The Rookie Round Table: Celina Gets Justice!

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Blanca's murderer turned out to be a serial killer on The Rookie Season 5 Episode 19. Who saw that coming?

Our TV Fanatics, Denis, Jasmine, and Christine, debate the consequences of the five-player-trade, Celina not seeing the killer in her life, Angela and Nyla's interrogation tactics, and more!

And will Chenford's crazy work schedule become a problem? Read on to find out what our round table thinks.

The Rookie Round Table

The person who abducted and murdered Blanca turned out to be a serial killer. Was that a satisfying conclusion? How do you rate this case from beginning to end?

Denis: This case had the potential to be a miss, but they found a way to make it grander. It was a satisfying conclusion for me, but they could have dived into the troubling statistics of missing children and people of color. That would have had a much bigger real impact on the viewer apart from the entertainment value it offered.

Too Close to It  - The Rookie Season 5 Episode 19

Jasmine: I can definitely agree with you on that point, Denis. Sometimes I feel like because they overdid it with the police brutality stuff a couple of years ago, they've almost pulled too far back on addressing stats and things like that in an organic and real way.

However, Celina herself has made the errant comment here and there referencing that, so it's something.

But overall, I enjoyed this storyline a lot. I knew almost instantly it was a cop behind it once the episode kicked off, and while I could've gone for "more" with this storyline, it was still a good and satisfying watch for me.

Christine: I didn't see the serial killer angle coming, but it was a great twist. And like Jasmine and Nolan, I suspected Officer Joel Chambers the moment he showed up.

It all left me wishing the storyline would have lasted longer, but leaving your audience wanting more is better than having them wait for a plot to end.

L - Celina and Nolan - The Rookie

Were you surprised by the role reversal of Nolan getting bad vibes from Joel while Celina trusted the man implicitly?

Denis: It wasn't surprising because I didn't hold Celina to a higher standard because of her different intuitions. If anything, that served as a learning moment about bias and how "feelings" can cloud judgment.

Jasmine: Not really. It impairs judgment when you're too close to someone, especially given that Celina has known this man since she was a child.

Nolan could approach Joel as an officer and fresh eyes, someone who didn't know him in the least or have this connection to him that would impair his instincts. Joel was a blindspot for Celina, and that made perfect sense.

Celina - The Rookie Season 5 Episode 19

Christine: Under different circumstances, Celina might have been suspicious of Joel, but she'd trusted him since she was a kid, and he was likely a pseudo-father figure for her over the years.

As much as I generally enjoy Celina's ability to read people, it was nice to see Nolan's instincts and observation skills on display.

Will the five-player-trade to get Tim into Metro sink Lucy's chances for becoming a detective this time around?

Denis: People don't appreciate being used in someone else's game without their consent. I wouldn't blame them if they decided to block Lucy's attempts.

Chenford Official  - The Rookie Season 5 Episode 9

Jasmine: As entertained as I was when that happened and how she pulled it off, I'm not entirely mad that this could come back to bite her in the butt.

I know if I were on the other side of it, I would feel some kind of way too. I wouldn't go as far as to tank someone's career or future, but it wouldn't surprise me if someone did.

I think it'll make her path infinitely harder, but in the end, Lucy's work speaks for itself, and there's only so far a person's vendetta will take them.

Christine: This will likely be an obstacle for Lucy, which is realistic. Office politics, in any job, can get cutthroat, and you never know how a coworker will interpret your actions.

Lucy seems like a shoo-in for detective, so this will likely be the thing that derails that dream for a while.

Metro Prep -tall - The Rookie Season 5 Episode 17

With Tim working crazy and intense hours in Metro and Lucy choosing to become a detective and work undercover, do you think their relationship can survive their competing schedules?

Denis: They've come very far. This is just another hurdle that they will cross.

Jasmine: I have faith that their relationship can survive. I'm not worried about that, but I believe this will be a trial for them. At this stage in their relationship, I think the appeal will be seeing them face challenges together and learn how to overcome them.

