Daughter of the Bride Exclusive Sneak Peek: A Dynamic Mother-Daughter Duo!

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It doesn't get better than the acclaimed Marcia Gay Harden and Halston Sage.

The Academy-Award-winning So Help Me Todd star is at the helm, along with Halston Sage of Prodigal Son fame, in an upcoming film, Daughter of the Bride, exploring a fun dynamic between a mother and daughter.

And TV Fanatic was fortunate enough to score an exclusive first look at this charming film that'll warm the cockles of your heart and make you laugh.

Kate and Diane- Cropped

Everyone loves a good family comedy, and Daughter of the Bride delivers with amusing hijinks, a star-studded cast, and the chemistry between Harden and Sage at the very center of the movie.

Harden stars as Diane, a lively woman whose best friend in life just so happens to be her daughter, Kate (Sage).

Daughter of the Bride Keyart

The mother-daughter duo has navigated much of life together, with highs and lows, but handling everything with aplomb and relying on one another.

Their bond is seemingly unshakeable and no match for anyone until Diane throws Kate the ultimate curveball: she's getting married!

Great news, right? Not when you didn't even know your mother was dating anyone in the first place!

A true mama's girl, Kate doesn't take the news well that her mother has made Bruce, played by Elementary's Aidan Quinn, the priority in her life.

Stopping the Wedding -tall

Both women have been navigating their respective love lives and careers together, relying on each other, and with a new person in the mix, Kate undoubtedly feels displaced.

Of course, that's where all the hijinks come into play.

While Kate should be supporting and even officiating her mother's wedding, she's so worried that she'll be displaced from her mother's life that she starts to thwart the wedding at every turn subconsciously.

It's where all the comedy ensues!

Kate and Diane- Tall

Of course, fate has a funny sense of humor since while Kate tries to get her mother to slow things down and reconsider the drastic move in her love life, she may actually gain one of her own while connecting with her handsome neighbor, Josh, played by Andrew Richardson.

In our exclusive clip, we get a sneak peek at Kate's insecurities when she realizes her mother is serious about getting hitched.

She's genuinely concerned that her mother is moving too fast with this new, mysterious guy.

She even goes so far as to bring up some of Diane's failed relationships as a justification for Diane calling things off.

Thwarting a Marriage -tall

But Diane has a few words of wisdom for her daughter about life and love. Check out the clip below!

Daughter of the Bride stars Marcia Gay Harden, Halston Sage, Aidan Quinn), and Andrew Richardson. It's directed by Annette Haywood-Carter and co-produced by MarVista and Particular Crowd with a script written by Karen Bloch Morse.

Daughter of the Bride hits select theaters, Digital HD, and On Demand on February 3!

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