Hightown Creator Rebecca Cutter Breaks Down Jackie's Relapse, Ray's Scheming, & More

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Hightown has been firing from all cylinders in its second season.

With multiple deaths and harrowing developments for all of the characters, it's hard to believe we still have three more episodes left this season.

TV Fanatic got the chance to chat with Rebecca Cutter, the creator of the thrilling Starz drama, about recent developments.

Making a Plan - Hightown

Cutter stepped behind the camera to direct Hightown Season 2 Episode 7 and loved every single minute of it.

"It was amazing working with this cast," Rebecca shared. 

"They love me and trust me, and I love them and trust them. As a showrunner, you're already making tons of creative decisions," Rebecca added, saying that directing felt like the organic next step.

Jackie on the Phone - Hightown

Hightown has been a show about imperfect people trying to do what is best for themselves, so I asked Rebecca how she felt about showing these flawed people to the world.

"I think this is true of most people, If you're honest with yourself, but these people, in particular, they're always doing anything they can to sort of feel better about themselves," Cutter added, saying that anything they can do to make themselves feel better, even if it's just for a short time, they do it.

"That's like a very honest portrayal of humanity," the showrunner said. 

"It makes story choices really interesting and fun because it's not people necessarily doing what's best for themselves, but it's believable," Rebecca said, sharing that the decisions the characters make may not be necessarily the best, but they are looking out for themselves over anyone else.

Jackie and Ray Help Each Other - Hightown

Jackie's (Monica Raymund) journey throughout Hightown Season 2 has been heartbreaking, and even though she fell off the wagon, she turned to Ray in her time of need.

"Jackie and Ray are really sort of like the two tent poles of the series, and I love keeping them apart and then bringing them together in these really explosive ways," Cutter said of the relationship, revealing that she enjoys the brother and sister-like bond between them.

"There's still more conflict between them to come, and there's still more really lovely sort of brother and sister moments, it's never just a clean line with those two. There's always ups and downs and bumps with them."

A pivotal moment during Hightown Season 2 Episode 7 found Ray (James Badge Dale) telling Renee (Riley Voelkel) that she was being investigated and followed.

Renee Listens - Hightown

This development came after Renee killed Jorge (Luis Guzmán) and tried to cover it up.

Ray lost his job due to Renee informing on him, so it looks like Ray is scheming his way back to the top spot.

"I think he's been very clear at what he wants this season, which is to get his job back and to get Frankie and to pay back Frankie for what he did," Rebecca said of Ray's machinations. 

Rebecca said that while Ray and Renee love each other, they use each other.

Luis Guzman - Hightown

"It's never just one or the other."

Rebecca said that she believes Ray likes having power over Renee.

Renee and Ray's relationship initially seemed to be in good standing, but Frankie (Amaury Nolasco) being in prison and Ray trying to take him down has put a strain on it.

I asked Rebecca whether she thought they could be together if Frankie was not in the picture.

"Yes, I do, but I do think they're both people that are always scanning the horizon. I don't think either of them could just settle down," Rebecca said, adding that she believes it wouldn't be an easy process for them.

Frankie and Rene together - Hightown

One of the episode's biggest moments found Frankie realizing that Jorge was dead when his stash was found in the trailer.

This sent Frankie on a mission to find out the truth, and Rebecca said that this is the first time that Frankie's back is against the wall this season.

"There start to be cracks in every direction, and you'll see him acting more and more desperate as it continues."

Hightown continues Sundays on Starz and Starz Play.

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