MeTV Celebrates the 50th Anniversary of M*A*S*H

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Jamie Farr hosts “M*A*S*H: The Best by Farr” A Weeklong Presentation of His Favorite Episodes’ to help celebrate the MeTV Network commemorate M*A*S*H’s 50th anniversary.

The special weeklong presentation includes Jamie Farr’s favorite episodes, hosted commentary, memories, and stories from his time as co-star of one of television’s greatest all-time favorites.

“M*A*S*H: The Best by Farr” airs September 12-16, 2022, from 7-8 pm ET/PT on MeTV, with two of Farr’s hand-picked “best of” episodes airing nightly.

M*A*S*H 50th Anniversary Special

M*A*S*H is part of MeTV’s memorable and entertaining weeknight lineup, airing two back-to-back episodes starting at 7 pm ET/PT every Monday-Friday and Sunday night.

“M*A*S*H has been a staple of the MeTV weeknight schedule since the network began, and it’s a show with lasting relevancy and audience appeal,” said Neal Sabin, Vice Chairman of Weigel Broadcasting Co.

The Cast of M*A*S*H-Annivesary

“We couldn’t be prouder to be the broadcast home for M*A*S*H and to celebrate its 50th anniversary with the help of our dear friend, Jamie Farr.”

When Jamie Farr was cast in M*A*S*H as Corporal Klinger, the character, loosely based on the real-life activities of legendary satirist Lenny Bruce, was intended to be temporary.

The audience response to the character and Farr’s portrayal was so overwhelmingly positive that Klinger eventually became permanent and Farr a cast regular.

In a show that often veered from moments of hilarious comedy to sober social commentary, Corporal Klinger (later Sergeant Klinger) provided comic relief as he pursued a Section 8 discharge by cross-dressing and engaging in antics designed to bring his mental health into question.

Klinger in Drag

A veteran of television comedy and American armed services, Farr brought a level of depth and realism to a character that could have easily been one-dimensional in the hands of a lesser talent. (The dog tags Farr wore on the show were his actual tags from his service in the U.S. Army.)

Like most of the M*A*S*H characters, Klinger evolved over time.

M*A*S*H remains one of television’s magnificent achievements and a beloved series by viewers and critics alike. The series finale in 1983 was the most-watched single television episode in history. The show premiered in September 1972, demanding expectations and tough boots to fill.

It was adapted from Robert Altman’s 1970 Academy Award-winning feature film starring Donald Sutherland, which was based on Richard Hooker’s successful novel. It was also a challenging genre, a satirical dark comedy set in a Mobile Army Surgical Hospital in South Korea during the Korean War.

Jamie Farr as Klinger on M*A*S*H

The show presented varied and dissenting points of view as it debated America’s role in the Cold War. Like the film, the show debuted as the Vietnam War raged on.

‘M*A*S*H: The Best by Farr’ Schedule (September 12-16 from 7-8 pm ET/PT)

Monday, September 12

7:00 pm - "Chief Surgeon Who?"

When Hawkeye is appointed Chief Surgeon over Frank Burns, Burns and Houlihan go over Col. Blake's head to a general to protest the decision.

7:30 pm - "The Trial of Henry Blake"

Henry's on trial on charges that Frank and Margaret brought against him. So that Hawkeye and Trapper can't help Henry, the Majors put them under house arrest.

M*A*S*H Memories

Tuesday, September 13

7:00pm "Crisis"

When enemy action cuts the supply lines to the 4077th in the middle of a freezing Korean winter, the unit struggles with a shortage of supplies and heating fuel.

7:30pm "Springtime"

It is a beautiful spring day that makes one yearn for a group lobotomy. Trapper grabs a nurse; Radar wants to grab pretty Lt. Simmons (Mary Kay Place), and Henry grabs some golf. In the field, nostrils flare as Hotlips and Frank grab each other. A hairy English rose reads Rupert Brooke... and a telegram.

M*A*S*H Cast tall

She said yes! Hawkeye almost gets grabbed by a disturbed feline fondler, but his new buddy, Gargantuan Marine, Lyle Wesson (Alex Karras) saves him. And he keeps on saving him! Henry arranges a wireless wedding between Korea and Toledo with Father Mulcahy presiding.

Wednesday, September 14

7:00 pm "Big Mac"

The camp prepares for a visit from General Douglas MacArthur, but Klinger interrupts the proceedings with his attempts to earn a Section 8 discharge.

7:30 pm - "Abyssinia Henry"

Henry finds out he's been discharged from the army, and everyone at the 4077th prepares to say goodbye to him as he heads for home.

Military Life

Thursday, September 15

7:00 pm - "The Interview"

War Correspondent Clete Roberts interviews the members of the 4077.

7:30 pm - "Movie Tonight"

Colonel Potter hopes a Western will be the cure for the 4077th's morale problem. But during the show, the staff of the camp is forced to make its own entertainment during the frequent film breakages.

Alan Alda on M*A*S*H:

Friday, September 16

7:00 pm- "What's Up Doc?"

Hawkeye conducts a rabbit test on Radar's bunny to find out if Margaret is pregnant, and a patient desperate to get home holds Winchester hostage.

7:30 pm- "Point of View"

A wounded soldier being treated at the 4077th provides a narrative through his eyes.

Viewers can find the complete network schedule and where to watch at www.metv MeTV is available over the air in 98% of the country, on select cable and satellite systems, and streaming on Frndly TV.

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