Flowers In the Attic: The Origin - Jemima Rooper Teases Finale, Offers Viewing Tips

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With one episode left, Flowers in the Attic: The Origin is about to make the final steps that led to the events from the well-known blockbuster Flowers in the Attic.

It's been an absolutely crazy ride so far, but you haven't seen anything yet.

Jemima Rooper was kind enough to give her thoughts on playing Olivia Winfield Foxworth and viewing tips to get the most out of your finale-viewing experience.

Olivia at the Dinner Table

What's your favorite thing about bringing Olivia to life?

My favorite thing is the variety! Playing a character at different stages of her life, building the back story that leads to such an undoing is just meaty and fabulous and the biggest gift for an actor.

The Lady of the Manor

I have to know how many times you wanted to flip the script so that Oliva could get the better of Malcolm!

That never even occurred to me! I’m very compliant and enjoyed Max [Irons] being mean too much (because he’s actually the sweetest).

But the scenes where Olivia rises to match him were always my favorite to play.

Olivia's Overwhelming Grief

As the person walking in Olivia's shoes, what's it like for every man in her life other than her kids to be such a huge disappointment?

I think, at Olivia’s core, she just yearns to be loved. Like most of us humans.

And deep inside, after decades of different types of abuse, she blames herself rather than recognizing the insidious damage that has been inflicted on her.

This means she’s constantly striving to adapt to make herself ‘better,’ but it’s so warped and dark and terrible!!!

Enjoying the Company

What do you think was the best decision Olivia ever made, and what was the worst?

Her best decision probably belongs in her past and was to work with her father!

Her worst was going on dates with Malcolm -- she will also make a terrible decision in the last episode with her cousin Amos that really seals the deal of her unraveling…

It's hard to imagine things could get worse for Olivia, but they went south in Episode 3. Mal's death drove her right where she vowed never to go -- into Malcolm's arms for an unholy alliance. How far will she have fallen as we roll into the finale?

You will have to watch and see!!! But there’s still a loooooooong way to go for poor old Olivia. She will fall as far as it takes to become the Olivia from the novel.

Olivia has had Happier Times

What's going to happen between Olivia and Corinne now that Corrine is sleeping with her uncle-brother?

Olivia and Malcolm both have an unhealthy obsession with Corinne, and so her daughter’s relationship with Christopher will suffer as secrets and lies are exposed, and decisions made by Corinne are beyond her control.

Will fans be able to spot the seeds planted that will lead down the winding road to the events in Flowers In the Attic?

I hope so! There are still some events to come to tip Olivia into the space where she thinks it’s a great decision to lock her grandchildren up!

But also, especially as our story catches up with the novel. There are some teeny tiny little Easter eggs to look out for…

Olivia Pleads for Assistance

What's your advice to viewers to prepare for the finale?

Deeeeeeep breaths.

And buckle up.

And thank you for coming on this wild twisted ride with us!

The final episode in this thrilling saga premieres tonight at 8/7c, only on Lifetime!

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