Celebrity Wheel of Fortune Exclusive Featurette: A New Batch of Celebrities Spin The Wheel!

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Celebrity Wheel of Fortune is back, and the celebrities came ready to play.

The celebrity version of the iconic game show is a lot of fun, as the celebrities are as much a fan of the show as any other viewer out there. And this time, some very heavy hitters are taking a crack at the wheel and the big board.

From RuPaul to Jack Black, the celebrities are gaming, and TV Fanatic got an exclusive featurette of some of the upcoming guests gushing about the famed series and hosts, as well as letting us know just how heavy that wheel really is!

New Celebrities - Celebrity Wheel of Fortune

When the game show returns, Pat and Vanna won't be the only ones who look familiar, as a new set of famous faces step on stage to have some fun.

We know from past seasons that celebrities always bring their A game and positive attitude as they ready themselves to play a game they've all grown up watching.

Kal Penn - Celebrity Wheel of Fortune

As you'll see in the featurette, everyone is beyond excited to play WHEEL...OF...FORTUNE!

That wheel looks awfully heavy on television, and it's nice to get some confirmation that it is indeed the case. But heaviness aside, it seems like so much fun to step up to the plate, with all eyes on you, as you look to avoid that dreaded bankrupt sound.

Unfortunately for Jack Black, it appears he won't get that lucky.

But it's all fun and games where this game show is concerned, and what stands out the most in these clips is how genuinely excited they are to be there. Everyone is having a good time, and there are lots of smiles and laughter sprinkled throughout.

Pat & Vanna Pose - Celebrity Wheel of Fortune

Wheel of Fortune is a game above all else, but it can get competitive!

It'll be interesting to see which celebrities can make it to that final round, where they get to stand next to Pat and gain bragging rights within their celebrity circles.

It would be pretty cool to say you won Wheel of Fortune!

RuPaul Smiles - Celebrity Wheel of Fortune

The third season of the series has been a joy to watch thus far, and this latest slate of episodes should be just as entertaining and endearing as always.

Check out the exclusive featurette below and let us know in the comments which celebrities you're looking forward to seeing on the show and what your strategy would be if you ever got a chance to spin the wheel!

Celebrity Wheel of Fortune airs on ABC on Sundays at 9/8c.

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