Days of Our Lives Spoilers for the Week of 3-28-22: Love Is In the Air (or the Water!)

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Spring may be the season of love, but not everyone's happy.

Spoilers for Days of Our Lives during the week of 3-28-22 suggest plenty of kissing and other romantic activities.

But drama and heartbreak are always lurking right around the corner. Read on to find out who's hooking up and who's causing trouble for lovebirds!

Spoilers for the Week of 3-28-22 - Days of Our Lives

Unsurprisingly, Rafe/Nicole and Brady/Chloe are both featured heavily in the Days of Our Lives spoiler video.

Rafe and Nicole were about to take a bath together when we left off. From spoilers, it appears they're taking their champagne with them.

We can expect some substantial payoff for the months these two spent fighting their feelings for each other, which is good news for Rafe/Nicole shippers.

But don't expect it to all be smooth sailing. Ava is still lurking around plotting revenge, after all. And according to a clip in the spoiler video, she and Nicole are going to have a confrontation in the Square that gets physical.

I know catfights are a part of soaps, but I wish Days of Our Lives wasn't going there. It seems like someone is ALWAYS shoving or slapping Nicole.

For goodness sake, Sami even pushed the poor woman into her own wedding cake! This gets old fast and doesn't make women look good, either, which is a shame because Nicole and her arch-enemies are some of the strongest women in Salem.

The spoiler video also features Brady and Chloe getting hot and heavy while conspiring against Leo and Craig. I guess there's nothing like putting your nose in your father's relationship to get you turned on. But with Philip still MIA and Kristen on the loose, this could be a risky move.

There's more new on the Craig/Leo front as well as on several other major stories. Please scroll down to check out our Days of Our Lives spoiler photos!

Chad Tries to Lure Leo - Days of Our Lives

Chad tries to lure Leo into bed.

This plot has to be on the list of all-time stupid things Salemites have done.

Chad is not gay, and if Leo falls for this, Chad might be stuck with a ton of unwanted attention. Plus, the chances are that Leo will see right through this. After all, there were about five minutes between Abigail asking Leo to reassure her he wouldn't sleep with Chad and Chad showing up at the door!

In any case, spoilers say this will backfire spectacularly. When Craig discovers this latest trick, he'll respond by proposing to Leo to prove that no one can tear them apart. Great going, Chad!

Ciara Expresses Reservations - Days of Our Lives

Ciara expresses reservations about Clyde moving in with her and Ben.

Thank goodness! Ciara still has a brain in there somewhere.

Clyde is almost always bad news, though he is the kind of guy that you'd rather be your friend than your enemy.

But with a baby on the way and the Devil after it, the last thing Ben and Ciara need is extra stress, thanks to Clyde.

Orpheus Keeps EJ In Line - Days of Our Lives

Orpheus keeps EJ in line.

There would be no point in Orpheus reappearing in prison if he didn't cause trouble for EJ.

He most likely wants to make sure EJ doesn't ruin his plans. But while Orpheus' other nemeses tended to be idiots, EJ is smart, calculating, and not easily intimidated.

Has Orpheus finally met his match?

Rafe and Nicole Celebrate - Days of Our Lives

Rafe and Nicole have a romantic evening as they celebrate his freedom.

These two deserve an epic reunion after the months they spent fighting their feelings for each other.

There should be plenty of romance, with a shared bath and some champagne, but let's hope they also do some talking!

Also, they deserve some happiness for one scene, so can Ava stay away until this is over? Please?

Xander Fights With Gwen - Days of Our Lives

Xander fights with Gwen when she's reluctant to help Sarah.

Alarm bells should be going off in Xander's head.

Gwen constantly tries to convince him not to get involved with Sarah's dilemma and even said she was afraid he didn't want to marry her now that his ex is back in town.

And now, she doesn't want to help Sarah get her mind back. This should be more than a fight. It should be the end of the relationship.

Nancy Comes to Marlena's Rescue - Days of Our Lives

Nancy comes to Marlena's rescue.

Nancy was the one patient Marlena counseled post-Devil that we know of, and Marlena did a great job with her.

Whether or not Nancy convinces the board not to fire Marlena, these scenes should be compelling.

While some 20 years ago, Nancy was on Craig's side in his bid to unseat Mike Horton for Chief of Staff, this time she's reeling from his admission that he cheated on her with Leo. So their confrontation over Marlena should be epic.

Tripp Lays Into Chanel - Days of Our Lives

Tripp lays into Chanel.

Tripp told Ava that he thought Chanel was his friend until he found out she'd slept with Allie. So it's not surprising he is going to lay into her.

It's disappointing, though. Tripp and Chanel had a nice friendship chemistry going.

Chanel can give as good as she gets, though, and I expect she'll have some choice words for Tripp about how he threw Allie away, and his loss is her gain.

Abe Voices Concerns - Days of Our Lives

Abe voices concern about TR making inroads with Paulina.

Finally! Some movement in the TR storyline. It seemed to have been forgotten about altogether after Eli was shot.

The walls may be closing in on TR. Rafe and Lani are also supposed to look together into Eli's shooting.

But this story isn't over yet, and one of the twists may be that Paulina thinks Abe is jealous of her potential reconciliation with TR.

Your turn, Days of Our Lives fanatics!

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