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What to Watch January 7, 2022

Saturday, January 7

8/7c Reba McEntire’s The Hammer (Lifetime)

Everything’s better with Reba, and this is no exception when she stars as Kim Wheeler, one of the few traveling judges in America.

As you can guess, she’s a spitfire, and her district, ranging from Vegas to Reno, requires that energy when she’s the judge for cases that cover everything under the sun and then some.

Of course, she has to pull double the duty when her sister, a brothel house owner, becomes the primary suspect in the suspicious death of Kim’s predecessor.

Sunday, January 8

8/7c Alert: Missing Persons Unit (FOX)

Scott Caan and Dania Ramirez star in FOX’s new potential hit about a woman who recruits her ex-husband to her Missings Persons Unit.

However, when Jason (Caan) gets a proof of life photo of their own missing child of six years, their life gets turned upside down again.

This formerly married couple solves new missing persons cases while trying to solve the one most closest to them with an elite team that also includes Nikki’s new love.

8/7c East New York (CBS)

Our favorite new police drama is back! When we left off, Bentley had been shot while stepping out of his cruiser. Now we’ll finally find out his fate.

While his life hangs in the balance, Regina and the 7-4 face pressure from all sides. Bentley’s family wants answers, his fellow cops want revenge, and Regina wants justice.

And how will Quinlan deal with potentially losing her boyfriend just as they were about to make their relationship public?

Don’t forget that this winter premiere airs after 60 Minutes instead of at its usual time!

Monday, January 9

Days of Our Lives (Peacock)

Now that the orchid is gone, is it lights out for three of Salem’s leading ladies? Spoilers say that Kate, Kayla, and Marlena will visit Heaven, but we can’t imagine Salem without them! Let’s hope they come back one way or another. And what’s going to happen to Kristen now that she’s lost her leverage over Brady and all her secrets are out?

8/7c NCIS Crossover (CBS)

The three NCIS teams come together when a beloved FLETC instructor is found murdered. The instructor's background is much more complicated than any of the agents suspect. The action shifts from Washington DC to Hawaii to Los Angeles throughout the three-hour event.

8/7c Fantasy Island (FOX)

A storm’s a-brewing on Fantasy Island as The Walking Dead: World Beyond’s Alexa Mansour guest stars as a woman looking for her biological father at a bachelor party.

Ruby’s heartbreak recovery is hard to watch, but a cleansing ritual brings her face-to-face with an old friend.

Meanwhile, how will Roarke and Javier play things now that their relationship is out in the open? Steamy times, much?

9/8c Alert: Missing Persons Unit (FOX)

It’s a double dose of this new series for the week when AMPU returns with an all-new episode.

Jason, Nikki, and the MPU team investigate when a woman runs down a man and forces him to get in her car at gunpoint.

Meanwhile, more information about Keith's kidnapper comes to light.

10/9c Quantum Leap (NBC)

Time to ramp up the pressure as Ben leaps into another doctor, Dr. Alexandra Tompkinson, a resident physician at a Seattle hospital.

As victims of a train crash (possibly the 2017 derailment?) flood the ER, Ben must find a way to save lives despite pushback from hospital bosses.

Meanwhile, Magic and Jenn have their dance cards full of Janis and her shenanigans. Where will her story lead us next?

Tuesday, January 10

8/7c FBI (CBS)

JOC analyst Kelly Moran is taken hostage during a bank robbery.

So the team jumps into action.

How will Kelly perform outside the office?

8/7c The Resident (FOX)

Due to a schedule change, the super-sized finale is split up.

But at least that means two more weeks of The Resident instead of one! Especially since we still don’t have word about this beloved series’ renewal.

Governor Betz, Chastain, and Kitbell’s nemesis is brought to the hospital and in dire need of their help when he requires a heart transplant. He makes an offer that Kit may not be able to refuse, save his life, and he saves the hospital.

But at what costs?!

8/7c The Rookie (ABC)

They’re not letting up with the action-packed cases in the back half of the season!

They stumble upon a convoluted drug cartel case that may put Nolan, Harper, Angela, and Celina smack dab in the middle of a gang war.

Meanwhile, Chenford are still being adorable.

10/9c Will Trent (ABC)

The clock is ticking on the hunt for a missing girl!

As the GBI continues to look for Emma, Will grows frustrated in the search and her dad Paul, while Faith finds Will harder to work with.

Angie must evaluate her relationships as she’s forced to work with Michael Ormewood again and her past with Will.

Wednesday, January 11

8/7c Chicago Med (NBC)

Guest star alert: Days of Our Lives alum Jen Lilley plays a patient this week! Lilley’s character will work with Asher and Archer, who are going to brave the AI technology for the first time to try to resolve an opiate abuse problem.

Meanwhile, Lieu gets his first personal story when his friend falls while they are rock climbing together… and there may be more to the story than meets the eye!

