Breaking Bobby Bones Sneak Peek: This Green Job is for the Birds!!

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How far are you willing to push yourself?

How far are you willing to let others push you toward new experiences?

That's the gist of Breaking Bobby Bones, the Nat Geo series starring radio personality Bobby Bones.

Climbing the Tower

On each episode, Bobby takes on multiple challenging new jobs across the United States, pushing himself to his personal limits to see what it's like to walk in someone else's shoes.

We take a lot of things for granted.

There's a popular saying these days: "first-world problems."

Many times, those of us in Western culture fail to see how wonderful we have it.

Bobby Bones takes us on a personal journey with our fellow Americans to show us some of the more challenging job opportunities that require skill, sure, but bravery, as well.

It's about celebrating the unsung heroes of the workplace who make our lives better.

For every wonderful thing we experience, there is someone hard at work to ensure that thing works. And the jobs aren't always enviable.

Practicing for his Turbine Climb

Breaking Bobby Bones Season 1 Episode 13 is titled "Towering Heights."

This is another episode that tests Bobby's fear of heights.

We know that he's afraid of heights from Breaking Bobby Bones Season 1 Episode 7, which found him dangling above the Grand Canyon to discover what it takes to keep the Grand Canyon Skywalk clean for visitors.

That makes his latest challenge, as he works alongside Matt Langston atop the 235-foot wind turbine at Iowa Lakes Community College, seem easy peasy.

Poking His Head Out of the Turbine

Needless to say, almost nobody is ever going to understand the hard work that goes into their viewing pleasure at the Grand Canyon, but the same can't be said about this challenge.

There is a big push for green energy, so we'd expect more jobs just like Matt's will be available as wind energy takes off. Well, he's probably not asking my take on it, but I think Matt can keep his job.

Maybe, if I was a bird, I'd find it easy. As a human being, not so much.

Just watching the exclusive sneak peek we have of the episode gives me the heebie-jeebies. Don't ask me about the Grand Canyon shots.

Merely seeing great heights on a small TV gives me the butterflies.

Bobby Bones and Matt Langston

They aren't in my stomach but fluttering up and down my arms, making me 100% positive that if I were ever in a harrowing situation like Bobby on top of a wind turbine, I wouldn't make it up the ladder, let alone out the door.

And Bobby doesn't sound thrilled, either -- not while it's happening and not while he's looking back at his accomplishment via voice-over.

If you haven't watched Breaking Bobby Bones, now you know why you should.

Breaking Bobby Bones airs on Sunday, July 18 at 10/9c on National Geographic.

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