Trying: Feel-Good Apple TV+ Comedy Concludes Season 2 With an Unpredictable Cliffhanger

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Trying truly is one of the best shows on TV.

I don't think I've felt so many different emotions watching a TV show than I did while watching the thrilling second season, which concluded on a huge cliffhanger.

The show sensitively tackles serious topics, complete with a comedic lick of humor, and Esther Smith and Rafe Spall throw it out of the park every single episode.

A Loving Gaze on Trying

Jason and Nikki learning they had been approved to get a child was just the tip of the iceberg, and their journey throughout Trying Season 2 has been filled with hurdles, but their relationship continued to go from strength to strength.

Their first meeting with Princess was always going to be difficult because they were clearly worried about whether they were worthy of being her guardians.

Adopting is not an easy process, and the series shows every single beat of the process.

It's unpredictable and can take a long time, and the way the season concluded with two children in their care solidifies that.

Happy Times on Trying

Tyler sneaking into the car to be with his sister was a true shocker, but it highlighted how crucial it is that they get to stay together.

The adoption system splits siblings up for a variety of reasons, and it truly is tragic.

Jason and Nikki were clearly uneasy at how obvious it was that these siblings needed to be with each other.

The last thing they expected was to have them both in the end, but there's also going to be some heartache.

A Comedic Scene on Trying

As things stand, they are only approved for one child, and it's likely even Princess won't be in their care for very long.

This was only ever a temporary scenario, and I suspect Jason and Nikki will be tested if it comes to giving one or both children back.

Penny only wants the best for the couple, and she's fought tooth and nail to get the result they deserved on countless occasions, but the fact that they are not approved for a second child poses some big questions about the future of the series.

Penny moving Tyler's photo to the middle of the board suggests that her mission will be to find a home for Tyler that doesn't include his sister.

Pondering Their Future on Trying

It's heartbreaking, but there is a process for adoption, and giving Jason and Nikki both kids is not in the cards.

The likely scenario here is that a home will pop up that allows them to stay together, and Jason and Nikki will realize the best foot forward is to let the kids go because having them together is better than one of them being in their care.

When I chatted with Esther and Rafe earlier this year, they had yet to lay eyes on the scripts for Trying Season 3, so they were as in the dark as viewers about where the show goes from here.

They were both excited about the possibilities of Trying Season 3 and beyond, with Rafe saying it's one of his favorite jobs ever because of the messages of the show and how he gets to work with people who are genuinely his friends.

Imelda, Esther, and Rafe

Jason and Nikki's engagement was not a surprise. They've been building towards this moment since the series premiere. They are one of the best-written couples on TV.

They truly understand each other, and the level of humor between them is enough to tune in alone.

The other relationships on the show continued to be tested throughout Trying Season 2, and Karen and Scott making it down the aisle was a big surprise.

Karen could have probably listed everyone watching the show at the wedding when she was hilariously saying who didn't think the wedding would happen.

Two Lovers on Trying

The message to take from their marriage is that they were both imperfect people, but they connected on levels they could not with others.

As for Erica and Freddy, they appear to be over, but there will always be a connection between them. They share a child, but I'd be surprised if Erica would ever be able to trust Freddy again.

Erica can do better, and the sooner she realizes that, the better.

Trying managed to avoid the dreaded sophomore slump in its second season when all is said and done.

The writing was tighter, and the acting remained stellar, and there are many possibilities as we head into Trying Season 3.

Jason and Nikki on a Bus

Over to you, TV Fanatics!

What did you think of Trying Season 2?

Do you think Jason and Nikki will get to keep both children?

Hit the comments below.

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