Jason: So, you, uh... come to raise a glass to a guy you barely knew.
Omar: Well, I came to support my brothers who are going through some heavy shit. You all get as ugly as you need. I'm here for you.
Sonny: Appreciate you, brother.
Jason: Careful. You're making it hard for me not to like you.
Omar: Don't worry, we got plenty of deployments ahead of us for me to piss you off.

Command: You remember Colonel Decker?
Davis: Battle space commander in Mali? That ass hat you stopped me from giving a piece of my mind to?
Command: He was assaulted last night.
Davis: Assaulted? By whom?
Command: Investigation's underway. Claimed his assailant knew he was a colonel. If this is someone in the military, heads will roll.

Command: The issue, Master Chief, isn't just operating with a serious injury. The way you revealed your truth so publicly, you embarrassed Command and the Navy.
Jason: My intention was to save lives, sir.
Command: Off the record, what you did was the ultimate act of sheep-dogging. But you created one hell of a mess and left us no choice but to stand you down.
Command: Warrant Officer Perry, your character reference for Master Chief Hayes has been reviewed and considered.
Ray: I need to amend my statement, sir.
Command: This is neither the time nor the place. You're dismissed. I have PTS, sir. Capture and torture will do that to you. I've been handling the symptoms on my own as I have continued to operate,
Command: Sir. If you're hoping to make a point about what does or doesn't render an operator unfit for duty, Warrant Officer, you've miscalculated. And now, this Command will be losing two seasoned operators.
Sonny: I breached a lot of doors, and fired a lot of SAWs. The only time I notice the ringing in my ears is... is when it stops. Headaches, more often than not. Trent: Vision gets blurry.
Soldier #1: Trouble balancing.
Soldier #2: Breacher's syndrome.
Soldier: #3:Angry. All the time.
Soldier #4: Memory lapses. TBI.
Soldier #5: Tinnitus.

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This is, uh... It's quite an honor. SEALs push themselves to places that others won't go. And when we get there, we stand and we fight. Well, there's one fight that I've been running away from. Clay Spenser may have gotten home from Mali, but he's not here today because of that ambush, an ambush that he never should have been a part of. He should have been home with his family. Instead, he was with Bravo Team, watching our backs. 'Cause he knew that I was compromised. So, while Clay was watching his team's back, I was watching my own back, worried that Command would discover what this war has done to my head. TBI. I hid my traumatic brain injury... and Clay Spenser paid the ultimate price for it. So much for, uh, disregard for my personal safety. Clay Spenser tried to change the military's outdated views on TBI, but he was told to stand down. So today, I'm picking up that fight for him, because this war machine has to stop ignoring this problem and start protecting the protectors. I don't know if coming clean is gonna change anything, but... hell, if it saves the next guy, then maybe I'll be a different kind of hero. Like my brother... Clay Spenser.


Jace, if any fingers need pointing, they should be in my direction. Clay was with a kid from my vet center when he was killed. You try to create a beacon of hope, and this... this damn war just puts it out. It's a hell of way to repay Clay for saving my career after he took the heat on the Marsden letter.


Davis. I am so sorry about Sonny.
Sonny: No. No, don't say sorry about no rumors.
Davis: I wish this was a rumor. Yeah. You know, uh, he's supposed to be safe at home with his baby boy.
Sonny: If you'd been a little more interested in getting justice for Clay instead of sending our asses back to Syria, I would be at home keeping him safe, do you understand?
Davis: Look, I know you're upset, Sonny, okay?
Sonny: Upset? Upset?

Davis: If you've come to rub my face in it after Bravo achieved mission success, I deserve it.
Command: I wish this was about Bravo.
Davis: What's wrong?
Command: Clay was shot and killed last night.
Davis: What? No, that... that can't be. He's here, he's home with his family. Command: Details are sketchy at the moment.
Davis: This is going to destroy Sonny.

Ray: Naima said Clay was shot by a security guard.
Sonny: Security guard? Doing what?
Ray: Sounds like he was involved in an attempted break-in at the Air Force recruitment center.
Sonny: Clay involved in a break-in? There's no fսcking way. Look, he's had his bumps on the road, okay, but he has his stuff squared away.
Ray: This doesn't make any sense, guys. Naima's gonna keep me updated.

Clay: Look, I'm not leaving you, okay? This isn't the answer.
Ben: You said so yourself. Military and politicians ain't gonna put us back together. Maybe this'll wake 'em up.
Clay: Look, my... my buddy shot himself four years ago in the V.A. parking lot. You think it made a difference? I'm not letting you follow in his footsteps. Look, the only thing that the American war machine has proven that it's capable of is chewing up and spitting out its war fighters. But we gotta stay in the fight. I told you, our war is over. It's over. But guys like you are worth fighting for. I went from being considered one of the biggest badasses on the planet to an object of pity at work and a threat at home. And it put me right where you are.Weeks ago, I had a rifle, a spot picked out in the woods, I didn't see a path back. And then someone found me, and they led me out.
Ben: Wish I had teammates like that.
Clay: This fսcking war is in its third decade. Man, guys like us, we're not alone. Maybe that's why I was saved, so I could be here for you. Your brother.
Ben: You really think that's how this shit works?
Clay: I don't know, man, there's gotta be some point to all of it, right? I'll help you find it. Hey, look at me. Just give me the gun.
Ben: Thanks, for looking out for me.
Clay: Easy day.
Man: Security!
(Clay is shot in the chest two times)

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Clay: I don't think I wanna go back to Green Team.
Stella: What do you mean? Do... Do you wanna go back to operating?
Clay: If we weren't anchored here, where would you wanna go? Like, if you could pursue whatever you wanted, wherever, raise Brian anywhere?
Stella: Why?
Clay: Because so much of our life has just been about me. You know, my job, my schedule, my struggles.
Stella: Mm-mm, no, no, no. They're ours. Come on, writer. I'm serious. Tell me the next chapter.
Stella: Oh, God... Okay. Mm, Mendocino Coast. A little clapboard cottage. Um, I teach and I work on my novel, which is, of course, brilliant, but still very much best-seller accessible. And the three of us, we go on a walk every sunset on the beach.
Clay: Yeah. If you're asking.
Stella: I am.
Clay: Look, I've been talking to Ash about picking our TBI crusade back up, but I can do that from anywhere.
Stella: You're actually serious?
Clay: Ever since we met, I never wanted to stop surprising you.

Sonny: I take it you two corporate raiders didn't close the deal.
Ray: Khoi's got a firewall around him, we couldn't even tap into his damn network.
Sonny: Oh, and that puts us absolutely nowhere.

Jason: Sonny, what the fսck was that back there? Why you unloading on Blackburn like that? I mean, look, you know, he's our boy and all, but he's still our executive officer. You can't do that.
Sonny: I know, I'm just getting sick and tired of this head-shed horseshit over our Mali op.

SEAL Team Quotes

You didn’t disappoint me. You just stopped surprising me.


I keep my distance because I need to, not because I want to.