9/8c Chicago Fire (NBC)

The Commander asks Severide for a favor in which he can’t refuse, but it’s enough to shake him up when he realizes he has to investigate someone he never anticipated not being above the board.

The firehouse prepares for the semi-annual inspection.

Meanwhile, Brett fights to save the paramedicine program.

10/9c Chicago PD (NBC)

We’re definitely ready for another Atwater-centric, and this one promises to be one of the best yet.

The unit gets word of a shootout that happens at a funeral, which prompts them to look into things to locate the shooters. But to Atwater’s surprise, someone from his past is possibly connected to the case.

After ten seasons, we’ll see Atwater come face to face with his father, but is the man on the other side of the law?

10/9c Big Sky: Deadly Trails (ABC)

Emily and Denise find themselves in danger, as the race for the money heats up.

Elsewhere, the team uncovers the truth about the Bleeding Heart mystery, but things spiral out of control rather quickly, meaning that everyone is in trouble.

We’ve got a two-part season finale coming our way, and you’re not going to want to miss a second of the action!

Thursday, January 12

Hunters (Prime)

The hunters are back for one final hunt. Jonah learns that the biggest Nazi is alive and living his best life in South America. After an explosive series finale, the hunters went separate ways, but this new development is too good to pass up.

Will they get him in time before he gets them? How did Meyer fly under the radar for so long?

Check out the trailer below, and don’t forget to check in because we will be reviewing all episodes in the final season.

Vikings: Valhalla (Netflix)

The freshman season of the Vikings’ sequel was hit and miss, but the season wrapped with an epic battle that sent things in an intriguing direction.

The big question will be whether Kattegat is truly gone.

The iconic location is likely what keeps many viewers of the original tuning in, and I have to imagine it would alienate a lot of the fans.

Check out the trailer for Season 2 below.

8/7c Law & Order (NBC)

Shaw and Cosgrove find the unlikely culprit when an ex-con is beaten to death. Who could that be?

But the more interesting story is Maroun’s personal connection to the case. When she and Price can’t agree on trial strategy, he tells her to take the case since it is similar to one involving her sister.

Will Maroun win, or will her personal feelings get in the way?

9/8c Law & Order: SVU (NBC)

The three-episode Bronx arc continues, with Benson trying to get info about the gang that attacked her while Fin hires new detectives for the Bronx SVU.

Could Bronx and Manhattan join forces permanently? (Or could another spinoff be coming?)

And while Benson and Stabler aren’t on the best of terms these days, this gang case is the kind of thing Organized Crime is made for. Will Benson realize that and pick up the phone?

9/8c Walker (The CW)

Walker Thursdays are back!

We will get to know what’s up with Mawline after she collapsed in the mid-season finale

We maybe will get to see August get punished for being a spoilt brat

Cordell might start listening to Stella and not punish her for nothing.

10/9c Walker Independence (The CW)

On Walker: Independence, Abby’s identity is at the risk of being exposed when someone comes looking for Liam’s missing wife.

Kai’s past starts catching up with him and Calian might return to Independence.

Hoyt gets tempted back into the life of crime

10/9c CSI: Vegas (CBS)

A young, non-verbal boy is found hiding in a stranger’s garage. The CSI team searches for his missing mother. Also, Max receives a strange letter with symbols in silver ink that Folsom and Allie recognize from prior crime scenes.

10/9c Law & Order: Organized Crime (NBC)

Unhappy with Whelan’s improvisation during the undercover op, Stabler decides to take over the case himself. How is that going to work?

Stabler’s face should be all over the news, considering how many other mobs and gangs he’s taken down -- will anyone trust him if he tries to go undercover again?

It certainly doesn’t look like the target of this investigation will. This could spell big trouble for our favorite Organized Crime detective!

Friday, January 13

Servant (Apple TV+)

The final season gets underway with the Turners at a loss about how to deal with the supernatural forces invading their home.

Leanne’s motives are questionable, something which propels the Turners in a very different direction.

With Jericho back home, will they be able to get rid of Leanne for good? It’s a difficult question, for sure. Check out the trailer below.

8/7c S.W.A.T. (CBS)

S.W.A.T.’s very own Alex Russell is in the director’s chair this week as the team deals with a kidnapping case. After a young boy is abducted from a homeless shelter, Street allows his personal history to cloud his judgement on the case.

Meanwhile, Hondo and Nichelle’s spiritual beliefs put them in different corners, which could spell trouble. What will happen? Make sure you tune in to find out!

10/9c Blue Bloods (CBS)

Frank again faces off against a city official, but it’s not the mayor this time. It’s the transit chief, whose program is causing on-the-job injuries to police officers. Meanwhile, Eddie finally gets a juicy story when she asks Danny to help her bust a police impersonator.

And while Eddie is busy with that, Jamie is working on a bust of his own: a high-tech smuggling ring. Which case will be the most exciting? We’ll have to tune in to find out!

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