Days of Our Lives Spoilers for the Week of 1-10-22: EJ's Trial Begins

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One Devil goes on trial for the only crime he didn't commit, while another wreaks havoc with some young people's relationships.

There is some good news, though: Abigail and Xander take a step closer to finding Sarah.

Our Days of Our Lives spoiler post for the week of 1-10-22 discusses the fallout from all these stories.

Spoilers for the Week of 1-10-22 - Days of Our Lives

According to the spoiler video, Lucas will return to Salem to testify against EJ in the trial for Sami's kidnapping.

The real crime here is what this story is doing to Lucas' character. It feels vindictive as if the writers are punishing Lumi fans by giving them what they want in this twisted manner, only to pull the rug out from under them later.

It looks like Lucas will perjure himself without blinking an eye. It is the sort of scheme that he's usually convincing Sami to abandon! Ugh.

The more interesting aspect of this is who is sitting with EJ at the defense table.

Belle and Sami still fight like five-year-olds, but they're semi-loyal to each other, at least when it counts.

So Belle defending the man who supposedly kidnapped her sister is an odd choice and will undoubtedly lead to drama when Sami gets wind of it!

But where is Sami? Strangely, she isn't at the trial herself. She's the victim here!

If you're not into the EJ trial, don't worry. There's plenty else going on. Please scroll down to check out our full gallery of spoiler photos.

Johnny Breaks Chanel's Heart - Days of Our Lives

Johnny breaks Chanel's heart.

Everyone should realize that Johnny isn't himself. After all, they just went through this with Marlena, and Johnny's abrupt 180 after not being able to get enough of Chanel makes no sense.

Unfortunately, Chanel's going to take Johnny's rejection seriously, and when Allie runs after her to try to comfort her, it's going to lead to kissing and more.

Did anyone NOT see this one coming?

Paulina's Brush With Death - Days of Our Lives

Paulina has a brush with death.

Intriguing. What could this mean?

Whatever it is, it's probably engineered by the Devil, who is still smarting after Paulina's last encounter with it.

Either way, this may soften Lani toward Paulina. After all, there's nothing like a brush with death to make someone realize they'd better practice forgiveness before it's too late.

Abe and John's Heart-to-Heart - Days of Our Lives

Abe has a heart-to-heart with John.

I wonder if Abe will have heard about Paulina's close call before talking to John.

He's been going back and forth about Paulina, loving her but not trusting her, for a month or two. And John is the perfect person to convince him to give Paulina another chance.

But will Abe listen? Or has he had enough of Paulina's lies and schemes to last a lifetime?

Tripp Examines Susan - Days of Our Lives

Tripp tries to determine what's wrong with Susan.

Whatever's wrong with Susan isn't physical. Marlena should have filled Tripp in on Susan's relationship with premonitions and her clashes with the Devil.

Although Tripp is a man of science, he knows about Charlie's resurrection and Marlena's possession. So he might catch on to something supernatural happening if he has all the facts.

But will he believe it if Susan tells him she thinks the Devil is still up to its old tricks?

Wrestling With a Decision - Days of Our Lives

Ben and Ciara wrestle with a decision concerning their baby.

Here is another cryptic spoiler.

Ben and Ciara are thrilled to be having a baby together, especially now that the Devil isn't possessing Marlena. And it's probably too late for an abortion, even if that is what they wanted to do.

But they were worried about why the Devil wanted it, so could they be considering leaving town to protect their unborn child?

EJ Hires Belle - Days of Our Lives

EJ asks Belle to represent him in Sami's kidnapping case.

Since the spoiler video shows Belle next to EJ at the defense table, we know she's going to agree to represent him.

But she may turn him down at first. After all, Sami is her sister, even if they don't get along all that well.

What will change Belle's mind about EJ's proposal?

A New Lead - Days of Our Lives

Abigail informs Xander she has a lead regarding Sarah's disappearance.

This is hands-down the best spoiler of the week of 1-10-22.

Xander should have realized that Sarah was missing a long time ago, and he and Abigail should have both already figured out what happened to her. But still, this is a better story for Abigail than she usually gets, and she and Xander are the last people I'd expect to work well together.

Plus, we're going to get Sarah back at the end of this!

Stayla Goes Undercover - Days of Our Lives

Steve and Kayla go undercover to find Kristen.

I'm still not clear on why they're so desperate to find Kristen, but I love Stayla, so I guess it doesn't matter.

It sounds like a throwback to the adventures this couple used to go on when they were younger.

There should be romance, intrigue, and danger here. This will be fun!

Lucas Testifies - Days of Our Lives

Lucas returns to Salem to testify at EJ's trial.

Lucas perjuring himself isn't a good look.

I could do without any more twisting his character out of shape to convince reluctant fans to support EJ/Sami instead.

But EJ is still scum even if he's innocent this one time. And why isn't Sami at this trial?

Chloe's Unexpected Visitor - Days of Our Lives

Chloe receives an unexpected visit.

Nancy returns to Salem with news that'll send Chloe reeling!

According to spoilers, Nancy believes her husband is having an affair. That's not exactly shocking in Salem, but I guess it is for Chloe.

The biggest mystery here: who's watching Parker while Nancy is visiting Chloe?

Your turn, Days of Our Lives fanatics!

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