SEAL Team Sets Up Jason's Downfall as Clay Comes Clean in Thrilling New Trailer

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The end of Jason's tenure as Bravo 1 looks to be in motion.

Paramount+ has dropped an exciting new trailer for the final episodes of SEAL Team Season 5, and it's going to be a long wait for the show's return on January 2, 2022.

The clip shows Clay speaking to Ray about the accident that landed the entire team in the hospital.

Tearful Clay - SEAL Team

"Jason brought that building down on all of us. He put us all in the hospital, Ray," Clay tells his colleague.

"Not another word, okay?" Ray responds, clarifying:

"To anyone."

Ray Listens - SEAL Team Season 5 Episode 10

"Bravo's not safe," Clay can be heard saying the clip shifts gears to show more action.

If you watch SEAL Team online, you know Jason kept quiet about Ray concealing his battle with PTSD, so maybe Ray will not tell Command about it.

Either that or Ray will try to get his friend to admit something amiss and seek help.

Jason has been in denial ever since being told he could have a TBI, and he's been pushing his loved ones away.

Clay Upset - SEAL Team Season 5 Episode 10

He pushed his daughter, Mandy, and more recently, Clay away.

Clay has been worried about the team's future ever since putting it all together, and you can see his struggle in the trailer.

When he confronted Jason at the close of SEAL Team Season 5 Episode 10, things got physical.

"I'm keeping this team safe," Clay told his former mentor after questioning his authority.

Jason Moves On - SEAL Team Season 5 Episode 10

"That's my job," Jason retorted.

"I don't need your help, six."

"You know, it's one thing for an operator to go outside the wire and miss the birth of his child, but to go outside the wire when your child is in the NICU, your son is fighting for his life, and all you care about is your ego," he continued.

Indeed, Clay left the child at home, but that highlighted how worried he was about his team.

Jason is Upset - SEAL Team Season 5 Episode 10

"Look, I am here, protecting Bravo from you, okay? Your head is not right, and it hasn't been for months," Clay fired back, but Jason thought it was a coup for his job.

"Interesting, huh, that's your fucking play? Stick me with a TBI, and you have a clear path to Bravo 1?"

"You being compromised is dangerous," Clay shot back.

"You wanna know what's fucking dangerous, huh? You threatening your team leader, so you better think long and hard about what you say and do next because next time it's not going to be a fucking warning," Jason said as he shoved Clay.

Check out the trailer below.

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