Days of Our Lives Spoilers for the Week of 2-21-22: Will the Prisoners Escape?

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Days of Our Lives is back, and it's not wasting any time!

We left off with the discovery that Kristen was holding several people prisoner on a remote island, leading Steve to wonder aloud who else he and Kayla might run into there. And now, the prisoners have had enough.

On Days of Our Lives during the week of 2-21-22, Stayla, Abigail, and Sarah all decide to take action to get themselves out of this situation. But will they make it home so soon after waking up in Kristen's luxurious prison?

Spoilers for the Week of 2-21-22 - Days of Our Lives

A clip in the spoiler video suggests that Abigail will use Kristen's tricks against her, poisoning her would-be captor so she can escape.

Kristen might have prepared for this possibility, though--could her collapse be a fakeout?

And more to the point, Steve and Kayla are supposed to plot their own escape, while Sarah takes some sort of decisive action, too.

This would go a lot better for the prisoners if they'd coordinate their efforts! But sadly, at least from these spoilers, it appears they're all going to try on their own to get away. That could end in disaster.

It's disconcerting that Sarah wants to take action because she doesn't seem like herself and gave Kristen a big hug.

According to spoilers, Sarah has a massive case of mistaken identity. She thinks she's Renee Dumonde, a Dimera heiress murdered 40+ years ago!

This may be a clever way to honor a legacy character's memory, or it may be more campy silliness, like when Steve thought he was Stefano. But at least Sarah is back, which hopefully means that eventually, she and Xander will reconcile, leaving scheming Gwen out in the cold.

If the island stuff doesn't interest you, don't panic! Plenty is going on in Salem itself. Check out the spoiler photos below.

EJ's New Cellmate - Days of Our Lives

EJ gets a surprising new cellmate.

According to spoilers, he'll be bunking with Clyde--the man he once ordered a hit on and left for dead in the snow.

EJ's "death" was at Clyde's hands as revenge for Clyde's attempted murder. The clip of EJ being shot in the spoiler video is likely a flashback of that moment, re-filmed with Dan Feuerriegel now that he's playing EJ.

In any case, both these men have tried and failed to shoot each other dead, so being locked up together might make for some compelling drama.

Abigail Turns the Tables - Days of Our Lives

Abigail turns the tables on Kristen.

Abigail poisons Kristen instead of the other way around, but will that be enough to get Abby off the island?

Either Kristen is faking, or the poison is short-lasting. Either way, she'll wake up doubly determined to bring Abigail down.

Abigail had better hurry up and find a way back to civilization because she does NOT want to face Kristen's wrath!

Sarah Takes Action - Days of Our Lives

Sarah decides to take action.

The question is: what action is she taking, and against whom?

Sarah is desperate to get off the island, but she's not herself.

So she might actively work against Steve, Kayla, and Abigail instead of working with them to escape.

Stayla Try to Escape - Days of Our Lives

Steve and Kayla attempt to escape.

Woo hoo! Three different sets of prisoners, three escape attempts. Assuming Sarah plans to escape too, that is.

If Steve and Kayla run into Abigail, they'll probably all work together. I hope that happens because it seems like the only chance in hell any of them have of getting out of this alive.

Otherwise, their plans might all cancel each other out and cause more trouble instead of less.

Jack Demands Answers / Tall - Days of Our Lives

Jack demands answers from Gwen.

No, this isn't a rerun. It seems like this is Jack and Gwen's usual pattern.

Gwen does something stupid and tells a bunch of nonsensical lies to keep Jack from knowing about it, only for him to demand the truth and then temporarily disown her eventually. Eventually, he forgives her and makes her promise not to lie to him again, which is worse than useless because we all know she will.

Hopefully, this will be the last time. This cycle is getting tedious, and it will likely only be broken when Jack gets Gwen to leave town permanently.

Anna Pitches TR - Days of Our Lives

Anna makes a pitch to TR.

Anna wanted to play Kristen in the movie before so that probably hasn't changed.

Getting involved with TR isn't a good idea. But if a brainwashed Sarah thinks she's Renee Dumonde, who tried to kill Anna so that she could have Tony for herself, Anna may need a powerful ally.

TR is a former abuser, but can he go toe-to-toe with Renee, even if she only exists in Sarah's mind nowadays?

Nancy Turns to Marlena / Tall - Days of Our Lives

Nancy turns to Marlena for advice.

Marlena is finally going to be used in her proper capacity.

She's not the Devil giving poor advice and breaking confidences all over the place. She'll probably be honored that someone trusts her despite all the damage the evil demon did to her professional reputation.

And hopefully, she'll give Nancy decent advice, too.

Driving a Wedge - Days of Our Lives

Johnny continues to drive a wedge between Gabi and Jake.

Yawn. This story would be over before it began if Gabi confronted Jake about what she thought she overheard.

Jake could easily prove he wasn't even at the mansion at the time, and Gabi would realize someone was tricking her.

But that would be too easy, so Gabi has become the latest character to be twisted all out of shape for the sake of this silly plot.

The Gloves Come Off - Days of Our Lives

The gloves come off when Rafe and Nicole confront Ava.

It's about time!

They've both been suspicious on and off for a while, but Ava's been left alone to wreak further havoc.

Now that Rafe's job and freedom are on the line, though, he's ready to put the real perp in her place...even if it's his girlfriend. Confronting Ava will probably make her even more unhinged, but hopefully, it'll be worth it.

Tripp Shares His Plans - Days of Our Lives

Tripp shares with Chanel that he's planning to propose to Allie tonight.

Will Chanel get over-emotional and confess that she slept with Allie?

So far, she's two for two with blabbing secrets that mess up people's lives (even if the first time was due to the Devil's influence!), so I wouldn't be surprised if she does.

Of course, Days of Our Lives could follow its usual pattern and not have the secret come out until the wedding, but I hope not. Just once, I'd like things to go differently.

Your turn, Days of Our Lives fanatics! How excited are you about what's going on now that our favorite soap is back on the air?

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