Recently, camp's changed. All it takes is one bad dude to infect a place as special as Three Rock. The truth is, that bad due is me. I relapsed here at camp, and it snowballed. There is no one else to blame. I alone take full responsibility.


I believe you are running a drug game at Three Rock, Mr. Leone. Listen, you've got a couple of options here, OK? If you skirt justice in this hearing today, all you are doing is prolonging my investigation and keeping Freddy's case in limbo. You accept the blame; my investigation ends.


You think donating a kidney is gonna erase what you did?


Bode: It has to be Sleeper, man. He told me that our beef was not over.
Manny: Can you tell me how a dude in prison could orchestrate a drug test swap her in camp because I'm having a real hard time understanding what that looks like.
Bode: He obviously has a foothold here. Could have been one of his guys.

Sharon: Cal Fire's in charge, but this is private property that the owners hired Nozzle to protect. And if Bode and Manny got to work for them...
Vince: Manny can do what he wants but Bode ...
Sharon: Bode is a 30-year-old man who has to make his own decisions.

Manny: Faye, I realized I'm not Nozzle material
Faye: Come on, you accepted our offer.
Manny: I did. It comes with too high of a price.

[to Eve] Don't beat yourself up. You did everything you could. It's the system that failed. It always is.


I put off happiness. It was always gonna be when I get my gold medal. And now it's when you get out. I would be happy when we get together.


[To Walter] You numbed him. You took him to that stupid bar night after night until he was so drunk that he was far, so far away from himself. He made a mistake. One time he kissed another woman. And you know what? I forgave him because that's what love is.


Sleeper: I know you remember how I am with snitches... and their loved ones.
Bode: Don't ever threaten my people.

Bode: I tried to warn you.
Sleeper: And I'm warning you. This isn't over.

Freddy: How'd you know that punk would set me up?
Bode: He taught me everything I know.

Fire Country Quotes

I've dislocated my shoulder but still operational. I'm going to make contact with the patient.


Bode, you were gone for so long, we assumed you were dead. I'm done worrying about you.