Days of Our Lives Spoilers for the Week of 3-19-23: Will Bo Recognize Kayla?

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Uh-oh! Has Megan gotten careless?

Kate escaped her clutches once and will probably do it again despite a brainwashed Bo holding her at gunpoint. And Marlena and Kayla may overpower Rolf and get out of their prison, too.

Spoilers for Days of Our Lives during the week of 3-20-23 say Kayla will run into Bo. After months of little action, this story will move at lightning speed!

Spoilers for the Week of 3-20-23 - Days of Our Lives

The big question, of course, is how Bo will react upon seeing his big sister. Megan somehow made him loyal to her, but there's no telling what else she did to his memories.

He didn't recognize Kayla's name when Kate said it, and he might have been programmed to believe that his loved ones are the enemy.

The brainwashing might not be permanent. Clips from the spoiler video suggest Bo's memories may begin to return -- including one of a young Victor saying he's proud of his son!

Rolf had told Li and Kristen previously that he wasn't sure implanting love for another person could last forever, so that might be the case for Bo/Megan.

If that's the case, Rolf better hitch a ride on the Dimera Jet to parts unknown because he does NOT want to feel Megan's wrath!

Megan may have bigger problems to deal with soon, too. John and Steve are on their way!

A clip in the spoiler video depicts John and Steve looking at a computer to narrow down Megan's location while flying on a private jet. Yep, we're getting a modern set and a bigger-budget adventure for the first time in years.

The move to Peacock appears to have given Days of our Lives the bigger budget needed to return to the classic storytelling that has made it a hit for almost six decades.

And in this story, once Steve and John arrive, they'll probably find out quickly that their wives are not dead! This reveal will be amazing.

If you prefer more realistic stories set in Salem proper, don't worry; there's plenty of that coming up, too. Check out the spoiler photos below.

Hope Gets Info From Harris - Days of Our Lives

Hope gets some info from Harris.

After Megan's brainwashing led him to try to kill Hope, Harris was put into a sanitorium to deprogram him (see, Brady and Eric, that's how you do these things!)

Hope's taking a risk by visiting him. It could set him back, and he could turn violent toward her.

But it may be worth it since Harris will tell Hope someone was being held in a cryogenic tube at Megan's hideaway. Will Hope learn that Bo is alive?

Chanel and Paulina Score a Victory! - Days of Our Lives

Chanel and Paulina score a victory over Sloan.

Belle will likely get the freezing of their assets overturned. Good.

It's ridiculous for a judge to freeze assets before a lawsuit has even gone to trial. Sloan hasn't won anything yet.

Sadly, this victory will be short-lived, as Paulina will get unpleasant news later in the week.

Nicole and EJ's New Plan - Days of Our Lives

Nicole and EJ put a new plan into action.

EJ and Nicole's new plan involves getting Stefan and Gabi back together. They're hoping to engineer a situation in which Li catches Gabi being unfaithful so that she'll lose her shares.

That way, Gabi and Stefan can't reinstall her as CEO of Dimera Enterprises.

Hopefully, that'll work. I want Gabi to escape this situation without resorting to murder, as she did last time she couldn't get rid of an abusive ex-partner.

But Stefan may see through this extremely obvious ploy.

Jada Doesn't Understand Talia's Decision - Days of Our Lives

Jada doesn't understand Talia's big decision.

Talia's decision likely involves working for Chanel instead of some more prestigious job.

Spoilers have said that Talia has a medical license, so giving that up to work in a bakery will seem senseless to Jada.

Talia has to follow her heart. She should change jobs if pushed into being a doctor when she didn't want to be. But will Jada understand that?

Leo Overhears Chloe - Days of Our Lives

Leo overhears Chloe saying negative things about Rachel.

Ugh. How soon can Lady Whistleblower's column be shut down?

Leo's using it as an excuse to be in everyone's business and cause trouble for people he doesn't like. He almost married Chloe's father, but she was one of the people interfering with that relationship, so she's on his bad list.

Chloe should have the sense not to say sensitive things in public places, but still. That rule is twice as important now that Leo is constantly sniffing around for dirt.

Xander And Alex Come to Blows - Days of Our Lives

Xander and Alex have a fistfight over Gwen.

Can we not, please?

Too many men on Days of Our Lives settle their differences with their fists, especially regarding the women they "love."

Even if this macho nonsense was appropriate, which it isn't, Gwen's not worth it! Let's hope this fight ends with the cops carting these idiots off to jail.

Chad Gets Advice - Days of Our Lives

Chad gets some advice from Abe.

No one knows better than Abe what it's like to lose the love of your life. He didn't start dating again for half a decade after Lexie's death.

It seems odd that he's talking to Chad about this when he has three friends who supposedly lost their life partners a month ago. But John, Steve, and Roman are busy trying to find Megan, so they don't need Abe.

Abe will likely encourage Chad to keep moving forward with Stephanie even though a lot less time has passed for Chad than Abe took before he was ready to date again.

Kayla Learns Bo is Alive - Days of Our Lives

Kayla discovers Bo is alive.

You'd think Megan would realize the risk of Bo running into people he loved if she held them all prisoner in the same place! Or is it part of her revenge to ensure they know that Bo has forgotten his family?

If so, kidnapping Marlena was stupid. She's a world-renowned hypnotherapist who specializes in helping people recover lost memories!

Even if Bo doesn't remember Kayla, half an hour with Marlena should help turn things around. Or will running into his big sister trigger memories he doesn't understand?

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