Tunji Kasim Talks Nancy Drew Season 3, Implores Nick to "Say Yes to the Dress"

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Nancy Drew is The CW's best show.

The series continues to impress with its compelling characters, excellent villains, and supernatural elements.

I got the chance to chat with Tunji Kasim, who plays Nick, ahead of the premiere of Nancy Drew Drew Season 3.

A New Mystery Unfolds - Nancy Drew

Check out the interview below.

TV Fanatic: George asked Nick to marry her on the season finale. Can you tease where we pick up with these two?

Tunji: It's a wee bit of a tricky one to answer. If I answer in too much detail, you will know the answer, which is supposed to be a big reveal for the show.

It's a huge moment for Nick, obviously, and for George to be wanting to take this step together.

Tunji Kasim Smiles

It definitely says something about the depth of their relationship that he considers that very deeply and seriously.

I'm not committing to whether he says yes or no, but he's definitely in a place where the depth of their relationship is deep enough where he could definitely say yes.

I'm trying to dance around answering it, but not answering it, but you'll have to tune in!

I can say that it leads to a really challenging discussion about the relationship.

Nick pressed ahead with his plans for the community center in the final episodes of the season. What can you tell me about that storyline in the third season?

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The community center is very important to him as a person and what he wants to give back to the community.

It shows that giving side of him and obviously, him wanting to have some kind of redemption from the kind of experiences he had as a younger man where he ended up in the juvenile correction system.

I think he's very much driven by trying to prevent that for other young people and making sure they have the best start in life and also, yeah, giving back to this community that he finds himself in.

It's also an opportunity, I think, to introduce new characters within the show. And there'll definitely be new people through the youth center and through the experiences that Nick has and the people that come through his doors.

Together - Nancy Drew Season 2 Episode 6

There'll be a little more mysteries and a lot more characters, and a lot more kinds of situations that the Drew crew find themselves in.

The Drew Crew has a new villain to tackle on Season 3 in Temperance Hudson. What has that been like to film so far?

It's been great. Bo, who plays Temperance, is fantastic and we're very lucky to have her.

Up until now, the villains were almost solely supernatural, and they were not entities you could have a conversation with.

It's fantastic that our villain takes a new form. The writers are doing a great job with it. She's not just purely villainous.

Fanson - Nancy Drew Season 2 Episode 3

She's a human being that has had human experiences. Obviously, she's a very old human being, but, inevitably, she's a human being with emotions and feelings and her own motivations.

She's not just an evil cackling witch in the corner by any means.

She's also very complex and has her own pros and cons and justifications for doing what she's doing.

It's fantastic to be working with Bo, as I said, and fantastic to have a new type of villain on the show, as well as still maintaining all the supernatural elements that we've had in the previous seasons.

Rainy Days - Nancy Drew Season 2 Episode 3

The series constantly manages to reinvent itself with new and compelling mysteries. What do you like the most about that as an actor?

It's just a fantastic opportunity to play because you never know what's going to be in the next script.

We have the overarching storylines that run the whole season that need resolution and answers.

But also, it's fantastic to have these standalone individual episodes, so to speak, that are not necessarily connected to the bigger story but are kind of mystery and adventure and themselves.

By Each Other's Side — Tall - Nancy Drew Season 2 Episode 2

And those often can be some of the most fun episodes. One of the episodes that comes to mind is the episode where the Drew crew all lose or lose their memories.

That episode is just fantastic and a lot of fun to kind of delve into and explore.

It's fantastic as an actor to get the variety of those episodes, but also especially when it comes to the emotional life of these characters we're playing to explore that over the whole season, but then also have these standalone episodes where we get to have a lot of fun.

The Drew Crew has a strong dynamic. Should we expect it to be tested during Season 3?

Absolutely. They're always being tested, Paul. I think, especially with Nick and George, around this whole question about marriage and are they taking the next step within their relationship?

Nick - Nancy Drew Season 2 Episode 1

Whatever Nick's answer ends up being, tune in for Season 3, October 8!

Whatever answer his answer ends up being is inevitably going to have a strong effect, positive or negative, on their relationship.

As I say, going back to the baddie, Temperance is a complex person. She's a very intelligent person and a very conniving person as well.

She definitely has the ability to create tiny splinters in the group and expose any weaknesses the Drew crew might have in their relationships with each other.

They rely heavily on each other and solving all these mysteries as we go along. But yes, there will definitely be tensions and splinters, and allegiances will be tested most definitely.

Comfort - Nancy Drew Season 1 Episode 18

Fans love when the cast posts emoji teases for the episodes. Let’s switch it up. How about three words to tease the premiere?

The immediate thing that came to my mind is to tell Nick to say yes to the dress, but that's a little more than three words!

Intrigue, murder, and heritage.

Remember, you can watch Nancy Drew online right here via TV Fanatic.

Catch the season premiere Friday, October 8 at 9 p.m. on The CW.

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