TV Shows That Wore Out Their Welcome in 2021

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Sometimes even our favorite shows wear out their welcome and leave us wishing for their demise.

In 2021, we have more than a few of those, and TV Fanatics are more than opinionated about television and don't mind expressing ourselves.

Whether the writing went downhill, our favorite actors left the series, or there's no story left to tell, there are a million ways a show can overstay its welcome.

Wore out their Welcome 2021 Collage

Our TV Fanatic staff convened to share some of the series, that by the end of 2021, have us longing for a conclusion sooner rather than later.

We bet you can guess the medical dramas that made this list. Sadly, not even an esteemed actor can save what used to be a fan-favorite crime drama. And forget keeping us in suspense and scaring us; the only thing more horrifying about this horror franchise is that it's still struggling to carry on!

Check out our list of shows that wore out their welcome below!

American Horror Story: Double Feature Poster

American Horror Story (FX/ Hulu)

I mean... "Double Feature?" We couldn't even get one complete storyline this year?

Granted, Death Valley was actually quite entertaining, and we've been waiting for an alien season, but we only got, like, four episodes of it. It feels Ryan Murphy and Co. are tired of it, and we hope they do better in future seasons.

It didn't help that another spin-off anthology called American Horror Stories (plural) confused some viewers and only had one decent episode (Ba'al, if you want to skip ahead on that series). We hate to think AHS is past its prime, but nobody seems to be talking about it.

Classic Archie Comics - Tall - Riverdale Season 6 Episode 5

Riverdale (The CW)

The series managed to reinvent itself a bit with a time jump, but overall, it is skating on thin ice with hot blades.

It's become a parody of itself. Some days, it seems like three dozen writers comprised of hyperactive children and those collectively on LSD and Jingle Jangle filled out Mad Libs and turned in their results without collaborating to see if any of them are on the same page. Spoiler Alert: They are not.

From supernatural elements to an absurd level of criminality, a merry-go-round of ships, and dialogue so insane it unironically becomes funny, each episode you're wondering if you're high or the powers that be behind the series are.

The characters have evolved into a dozen different versions of themselves, and the concept of any of them finding ways to stay trapped in this hellscape town is unfathomable. It's time to call it quits while we're still kind of invested enough to still see it through.

Tragedy Crop - The Sinner Season 4 Episode 1

The Sinner (USA)

The Sinner has had an awesome few seasons, but for the first time, we just felt bored by season 4.

It's too bad it got canceled, though, as we would love a chance for redemption.

Alas, it now has fizzled out without much fanfare.

Flirty Fun  - Grey's Anatomy Season 18 Episode 5

Grey's Anatomy (ABC)

As if a series that's been on for 18 years wasn't already showing its age, Season 17 of Grey's Anatomy was a drab, glum affair that spent too much time focusing on depressing storylines and had its lead in a COVID coma for the majority of the season.

However, it saw the most returns from fan-favorites of yesteryear. It even reunited Mer and Der on her Beach dreamscape.

It would've been the perfect closing chapter of the series. Instead, we're back to recycled storylines and aimless arc directions, and it's time for them to call Time of Death on this cult hit. Grey's Anatomy has done it all before, and when that's over, they simply opt to repeat it all over again, half a dozen times.

Is anyone still a genuine fan of the show, or are we all just determined to see it through? Even Ellen Pompeo has been begging them to call it quits!

Stolen Goods - The Blacklist Season 9 Episode 4

The Blacklist (NBC)

The Blacklist is one of those series that started with so much potential and had fans buzzing. James Spader's performance is unparalleled.

But it has since devolved into a needlessly convoluted, nonsensical mess of a series. It has lost all of its intrigue and purpose.

It's gone on for so long that cast shakeups and character departures reflect it, and with Boone's Elizabeth kicking the bucket after serving as the co-lead for all of these years, it doesn't seem like there's much point in carrying on anymore.

Dary Looks - The Walking Dead Season 11 Episode 6

The Walking Dead (AMC)

We can't be the only ones thinking, "Good God, why aren't all those annoying fucking people dead yet???"

The same question can be asked about Grey's Anatomy, we suppose.

It seems Andrew Lincoln read the room before the network has since they should've ended it when he left. We're just saying.

Crossing Lines - The Good Doctor Season 4 Episode 17

The Good Doctor (ABC)

At this point, watching The Good Doctor is a chore. The series never managed to recapture the magic or sustain the greatness of its first season, and it has strayed further away from its original premise as the show continues.

Fans tuned in for a heartfelt story about an Autistic doctor, and we've since gotten a mess of hamfisted, preachy cases of the week, a revolving door of characters, and a primary romantic relationship that is unappealing at best. Sorry, not sorry, Shaun and Lea fans.

The loss of characters like Melendez and Claire became blows to the series, and new characters have failed to endear fans in the same way. Most days, we barely remember their names.

Do Not Resuscitate.

Callen's on the Hunt -- Tall - NCIS: Los Angeles Season 13 Episode 5


Like The Good Doctor, NCIS: LA is becoming a chore to watch.

They have had many brilliant seasons and storylines, and they should try to end on a high note instead of nurturing the low notes for an extended period of time.

Wentworth (Netflix)

The Australian hit series was one of the biggest and best binges during the pandemic. The peek into the complex lives of a series of inmates and guards in a women's prison is must-watch viewing, or at least, it used to be.

Over time, the series's best, most compelling characters slowly dwindled away, leaving the series, and we got stuck with a string of characters who simply didn't hold the attention that the earlier cast did.

Not even Pamela Rabe's award-worthy performance as Ferguson is enough to keep this once great series afloat anymore. Fortunately, they finally realized that and concluded it.

Do you agree with our list? What don't you agree with that's on here? Do you have any other suggestions that fit the bill? Sound off below!

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