All Rise's Wilson Bethel Discusses Directing Mark-centric Episode

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Since All Rise moved to OWN for its third season, the series has covered more challenging legal cases and delved into the characters' personal lives, creating more drama.

Mark Callan (Wilson Bethel) has had a dramatic season so far. He's trying to convince his fiancé to get married, and he's been involved in some controversial cases, including a murder trial and a smash and grab robbery.

TV Fanatic chatted with Wilson Bethel about directing tonight's Mark-centric episode, the strength of Lola and Mark's friendship, and when we'll see a Mark and Amy wedding.

Mark's New Case-horizontal - All Rise Season 3 Episode 6

Hi Wilson, I saw that you directed All Rise Season 3 Episode 9, and it's a very heavy Mark-centric episode so tell us how you pulled double duty.

It was an exhausting month or so. Maybe in an ideal situation, my first time directing a TV episode would have been a bit lighter as far as my presence in it, but in this case, as it turned out, the episode called for me to be acting quite a bit as well.

Making Up - All Rise Season 3 Episode 8

So, you adjust, you prepare a little bit more, and fortunately, I think it turned out pretty well. It helps that we've got this incredible cast and crew around me. There's a lot of support going into an Enterprise like that. It was a fantastic experience.

I've always loved your character, and Mark and Lola's friendship is one of my favorite parts of the series.

It's one of my favorite parts as well. I think there's powerful natural karma between Simone and me and between all of the cast on the show, but there is that little spark between Simone and me that plays well in those scenes.

We have a genuine affection for each other that translates into a believable fictitious friendship.

A Lola & Mark Moment - All Rise Season 3 Episode 5

Are you friends in real life then?

We are. I've never had the experience of having opposite feelings for somebody I'm pretending to like. There were people I liked I had to pretend I hated, but it's never been the other way around.

You guys have had many honest talks this season, but they're not on the stairs. You always seem to find a new place for an episode.

Yeah, that was one of the gags that the writers decided to run this year that was fun for us to be powwowing in all these new environments. It switches it up, keeps viewers on their toes, and makes for some fascinating scenery in the meantime.

So how will it affect Mark and Lola's relationship when Robin and the FBI get involved in Mark's smash-and-grab case?

Pleading His Case - All Rise

Things get a little weird and ugly whenever you have a triangulated professional personal relationship. I think the bottom line is Lola essentially gets caught in the middle of what would be a conflict between Mark and Robin, and then it turns into a conflict between Lola and Robin.

That brings up other feelings for them in regards to their relationship. Fortunately, level heads prevail, but not before some sparks fly in the meantime.

I have to say that it's been an interesting case, so I'm looking forward to seeing how it unveils.

I like how the writers planned it, playing that out over several episodes. It's a satisfying arc.

A Heartbreaking Case - All Rise Season 3 Episode 9

It has been. We've also seen that Mark has given Teddy more responsibility over the season. What will happen when things get overwhelming, and Mark gives Teddy access to more prominent cases?

The unique situation that Teddy faces, in this particular case, is that not only is he getting more responsibility, but he also develops a crush or a personal affection for the client that he's representing this young woman.

That's inadvisable under any circumstances, but given the nature of the case, that's being prosecuted, which is a sexual assault.

The case stirs up many emotions and feelings for Teddy, making his job more complicated than a more experienced attorney might allow. There are a lot of ins and outs, but it makes for great drama in the episode. There's also a lot of comedy related to Teddy's storyline.

I love working with Ronak, who plays Teddy, and he's done a marvelous job stepping into that role this year. This episode is a real showcase for him.

Mark's New Assistant - All Rise Season 3 Episode 2

I like him a lot, too. He's entertaining, and he looks eager to learn.

Yes, absolutely. He does the comedy and the drama bits equally well, so he's a talented young guy.

We have been waiting since the beginning of season three to see if Mark and Amy will get married. Are we going to see a wedding, or do Amy and her ex have some deep dark secrets buried?

I can't spoil the wedding, but there are more twists and turns before this all gets resolved with her ex. So, you'll have to stay tuned for the details as they emerge.

Discussing the Future - All Rise Season 3 Episode 3

We want to see some wedding planning soon. So many Callaquinn fans were happy when you got engaged, but now we want to see some fun and romance.

Nobody wants that more than Mark Callan. But yeah, Amy Quinn's playing coy

I tweet almost every week that I want some romance for you two.

Yeah, you and me both. From your lips to God's ears, as they say. I will. I will ensure that our writers know that because I feel the same way. You are seconding my emotion.

Needing Answers - All Rise Season 3 Episode 9

All right, I love that. So, tell us what has been your favorite part of season 3 so far. And what else do you hope to see for Mark this season?

Directing this episode probably has been one of the highlights for me. It was an extraordinary kind of new territory for me to step into both personally and as part of the team on the show, working with the crew and my castmates in a different way.

I love all the new characters they get added and come through. It's a treat working with people like Ronak, who plays Teddy, and all of our recurring supporting cast, as well as the guest players who bring so much heart and energy to the show.

We've had many terrific actors and wonderful people pass through the show throughout the season.

Mark's Dilemma - All Rise Season 3 Episode 5

My favorite stuff so far was the murder case when Mark and Luke went up against each other.

Yeah. Then we get some of these heavier cases this year, and you'll also see them in upcoming episodes. It ratchets up some of the intensity and some of the drama. So, a lot more interesting dynamic and dramatic energy is yet to emerge.

I have noticed that there have been a lot of exciting and different relationships forming during the season. It's been nice to see different dynamics. So, can you tease anything else of what's coming from Mark the season?

I will tease that his dad Vic comes back on the scene. We're breaking up this season into two chunks. We shot 20 episodes, and they're breaking it up into two separate pieces, so when I say this season, it's this season part two.

I'm not sure when that airs, but Vic will return, trailing around some issues as he always does and some drams of his own. There is definitely there is some romance between Mark and Amy.

At the Game - All Rise Season 3 Episode 7

We have some terrific cases coming.

We just finished shooting an episode where Mark teams up with DA Bravo to prosecute a case, so that's exciting getting again to work in different capacities with some of our great guests in that case with Ian Anthony Dale.

You can watch Wilson Bethel on All Rise Season 3 airing at 8/7c on OWN on Tuesdays.

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