Moriah's Lighthouse Is a Perfect Summer Romance

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With costs rising dramatically and people feeling the pinch across the board, you might be struggling to find a cost-effective and beautiful vacation.

Well, we have good news.

You can get away to colorful Brittany, France, without ever leaving your living room with Hallmark Channel's delightful movie, Moriah's Lighthouse.

Moriah and Ben Dance Together

Rachelle Lefevre stars as Moriah, a talented woodworking artisan hoping to make enough money to achieve her dream -- to own and refurbish the lighthouse that had belonged to her family for generations.

Moriah was orphaned at a young age and raised by her beloved aunt Catherine (Valeria Cavalli), and the two share a wonderful friendship, but Moriah still suffers in the wake of such a tremendous loss.

Moriah Bikes Through Town

With her heart set on recapturing the glory of the family's history and her fear of losing love, Moriah, who lives in one of the most romantic countries in the world, has never been in love.

When American architect Ben (Luke Macfarlane) comes to town, their paths cross, and sparks fly.

Rachelle and Luke are Hallmark veterans. They work well together, creating a believable journey of two people going from being slightly irked at each other upon meeting to falling in love in the end.

Well, you didn't think they wouldn't fall in love, did you?

Shot on Location in Brittany, France

This project was written and produced by Paul Campbell, another Hallmark vet.

He's been in so many movies himself that he has a gift for bringing these characters alive.

Campbell and director Stefan Scaini use the town to its advantage, and I don't think there has ever been a Hallmark production that so fully utilized the beauty of the area.

Moriah and Ben Hike Near the Lighthouse

The movie was filmed on location in Brittany, France, and filming at the Hotel Castel Beau lent an authentic feel, right down to Ben's hotel room.

Yes, I did look it up, and while this isn't a Brittany promotion, Moriah's Lighthouse does a good job selling the area.

France has a history that the US and even Canada cannot match.

Luke Macfarlane and Rachelle Lafevre

There's an endless supply of small-town charm on display, and the vivid use of color and sweeping vistas near the lighthouse are visually stunning.

I'm trying to spare you the details of Moriah's Lighthouse so you can enjoy them as they unfold, but the movie has everything you've come to expect from Hallmark originals.

Ben is a little goofy upon his arrival in Brittany, and McFarlane seems to have fun getting silly.

Moriah By the Lighthouse

A little mystery allows Moriah and Ben to use their inner sleuths, and there's even a wedding to drive home the importance of lasting love.

Moriah's Lighthouse premieres on Hallmark Channel tonight at 8/7c, so if you're longing for a break and some inspiration to plan your next getaway, you know where you need to be.


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