Queen Sugar Season 7 Episode 8 Review: Never To Be The Same

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The Bordelons took things one catastrophe at a time on Queen Sugar Season 7 Episode 8 and found once again that they were stronger when they worked together.

Speaking of working together, Violet was the rock that was there for everyone who needed a steadying hand, especially Darla and Billie.

Everyone Unites - Queen Sugar

I couldn't believe that Jimmy Dale listed Violet as his next of kin and had the hospice contact her.

Then again, what's not to be believed? Jimmy Dale was a selfish man who used or abused everyone he came in contact with and likely had no one there for him at the end of his life. When asked to list his next of kin, who else did he have but his ex-wife?

I was proud of Violet for not bothering with Jimmy Dale, even as he was dying. That man willfully caused her nothing but pain and seemed to gain pleasure in doing it. If he expected to have Vi rush in to hold his hand in his last moments, he was sorely mistaken. She'd moved on from him long ago.

But Violet gave Billie the option to see Jimmy if Billie thought it would somehow help her find peace.

Now, he will never give you an apology worth a damn. He’ll never make amends. That’s his burden to carry into whatever lies ahead for him. But if facing him, looking him in the eye one more time, declaring your truth can help you in any way. Now is the time to do it.


Billie's Decision - Queen Sugar Season 7 Episode 8

Billie struggled with what to do. Jimmy Dale was a predator who took a wrecking ball to her life when she was a teen, and she still feels the ripple effects today.

Would confronting Jimmy on his deathbed bring her a sense of closure?

Billie: Jimmy Dale was a horrible man, and the world is a better place without him.
Nova: Absolutely.
Billie: He beat up Vi. He tried to rape me. And now this monster gets to rest in peace?
Nova: Oh, I doubt he’ll have peace. I don’t believe that’s how the Universe works.

Billie's decision never to lay eyes on Jimmy Dale again was the right one. He was a despicable human being who would likely have used those last moments to inflict more pain if he could.

Better he was left to die alone, a lonely, sick old man with no one to mourn or miss him.

Darla Owns Her Truth - Queen Sugar Season 7 Episode 8

But Darla needed Vi's reassurance as much as Billie.

It was a relief that Darla finally told Violet about Chase's harassment. She needed to share this with someone. As Vi has been through hell and back herself, she was able to be there for Darla without judgment or any desire to tell Darla what she should do.

Darla: You faced your fear, and you got free. I have to do the same.
Violet: You don’t have to do anything. Every situation is different. Freedom looks different for each of us.

Darla and Ralph Angel are too good at keeping secrets from one another, and although Micah broke his promise to Ralph Angel to keep quiet, it was still the right thing to do.

It prompted a much needed discussion between Darla and Ralph Angel.

Ralph Angel Gets a Visitor - Queen Sugar Season 7 Episode 7

During that conversation, Ralph Angel shared his doubts and Darla found her fire.

Darla: That rage you felt last night; I have felt that for years. You think you’re the only one who’s wanted to kill him? I’ve been there, but I won’t do it. I will not lower myself to that, and neither will you. But I will get on any stand. I will go to any newspaper. I will go to his wife, his boss, and all of his friends, and I will tell them what he did to me.
Ralph Angel: I love you, Darla, but you could barely handle Nova’s book. Are you sure you want to go public with this? Do you think that’s a good idea?
Darla: Yes, I do. I have nothing to lose with you by my side.

Darla wasn't wrong about Ralph Angel's reaction. If Micah hadn't been there to intervene, Ralph Angel would have killed Chase. 

Ralph Angel couldn't change what had happened to Darla, but he desperately needed to know that Chase wouldn't try to take away his son. And he wasn't wrong about the legal system. Since Darla had never pressed charges, if Chase wanted to lay claim to Blue, this could turn into an ugly battle both legally and in the press.

Darla needed Ralph Angel by her side but she also needed backup, and she found that in Violet and Hollywood.

Mourning a Loss - Queen Sugar Season 7 Episode 8

Darla: This is my family. You’ve met my husband, Ralph Angel. He’s here to make sure that you don’t hurt me. And Hollywood is here to make sure that Ralph Angel doesn’t hurt you unless it’s absolutely necessary. And Violet…
Violet: I’m the unknown quantity. You just never know.

What shocked me was that Darla asked for money. Chase will likely never face criminal charges for what he did to Darla, so I suppose one could consider the money to the farmer's co-op the equivalent of a civil settlement.

In essence, Chase got what he wanted. Darla won't come forward with her story if he leaves her alone.

But Chase was a fool who failed to realize that Darla would never have come forward if he had only left her alone in the first place, and he wouldn't have taken so many punches or had to write such a large check.

Elsewhere, Micah finally apologized to his mother via voicemail. What a cop-out for both Micah and the fans.

Micah Comes Forward - Queen Sugar Season 7 Episode 8

To have Micah do something so underhanded and selfish and then not have him face the consequences by speaking face-to-face with his mother or father was wildly disappointing.

I don't even care if Micah ever sees that $200K. The only part I truly hate is that Zane will likely grab the money for himself and move on to his next willing victim.

Nova and Billie spent time talking about life and love. Nova was proud of herself for being able to walk away from Calvin. She was right. The Nova we knew at the beginning of the series would have let Calvin back into her bed, even though she knew it was wrong.

And although Billie enjoyed her time with Benny, she kept thinking about Vince.

Is that simply the result of trying to move past a long-term relationship, or is her heart telling her Vince is with whom she belongs? The answer to that isn't clear. Hopefully, she'll figure it out before the end of the series.

Visiting an Old Friend - Queen Sugar Season 7 Episode 8

Finally, Nova had a revelation about her father. Ernest was never comfortable with Nova's bisexuality, and his disapproval has quietly haunted her long after his passing.

But discovering that he'd given Camille her phone number and encouraged her to get back in touch was a revelation. It felt like getting her father's approval for who she was from beyond the grave.

But what does that mean for Nova moving forward? Does that change her feelings for Dominic in any way?

Check back here for our review of Queen Sugar Season 7 Episode 9 and maybe we'll find out!

Nova Is Proud - Queen Sugar Season 7 Episode 8

Never To Be The Same Review

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Queen Sugar Season 7 Episode 8 Quotes

To keep a promise to myself. To be the woman I’ve always wanted to be. Not to give in to the desires of the moment. Who honors her relationships. Who doesn’t cheat. I’ve struggled with that most of my adult life, and last night, I didn’t cross any of my own boundaries, and I’m proud of that.


One catastrophe at a time.

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