Days of Our Lives Spoilers for the Week of 5-23-22: An Illicit Kiss!

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Who DIDN'T see this one coming?

From the moment Belle warmed to Sami's scheming ex, it seemed obvious that she and EJ would eventually have an affair. It had everything a soapy drama needs: Belle's unhappy marriage, her being the one to stray despite her anger at Shawn for allowing her arch-enemy into their home and lives... and EJ being Sami's ex!

And on Days of Our Lives during the week of 5-23-22, it looks like the two will finally kiss for the first time.

Spoilers for the Week of 5-23-22 - Days of Our Lives

This is not a good idea for many reasons, but you can't deny that the drama will be off the charts.

According to the spoiler video, Belle finds herself in EJ's arms after a confrontation with Jan. Even though Jan was deliberately pushing Belle's buttons, Shawn will likely blame Belle after the fight causes a medical crisis.

Considering that Jan already blamed Belle unfairly for a miscarriage in the past, Shawn should doubt that Belle is responsible this time. But he doesn't seem to be able to think clearly when it comes to Jan, and it appears he's going to walk in on the fight.

It's hard to believe this guy is a police detective! Then again, the Salem PD isn't exactly known for competence.

Anyway, Shawn's inability to see through Jan's manipulations will send an upset Belle right into EJ's arms, and we all know what happens on Days of Our Lives when an upset person turns to someone else who they've been flirting with.

EJ and Belle may label that first kiss a mistake, but eventually, it'll grow into something else. And when it does, Belle had better watch out. The Devil that her half-brother recently helped vanquish has nothing on an enraged Sami Brady!

Sami's supposedly happy with Lucas, but EJ was cleared of engineering her kidnapping, and Lucas's involvement has to come out sooner or later. What a pity!

Sami and Lucas have always been each other's true loves, but all of a sudden, Lucas is acting like EJ at his worst. Sadly, under these circumstances, their relationship can't last.

The EJ/Belle/Shawn/Jan drama is only a tiny part of what's happening! Please scroll down to check out all our spoilers for Days of Our Lives during the week of 5-23-22.

Kristen Creates Chaos! - Days of Our Lives

Kristen creates chaos at the DiMera shareholders’ meeting.

When does Kristen NOT cause chaos?

If she had to come back, I'd rather she support Lani. Lani/Kristen have a friendship that could easily cross the line into more, and it's always fun when they cross paths.

Since she showed up at the last minute, I expect her to betray her family and cast her vote for Gabi to remain as CEO, even though Kristen is out of character to support a non-Dimera running her family's company.

Johnny Makes His Pitch - Days of Our Lives

Johnny makes a pitch to Chanel to get remarried.

Was the divorce ever finalized? If it was, it seems like the fact that Johnny was possessed when he signed the papers would invalidate it.

Anyway, Chanel has been spending a lot of time with Johnny since he became un-possessed, and he's been her rock with her family crisis. He's more than proven that he's the man she once thought she was in love with.

Still, these two should take it slow this time. Their whirlwind romance and marriage left an opening for the Devil to trick Chanel into thinking Johnny had dumped her, and she still seems torn between Johnny and Allie.

Jan's Medical Crisis - Days of Our Lives

Belle and Jan’s confrontation leads to a medical crisis.

2002 called, and they want their storyline back!

Seriously, this isn't any different from when Jan fell down the stairs and blamed Belle for losing her baby.

The only question here is whether the baby will survive. If it doesn't, there's no reason not to send Jan back to Statesville immediately, so it probably will... for now.

A Heartbreaking Talk.- Days of Our Lives

Allie has a heartbreaking talk about her future.

Tripp loves Allie, but he doesn't want to commit to someone who isn't committed fully to him. Smart man!

Allie's inability to decide between Tripp and Chanel broke his heart once, and when Chanel entered the room during the first part of this conversation, Allie seemed to forget Tripp was even there.

Allie owes it to herself to explore her feelings for Chanel or other women now that she's finally accepted that she's bisexual. But if Tripp isn't willing to wait for her to make up her mind, she will have to make a painful choice.

Xander Tries to Make Amends - Days of Our Lives

Xander tries to make amends with Sarah.

Please, soap gods, let Xander have learned his lesson!

This is the third time he's lost Sarah in the last year. The last time was because of Kristen's interference, but both times that the real Sarah dumped him were over the SAME lie.

So let's not have any more ridiculous lies and manipulations in an attempt to regain her heart, please. Spoilers say that Xander asks Chanel for a favor; whatever it is, it better not have to do with pretending that she's into him again to spark Sarah's jealousy!

Overwhelmed by Guilt - Days of Our Lives

Lani’s guilt threatens to overwhelm her.

Lani's guilt has been overwhelming her since Paulina confessed to shooting TR.

While her inner torment makes for some strong scenes, it's meaningless if Lani doesn't take action. She keeps talking about telling the truth but never gets past crying about how tortured she is over this lie.

It's time for Lani to step up and tell the truth to someone other than Eli, even if it does mean she gets arrested.

Abe Declares His Feelings - Days of Our Lives

Abe declares his feelings for Paulina.

This would be exciting if only Paulina weren't lying again.

Yes, it's for a noble cause, just as her last lie was. Other than the Price Town debacle, Paulina's lies are all based on protecting Lani from TR -- both while he was alive and now that he's dead.

Still, Abe dumped her because he couldn't trust her. When he finds out that she lied AGAIN, he'll break up with her for the third time. Can someone please stop this awful merry-go-round?

Surprising Advice / Tall - Days of Our Lives

Eric gives Sarah surprising advice.

Is he going to tell her to forgive Xander?

Even if Xander has been nothing but nasty to Eric, that wouldn't be entirely out of character for Salem's semi-resident priest.

It feels like we're headed toward an Eric/Sarah/Xander triangle, though, so Sarah may not take it if Eric does give this advice.

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Days of Our Lives Quotes

Lani: Chanel was so upset and scared of losing Paulina. It took everything I had in me not to tell her the truth.
Eli: Chanel is a grown woman. She has had her mother all her life. Our twins will need theirs for the next 17 years.

Chanel: The fact that Sarah dumped you on your wedding day and went back to her ex should tell you she's not interested.
Xander: It turns out that wasn't her.
Chanel: What, was it the Devil?
Xander: No. It was Kristen Dimera in a Sarah mask.
Chanel: This town is beyond weird.