Bode could go back to prison for the rest of his sentence.


Sharon: Looks like you've got this handled.
Eve: They're good probies.
Sharon: They were trained by the best.

I made this about me. You know, in thinking I needed to do this to make up for my past mistakes. My mom's who I care about. I just want her to live.


Tatum: Here I am, trying to save what they couldn't.
Jake: Isn't saving trees antithetical to construction?
Tatum: My parents practiced sustainable forestry. They balanced what's good for the trees, the people, and the wildlife. People need houses, I'm not denying that.
Jake: There's just a better way.
Tatum: A less destructive way.

Manny, Vince, we're on the same side.


I'm not taking your kidney.


Whatever you heard, I didn't do it. Neither did Bode


Bode: I'm trying to change Gab. I really am. For you.
Gabriella: Stop trying to impress me. You wanna change? Okay. Do it for yourself. Don't do it for me.

Leone Brothers and their lack of boundaries...


You don't even remember me?


Freddy: You know, your life could be a romance now that cap's daughter is single.
Bode: Has anyone seen Cap?
Freddie: He's in his office brooding. Dude has a serious case of mental problems.

The Leones' firefighter son makes them proud