rebound for Brady, and she wouldn't have feelings for him at all if Kristen hadn't put the idea in her head and then lashed out about it being there!

Sami is Surprised - Days of Our Lives

Sami is surprised to learn why EJ has returned to Salem.

Sami tends to think the universe revolves around her, and EJ has given her that impression for years... so he's probably back for some other reason than learning she slept with Lucas twice.

I'd prefer that EJ be there to ask Sami for a divorce so he can focus 100% on wresting control of Dimera Enterprises back from his brothers, but I doubt he'll go that far.

But he likely is NOT looking for revenge on Lucas... at least not yet.

Marlena Catches Lumi - Days of Our Lives

Marlena catches Lucas and Sami in a close moment.

I certainly hope Marlena is supportive.

Lately, she's been far too pro-Dimera for someone who was kidnapped countless times because of Stefano's insane obsession with her.

If she pushes Sami to forget Lucas and return to EJ, I'm going to puke.

Accidentally Found Out - Days of Our Lives

Someone stumbles onto Kate's lies.

Someone other than Snyder that is.

It would be interesting if it were Gwen so that the two could join forces to rid the world of this annoying excuse for a doctor.

But more likely, it will be Gabi, who will probably try in vain to convince Jake that Kate is faking.

Double Date Disaster - Days of Our Lives

Justin and Bonnie's double date with Steve and Kayla goes horribly wrong.

I don't know who thinks viewers are interested in Justin/Bonnie, but at least we get some Steve/Kayla time out of it.

It would be a far better use of Judi Evans for Adrienne to turn out to be alive.

Pairing Justin with his late wife's doppelganger makes little sense and doesn't make this silly couple compelling.

Belle Puts Jan to the Test - Days of Our Lives

Belle puts Jan to the test.

Now that Belle's out of jail, she's done playing around.

She's going to do what Snyder is incapable of and find out if Jan is really in a coma.

I won't be surprised if Belle walks away, sure that Jan really is unconscious this time, only for Jan to smirk as soon as Belle's back is turned. Will you?

Abe Confides in Roman - Days of Our Lives

Abe confides in Roman about Paulina.

Abe's feelings for Paulina are growing, which can mean only one thing: Paulina's secret plan will break his heart.

Ugh. Abe deserves better than this.

I guess it's realistic that Salem's most moral person expects everyone else to be honest, though, after all these years in Salem, Abe really should know better than to take everything at face value.

Rafe Gives Ben Advice - Days of Our Lives

Rafe gives Ben advice about Ciara.

I hope Rafe's advice is to give Ciara whatever space she needs. After all, he is busy NOT pursuing Hope right now.

He also should suggest that listening to Clyde doesn't generally bode well.

But whether Ben is up for a dose of reality is anyone's guess, so does what Rafe tells him really matter?

Stunned About Chanel - Days of Our Lives

Paulina is stunned to learn about Chanel's kiss with Allie.

I hope Paulina isn't homophobic/biphobic when supposedly her plan includes supporting the LGBTQ community!

In any case, Paulina probably will try to discourage her flighty daughter from going into business with the girl she's crushing hard on.

That would be sensible advice, not that Chanel will listen.

Caught Between Lovers - Days of Our Lives

Sami is caught between EJ and Lucas.

The way to resolve this is not to kiss both of them!

Sami really needs to take a step back and think about what she really wants.

When Caroline was alive, she accepted EJ because she believed that "the heart wants what the heart wants." I don't think Sami's heart really wants EJ, but either way, she should remember and follow that advice now.

Gabi Fumes - Days of Our Lives

Gabi fumes when Jake brings Kate home from the hospital.

This triangle is ridiculous. First, Jake spent months telling Kate that he had no interest in Gabi, and now he's telling Gabi he has no interest in Kate.

At this point, Jake deserves to be alone.

I'd love for Kate and Gabi to get on the same side and decide they're done with a guy who keeps bouncing back and forth between them, but I don't think that's ever going to happen.

Your turn, Days of Our Lives fanatics. What are you looking forward to on Days of Our Lives during the week of 6-14-21?

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