Fire Country Season 1 Episode 13 Spoilers: Colin the Probie and Arsonist?

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Two episodes of Fire Country in one week? What a treat!

In a surprising turn of events on Fire Country Season 1 Episode 12, Bodie and Gabriella shared a kiss that, even though we were expecting to happen at some point, we didn't expect to be that soon.

Two people were a match for Sharon's kidney, and both were close to her. Bode was more than willing to give his kidney, but Jake hesitated to reveal he was a match.

Spoilers - Fire Country Season 1 Episode 13

We saw Sharon return to work, and a new firefighter joined the station in a probationary capacity.

Fire Country Season 1 Episode 13 is expected to dive into some of those storylines, and we have spoilers for the next episode that are bound to make you wish Fire Country was on every night.

Tatum - Fire Country Season 1 Episode 13

Bodie and Gabriella are not getting together … yet.

At this point, it has become predictable that they will not go steady. One can expect this since both of them are at different places at this point in their lives.

Dating a convict is not ideal for Gabriella, much less one still behind bars. It gets complicated when the convict is her ex-boyfriend's frenemy.

Gabriella had vowed not to date Bode even though she has feelings for him. We already established she is firm in her resolve, and despite Bode's best efforts, he can't change her mind unless she wants it.

Gabriella - Fire Country Season 1 Episode 13

Even though they got a little hot and bothered during the final minutes of "Two Pink Lines," it was out of character for Gabriella.

The fact that they won't get together doesn't mean it will be a unanimous and mutual decision. They will flirt for a while, so much that even Colin clocks it.

In the promo video CBS released for the rest of the season, both crews respond to a fire emergency, and in passing, Bode greets her, and she smiles and blushes like a teen girl. Oh, she has it bad for him!

On the other side, Bode is not short on people interested in him romantically. His ex-girlfriend is still in town, and we know their breakup didn't end everything between them.

Bode Holds a Rake - Fire Country Season 1 Episode 13

She is not that strong of a suitor, though, since she seemed to hit it off with Jake, and I'll steal you a little secret: they go on a date in a later episode.

Bode also has a new romantic interest who seems hellbent on getting him. Rebecca is not quitting any time soon. Things seem to be getting heavy between them, although Bode is being torn in another direction.

Rebecca might be the biggest hurdle to cross for them because, being an inmate firefighter, she can access Bode more easily than Gabriella.

We are in for some drama.

Bode and Gab - Fire Country Season 1 Episode 13

A fire emergency will put lives at risk.

Being dedicated to a cause is admirable. It is the most dedicated of people who affect change.

Promo images for the episode tease a fire emergency in the episode.

One of the worst things about capitalism is its putting profits above everything else. Often, the weakest or indefensible end up being hurt the most.

A group of environmental activists arrives to protest a housing development. Remember the dedication I hinted at earlier before? Well, the activists chain themselves up on the trees, and as bad luck would have it, the fire finds them.

Jake and Tatum - Fire Country Season 1 Episode 13

The crew has to juggle putting out the fire and trying to save the environmentalists.

The details about what is at risk are not clear yet. Still, given the diversity of a forest area, one can assume something is seriously in danger to warrant the interference of activist groups.

There is an arsonist.

Toward the end of Fire Country Season 1 Episode 12, an arsonist was seen lighting a fire and using an accelerant.

It struck me as odd how fire keeps lighting in the forest, and it seems an explanation is coming. In our TV Fanatic Fire Country Season 1 Episode 12 Roundtable, some writers suspected Colin might be the arsonist.

Jake - Fire Country Season 1 Episode 13

There is nothing impossible on TV, but it doesn't seem as if Colin holds a grudge against anyone in the station.

The arsonist courts trouble for Manny when he learns he is the target of an investigation into the arson.

Colin was introduced as a firefighter from a legacy firefighting family, but he didn't seem particularly interested in firefighting like many probies are when they join a house.

He came off as careless, putting multiple people's lives at risk on his first day on the job.

Some viewers thought of him as a potential love interest for Gabriella, but I think there is more there.

Vince - Fire Country Season 1 Episode 13

We expect they will dive into him as a person and how he might affect the house.

Manny promised to start working extra shifts to begin servicing his debt, and we expect that also to be explored.

Sharon rejected Bode's kidney, and Jake seemed reluctant to give his kidney. Is this the end of the road for Mama Bear?

Those were the spoilers, everybody. A lot will be explored in the episode, and we can't wait to see what they come up with.

We always love reading your feedback about what you think of the storylines, so don't hesitate to comment.

Catch the episode on Friday, February 3 at 9 pm ET on CBS.

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Fire Country Season 1 Episode 13 Quotes

Tatum: Here I am, trying to save what they couldn't.
Jake: Isn't saving trees antithetical to construction?
Tatum: My parents practiced sustainable forestry. They balanced what's good for the trees, the people, and the wildlife. People need houses, I'm not denying that.
Jake: There's just a better way.
Tatum: A less destructive way.

I made this about me. You know, in thinking I needed to do this to make up for my past mistakes. My mom's who I care about. I just want her to live.