A League of Their Own Cast and Creatives Offer Insight to Film Follow-up

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We're helping you to prepare for A League of Their Own, premiering on Amazon on Friday, August 12.

The full first season will be available for your binge-watching pleasure, and we had the chance to meet with the cast and creatives to explore what's ahead.

We hope you enjoy the full interviews below!

A League of Their Own Key Art

Abbi Jacobson (Creator/Carson Shaw) & Chanté Adams (Max Chapman)

Abbi Jacobson worked with Will Graham to create the magic that's revisited in A League of Their Own. She's also one of the stars of the show as Carson Shaw, allowing her a dual perspective.

Chanté is playing Max, which is a role the likes of which wasn't fleshed out in the film. Showing the difficulties of a black woman trying to break into sports offers her a wonderful arc.

Abbi also talks about how A League of Their Own is about women discovering and enjoying their sexuality against a sports background and how the two successfully merged for the series.

And Chanté also discussed Max's relationship with her best friend (my favorite in the show) and what makes it so special.

Will Graham (Creator) & Desta Tedros Reff (Writer/Producer)

Will discusses why now is the right time to bring this story to television.

Desta, with help from Will, talks about the writers' room and breaking stories for so many different characters.

Will also talked about striking a balance between scenes on and off the field.

When asked about the possibility of subsequent seasons, Desta and Will lit up, offering many different possibilities for what lies on the horizon. And, spoiler alert, they're already working on Season 2!

Molly Ephraim (Maybelle) & Saidah Arrika Ekulona (Toni)

Molly and Saidah begin by talking a bit about their characters and their place within the show.

Toni, who is Max's mother, has an entire future planned for her daughter, and Saidah talks about how it will challenge Toni to support Max, who has plans much different for herself than her mother.

Molly talks about how she would like to see the story develop as the seasons expand, and she takes a comical route to discuss it.

Get to know them now!

Roberta Colindrez (Lupe), Priscilla Delgado (Esti) & Kelly McCormack (Jess)

Roberta, Priscilla, and Kelly offer insight into their characters and how they fit into the A League of Their Own narrative.

Roberta talks about what makes A League of Their Own unique in the current TV Landscape.

And Priscilla shares what it's like to get on the field, albeit only to breathe life into the baseball on screen.

Finally, Kelly offers thoughts on bringing the queer story to life when it wasn't as prevalent in the movie.

Judging by their interactions, they had a lot of fun filming A League of Their Own Season 1!

D’Arcy Carden (Greta) & Melanie Field (Jo)

D'Arcy talks about playing A League of Their Own's version of a pinup -- fun and flirtatious, always drawing eyes to her and how many more layers there are to her character.

Melanie weighs in on Jo seemingly being Greta's opposite, but in fact, being great friends.

They also both discuss how joining the Rockford Peaches changes their dynamic and themselves.

And finally, they talk about how Greta's relationship with Carson could affect her friendship with Jo.

Will you be tuning in to Prime Video this weekend to check out A League of Their Own?

What part of the story are you most looking forward to seeing?

A League of Their Own drops on Prime Video on Friday, August 12.

Let us know your thoughts below!

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