Fantasy Island Exclusive Sneak Peek: Roarke Welcomes Her Very First Guest!

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The television landscape is always a bit bleaker when we can't look forward to FOX's Fantasy Island to escape our humdrum existence.

Roselyn Sanchez and Kiara Barnes are the hostesses with the most-esses. Fans look forward to that moment every week when they welcome guests to the magical holiday destination that will grant wishes and improve lives.

So far, Fantasy Island Season 2 has taken us to a high school reunion, a bachelor party, marriage counseling, and 1980s Miami. Next up is a double narrative with past and present echoing each other, guest starring Joely Fisher.

Welcome to Fantasy Island

The episode, titled "The Urn," will see Roarke relive her first hostess experience when a trio of guests brings the past to her.

"After an urn comes off the plane, three siblings must work through their past resentments in order to spread their mom's ashes and fulfill her last fantasy. As the kids wrestle with their past, Roarke remembers their mom, her very first guest as the host of Fantasy Island."

Roarke in Blue - Fantasy Island

In this exclusive sneak peek clip, a less confident and slightly disheveled Roarke (WHY do they always give bangs to denote someone is younger and less experienced? rants someone who has worn bangs for over thirty years and still does) greets Joely Fisher's Joy Summers at the float plane dock alone.

While the Island is just as beautiful as always, some marked differences jump out here. For one, Elena's wearing BLUE. You'd think the white outfit would be the first note in the hosting handbook.

Of course, Ruby isn't there, but neither is Javier! Instead, Joy's bags are unceremoniously dropped off by Cora, a silent and surly-looking woman pilot.

Joy Arrives - Fantasy Island

Joy glows with the pleasure of being on the Island and comments on how lucky Elena is to call it home.

Elena shrugs, subtly conveying that she's still getting used to it and might not have accepted it as such yet.

She offers Joy a blossom of wild hibiscus as a welcome token. This, too, is something we've never seen Roarke do.

The Perfect Holiday - Fantasy Island

In character, Fisher projects a sense of warmth, humor, and confidence as Joy.

One wonders what sort of fantasy Joy dreams of since she seems like someone quite content with her life.

Perhaps -- and I'm totally guessing here -- the Island is providing Roarke with the perfect first guest to help her settle into her role as host.

The way Joy takes Roarke by the arm feels very much like she's taking her under her wing.

Fast Friends - Fantasy Island

How will Joy's fantasy unfold? How will it connect to her children's journey in the here and now?

Wild (but not that random) question: Is there a connection between Fisher's character and Buffy the Vampire Slayer? (Buffy's mom was named Joyce Summers. Strangely similar, right?)

Check out the clip below and whet your appetite for next week! Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

Fantasy Island returns on February 6 at 8/7c on FOX!

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