Pleading His Case - All Rise
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Mark and Amy are hanging out discussing Mark's smash-and-grab case. Mark wants to meet Collier when this case is done.

Sherri hires a new court reporter named Moses.

Chaos erupts as Robin drops Bailey off at Lola's office. Mark needs his warrant changed.

Mark promotes Teddy to first chair on the sexual harassment case. Sara is worried since the women have built a rapport with Mark.

Mark and Robin run into each other at the bust. They face off at the DA's office. The FBI tells Mark to back off.

Mark confronts Robin about stealing his case.

Adrianna tells Sara and Teddy about Frank putting something in Eden's drink.

Mark tells Lola that Robin interfered with his search warrant. Robin comes to Lola's office, and the two men go at it.

Lola is mad at Robin.

The FBI got to Gloria, and Mark charms Emily to convince her to get Maddie to testify.

Teddy interviews a criminologist about the drugs in Eden's drinks. Sara worries that Teddy has feelings for Eden.

Lola grows concerned too after Teddy objects and has an outburst when Luke questions Eden.

Mark and Emily want witness protection for Maddie.

Lola and Robin fight about the resentments in their marriage.

Sara, Emily, and Teddy go to the strip club to get answers. Teddy learns there were cameras in the VIP rooms.

Teddy shows Mark the video footage and that Frank raped Eden repeatedly.

Mark needs Teddy to take notes when Maddie agrees to testify against Brandon Page.

Teddy and Sara tell Eden what they found. She just wants it to be over. Teddy and Luke make a deal.

Lola rules that Mark should handle the smash-and-grab case.

Mark meets Amy's husband Collier and learns Amy hasn't filed the papers yet.



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All Rise Season 3 Episode 9 Quotes

Mark: Did Lola tell you, or did you overhear us in chambers this morning?
Robin: I was just doing my job.
Mark: I didn’t take you for the type to take advantage of our friendship, let alone your marriage.

Sara: You have done the impossible and earned these women’s trust in the system, and now you’re handing them off to your freshest meat.
Mark: Teddy is the second chair on the case. He’s an excellent attorney. He can handle it.
Teddy: Right. I handle it.
Mark: Great. I’m just a call away. I’ve got to serve a search warrant and find a bulletproof fest. Go get them!