Surface Exclusive Clip: James Takes A Risk!

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We have slowly learned bits and pieces about Sophie's life via flashes here and there, but we're about to learn a whole lot more in Surface Season 1 Episode 6.

Coming off the shocking discovery that Sophie is directly tied to the missing money from James's firm, the two get honest about their past and maybe even their future.

We were lucky enough to get this exclusive clip from the explosive episode, which shows an eager James taking a risk to impress his future wife, who catches on quick to the game he's playing.

Morning After - Regular - Surface Season 1 Episode 5

The beauty of Surface lies in the unknown.

We are just in the dark about Sophie's past as she is, so we're actively trying to put together the pieces right alongside her. And it makes the story all the more compelling and surprising, but at the same time, we were long overdue for some backstory.

Poolside Moments - Surface Season 1 Episode 4

So much of Sophie's tale revolves around her marriage to James, and it's about time he was open with her.

He's been consistently preaching the need for a fresh start, and hopefully, we'll find out why that's been so important to him.

From what little we see in this clip, James is trying to impress Sophie, but it doesn't seem like Sophie needs him to go above and beyond for her. The two have a natural spark and chemistry, and while James may have lied to bring Sophie home, she's not at all put out by it.

Life At The Beach - Surface Season 1 Episode 5

It's obvious that James is devoted to Sophie and their life together in the present day, but we can also glean that the two lost their way at some point. Whether that was due to her affair with Baden or something else entirely, we don't know yet, but this may be the hour where we start to put some things together.

For Sophie, she is continuing her journey of discovery and figuring out her past, but we've gotten enough clues to inform us that she may have some demons in her closet.

Will she be made aware of those demons in her talk with James? If he's ready to come clean with her, he should lay it all on the line and see where the chips fall.

Peering In - Surface Season 1 Episode 2

James is desperate to hang onto his marriage, but the two of them will never move forward as is because Sophie will never stop looking for answers.

With only three hours left, Surface is barreling toward a conclusion of this chapter of the story, and we couldn't be more excited for this installment as we hopefully get a lot of our most burning questions answered.

Cute Moment - Surface Season 1 Episode 1

Check out this exclusive clip, and let us know in the comments what you think about one of James and Sophie's early meetings and what else you're hoping to learn about their marriage during this thrilling installment.

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Surface Quotes

Sophie: I need you to know something. What happened before will never, ever happen again. The girl who did that, I don't even recognize. However fucked up I might be, I don't want to die.
James: I know.

Baden: Your husband's coming. Look he's not who you think he is, okay? He's not telling you everything.
Sophie: What are you talking about?
Baden: You ever think there's more to what happened on the boat that day?