I don't feel like this show will stoop to bringing them together and ripping them apart in that contrived way other shows do. It's lazy. So far, Chenford hasn't been a lazy ship, so I doubt they'll start now.

Saying Yes to More  - The Rookie Season 5 Episode 9

Christine: This is a realistic obstacle for their relationship, and I'm hoping the upside will be seeing how they navigate it. That's what Chenford fans want to see.

As Jasmine mentioned above, other shows frequently rip their couples apart as if keeping them together means the audience will get bored. As mentioned above, it's a product of lazy writing, and I hope we never see it on The Rookie.

Which interrogation did you enjoy more? Harper questioning Joel Chambers, or Angela questioning Drew Hezloff?

Denis: All three of them. As always, Harper and Lopez are badasses, and I can't choose. Lucy also knocked it out of the park with the pedophile. She will make a great detective.

Jasmine: Angela and Nyla are both my girls, and they are the most badass in the show.

Nyla - The Rookie Season 5 Episode 18

However, I loved Nyla's interrogation because it felt like a very strategic chess match between her and a fellow officer. She had to tread carefully, or he'd catch on too quickly. I loved watching her approach the whole thing as she kept him there as long as she possibly could.

Christine: Oh, they were both amazing. As said above, Harper's was a chess match because, as a fellow cop, Chambers knew all the moves, so she had to tread carefully.

But I also loved how Drew tried to manipulate Angela into giving him information or letting him see a photo of the child, and she never gave him an inch. There wasn't a moment of either interrogation that I didn't enjoy.

After this case, Angela was worried about the safety of her children. Was that just normal parenting concerns, or do you think this is foreshadowing for something to come?

Angela - The Rookie Season 5 Episode 19

Denis: Now that it has been brought up, I see why foreshadowing might be plausible. But I'm more inclined to believe that she was just being a parent.

Jasmine: I want to say that, this time, it was normal parenting concerns. But overall, this season, it has felt like a lot of foreshadowing and this ominous tone to Angela and her kids. I keep waiting for the other shoe to drop.

Christine: I hope it was only normal parental concern, but I've had a bad feeling about this for a while. Elijah wants to hurt Wesley and Angela, and going after their children is the best way to do that. I'm very nervous about their kids during the upcoming season finale.

What disappointed you the most in this installment?

Denis: For some reason, I can't get over Thorsen. One can say he gives me the ick.

Detective Aspirations  - The Rookie Season 5 Episode 9

Jasmine: The Thorsen slander, Denis! Oof! I suppose Thorsen is to you what Bailey is to me. She didn't actually get on my nerves as much as she typically can, and they have some awareness about her, but I could've done without her bit.

Christine: Not much disappointed me. And for the record, I love Thorsen!

But I will point out that Bailey planned to do nothing but lounge around the house all day, yet she put on full makeup to do it.

What was your favorite quote, scene, or storyline in this episode?

Blanca's Case  - The Rookie Season 5 Episode 19

Denis: The end scenes were really fun. Seeing all the couples together after an intense day warmed my heart.

Jasmine: This was Lisseth Chavez's episode. She did some fantastic work all around, and I enjoyed every moment she was onscreen for this storyline.

Christine: My favorite was Celina forgiving her Mom while they were at her sister's grave. That was a powerful moment.

I also appreciated that they showed the toll this type of case could take on the people involved. It was nice to see them all trying to decompress afterward.

Celina - The Rookie Season 5 Episode 18

Now it's your turn, TV Fanatics.

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The Rookie Season 5 Episode 19 Quotes

Nolan: He had a daughter he lost custody of when she was six years old.
Harper: Same as the missing girls.
Nolan: And today is his daughter's birthday.

Thorsen: I never expected a police station to be so much like high school.
Lucy: I know, except now I'm one of the cool kids.