Station 19 Season 5 Episode 5 Review: Things We Lost in the Fire

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What could Station 19 be like without Dean?

Miller is such an integral part of this series that the idea of him dying, especially leaving Vic like this when we're intrigued by what could have been these two, and she already lost Ripley is too much to bear.

Yet, Miller coded on Station 19 Season 5 Episode 5, and he may not make it.

Confiding in Jack -tall - Station 19 Season 5 Episode 5

The series has dragged this Vic and Miller situationship on for longer than they needed to, and these days, Miller spent an extraordinary amount of time pining away for Vic.

It's been maddening to witness.

We've been waiting for these two to get it together forever. Theo is a factor in this as well, but now, Dean is on his way out, and we saw the most stressful near death yet with Vic at the explosion scene.

Who else's heart stopped when Vic dropped like that after the electric line took her down?

Commitmentphobe -tall - Station 19 Season 5 Episode 5

One minute, she was having a ball at what was one of the most epic fire scenes the series has done, laughing and giggling, while Miller looked at her as if she hung the moon, and the next she was lying on the ladder a hundred feet in the air like a freaking ragdoll.

It's moments like that where it forces all of the players to reevaluate everything in their lives.

Vic: Miller, you saved my life. I love you. You're my brother, and I love you, okay?
Miler: Yeah, I love you, too.

Dean shot up there like a rocket, beating Theo even, and it spoke volumes about their connection and where the true love of this story lies.

Hell, he breathed life into her. And it wasn't one-sided either. Vic told him she loved him when she recognized that he saved her, and it felt like she meant something more than just being a friend.

Beckett-tall - Station 19 Season 5 Episode 5

She even went on to quote Mark Sloan about telling the people you love that you loved them. The combination of her near-death experience and Miller leaving made her feelings for him come to light.

Poor Theo never stood a chance. Hell, she wouldn't even acknowledge that it was their anniversary, and it speaks to how committed she isn't to that relationship.

There are no words for how Vic will react when she finds out about Miller. Would this show really do this to her again? It's unfathomable!

Maya and Carina are the most blissful couple in the bunch, and they had some hilarious moments.

Sullivan on the Scene -tall - Station 19 Season 5 Episode 5

Maya's line about how hot the sex is with Carina was hysterical, especially when it was a Freudian Slip that no one anticipated hearing.

And Carina's line about always ending up at the station when craziness happens was amusing as well.

If you love someone, you tell them.


Carina and Jack working together to bring a clinic to the firehouse is genius. For one, it gives Carina something more to do, and it's the best way to organically incorporate her into the show better beyond her relationship with Maya.

It means she won't solely have to have emergency deliveries on the scenes.

Talking It Out-tall - Station 19 Season 5 Episode 5

And also, Jack is right about people trusting firefighters more than cops. It's the best way to treat people who otherwise wouldn't seek out help.

Jack has been hard up for a halfway decent storyline, and this may be his chance to get something going. Also, he and Carina make a surprisingly decent team.

My wife is mindblowing in bed.


Sullivan is still hellbent on getting battalion chief again, and he and Beckett keep bumping heads. Sullivan's struggles to accept his demotion and work beneath someone like Beckett is a bit humdrum.

Sullivan isn't shining much here, and he often feels in some form of limbo, but Beckett continues to stand out with each installment.

Jack Lends and Ear -tall - Station 19 Season 5 Episode 5

What's evident is that he likes being on the ground more than calling the shots, so at what point can he relinquish the role of captain to someone who wants it more?

The stress of the hour came full force by the last ten minutes. Another explosion took down Andy's newest boss and Miller.

Just when we thought one person was spared, they went for someone we care about deeply.

In the middle of the hour, the Mark Sloan reference Vic gave us made that ending with Miller far too foreboding. This hurts too much.

Changing Lives Forever - Station 19

Who asked for this?!

Jack and Warren's working on their best friend in the ambo to no real avail -it was one of the most heartbreaking moments of the series.

Deja: Was that?
Theo: Normal? No, that was not a normal day.

If they have killed Miller off, leaving Prue an orphan, and after everything with Vic and Ripley -- it will be unforgivable. Seriously, this is ridiculous.

And the ultimate disservice to fans is if they officially call his death on another series. For one, this is still not how the freaking crossovers work, and for another, it should stay within the series, not get sandwiched into a million plots on another show.

Additional Notes:

  • What is Andy's deal with Deja? Yes, the sexism and racism in the field are a thing, but Deja finding humor and getting along with the guys is normal.
Explosion in a Neighborhood-tall - Station 19 Season 5 Episode 5
  • Travis really has to get over himself and consider Emmett more. It wasn't amusing that he wasn't listening to anyone.
  • What is the deal with Travis' father, and why can't he get in touch with him? It's not a good sign.
  • If Beckett is injured, will Maya step back in his place?

How are you feeling? Do you think Miller is gone? Hit the comments below!

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Things We Lost in the Fire Review

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Station 19 Season 5 Episode 5 Quotes

Oh, so address the problem of inequity, you're saddling me with more work?


Vic: So Diane is not quitting, you are. You're leaving 19.
Dean: Who can afford to live in Oakland on a firefighter's salary?
Vic: You can.