90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After Season 7 Reveals an Unimpressive Cast

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In the latest indication that the 90 Day Fiance franchise is fizzling out, TLC has announced the cast for 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After Season 7.

The series will include six returning couples as they navigate the next chapter of their relationships, and honestly, some of these cast members have had too many chapters for the tired storylines they've been peddling.

We have Angela and Michael, Elizabeth and Andrei, Jovi and Yara, Ed and Liz, Jenny and Summit, & Kim and Usman.

90 Day Fiance Happily Ever After Season 6 Cast

Angela and Michael's story hasn't progressed in years, and beyond the contrived drama between them, there doesn't even seem to be a relationship.

Every conversation ends with Angela yelling down the phone and accusing Michael of things, so  why bother?

Angela Poses - 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? Season 6 Episode 16

It's tough to be invested in these storylines.

Elizabeth and Andrei do always seem to have something going on, but it's almost always thanks to the in-fighting between Elizabeth's family.

They do know how to make trashy TV, so I'll give them that, but please, let's hope they all moved on from fighting about Andre flipping houses.

Jovi and Yara will have their third season on the show, and I'm not sure they need it.

Jovi Upset - 90 Day Fiance

As for Ed and Liz, if The Single Life proved anything, it's that only one of this duo has feelings for the other.

Jenny and Sumit did have some great storylines initially, but it's hard to get invested when there are little stakes.

Kim was pretty much a super fan who fell for Usman and it didn't seem like he was interested in her.

Scroll down to find out what TLC is sharing about their storylines.

Elizabeth and Andrei on Season 7 - 90 Day Fiance

Elizabeth, 31 (Tampa, FL) and Andrei, 35 (Moldova)

Things are looking up for Elizabeth and Andrei. The pair is moving up in the world: they’ve bought a home, Andrei is settling into work and Libby is considering a career change to pursue her lifelong passion for music.

However, tensions are mounting amidst concerns that Andrei is cutting Libby off from her family.

Andrei’s relationship with her family has always been rocky, but when an unexpected—and atypical—green card interview is demanded of Andrei, the couple is left wondering if someone is trying to sabotage their happiness—and potentially get him deported.

Jovi and Yara for Happily Ever After Season 7 - 90 Day Fiance

Jovi, 31 (New Orleans, LA) and Yara, 27 (Ukraine)

While Jovi and Yara love being parents to baby Mylah, Yara is combating postpartum insecurities and their relationship has changed.

Yara is also battling a particularly tough bout of homesickness, and the couple considers a visit to Ukraine—but everything changes when the Russia-Ukraine War breaks out.

Jovi & Yara decide to go to Prague, where Yara’s mother lives. Yara is desperate to help her loved ones navigate the crisis and considers her options for bringing them over to the States.

Against a backdrop of so much turmoil, will this couple be able to find any peace?

Ed and Liz on Season 7 - 90 Day Fiance

Ed, 56 (San Diego, CA) and Liz, 29 (San Diego, CA)

Ed and Liz’s journey to the altar faces roadblock after roadblock as the couple’s lingering trust and control issues resurface.

To make matters more difficult, Ed’s friends and family remain reluctant to welcome his new fiancée into the fold.

The couple is committed to making their relationship work and are planning engagement parties and looking for homes together.

But, between the couple’s jealousy and family troubles, everyone wonders: will they or won’t they walk down the aisle?

Jenny and Sumit for Season 7 - 90 Day Fiance

Jenny, 63 (Palm Springs, CA) and Sumit, 33 (India)

The cat’s out of the bag: Jenny and Sumit are married, and the groom’s family is not happy to hear it.

Sumit’s relatives refuse to acknowledge their nuptials as Jenny grows more and more homesick.

With their marriage off to a rocky start, Sumit is focused on finding a way to repair his relationship with his family.

The couple is also slowly realizing that their age difference may actually be affecting their relationship—their visions for married life may not be compatible.

Will Jenny & Sumit be able to find common ground, or are their lives going in separate directions?

Kim and Usman for Season 7 - 90 Day Fiance

Kim, 51 (San Diego, CA) and Usman, 33 (Nigeria)

Kim travels to Nigeria prepared to propose to Usman. Unfortunately for her, neither partner’s family seems to support the union.

Kim’s son Jamal worries that she’s moving too fast, while Usman’s mother frets about him marrying an older woman who is not able to have children.

As her stay in Nigeria continues, Kim learns the hard way that two’s company and three’s a crowd as the prospect of Usman taking a second wife looms.

Kim and Usman

Adamant that she must be his first wife, Kim is frustrated by Usman’s family’s determination to set him up with a younger woman before she marries him.

Heated words and milkshakes fly—will Kim be able to accept Usman’s family stipulations on their potential union, or is this relationship doomed to fail?

The series premieres on Sunday, August 28 at 8pm ET/PT on TLC and discovery+.

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