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Beau Mirchoff has starred in many series, including Awkward and Good Trouble. Still, he's become leading man material on Ride, the new family drama about the McMurrays who are trying everything to save their ranch.

Mirchoff plays the middle son, who is complicated. He has only recently returned from the service and has been thrown into the family tradition of bull riding with his brother's widow and his long-time crush Missy as his crush. Talk about complicated.

Mirchoff also guest-stars on Good Trouble as Jamie Hunter, and Jamie and Callie Adams-Foster recently got engaged.

Conflicted Cowboy - Ride Season 1 Episode 7

We chatted with Mirchoff about Cash's motivations for bull riding, his relationships with Valeria and Missy, and if he could tease anything about the Jamie and Callie wedding on Good Trouble.

Check it out below.

Back in the Saddle - Ride Season 1 Episode 1

Hi Beau. What has been your favorite part about playing Cash McMurray on Hallmark's Ride so far?

That's a good question. There are so many. I like how complicated Cash is. That's fun to play as an actor when it's hard for him to articulate his feelings, and he's got a lot going on and a lot of pressure in his life.

So, those are fun aspects to play. But then, on top of that, playing a cowboy has been a dream come true.

How has it been getting along with the cast that plays your family?

That's been a treat. They're all lovely human beings, and we're all genuinely friends. So, spending so much time on set with these people has been relaxed, and it helps when you like them.

The Welcoming Committee - Ride Season 1 Episode 2

I've also noticed that Cash has had a lot of women buzzing around him since the series began. What do you think is going to happen?

I have no idea. Cash is not the type to have a different girl in every town. He's looking for something more meaningful but a comfortable and healthy relationship.

I am still determining how that will materialize.

So, is he ever going to tell Missy how he feels? Or is that in the past?

I don't know. You'll have to watch him find out. That's definitely a possibility. I don't know if it will be reciprocated.

Forbidden Love - Ride Season 1 Episode 1

I think it's inevitable that he will at some point express, however successfully or not, remains to be seen. But I think he'll do his best to communicate his feelings.

I see. Or has he moved on with Val? Because they have a kindred spirit connection now.

Yeah, they do. I don't think he's moved on. There will always be a special place in Cash's heart for Missy.

So, are he and Val just good friends or soulmates in another way?

I don't know. Maybe it could blossom into something. They have something special, but you must water the seed and give it sunshine, and we'll see what happens.

Kindred Spirits - Ride Season 1 Episode 7

So, is bull riding in Cash's blood, or is he living in the shadow of his older brother?

That's the million-dollar question. I think it's in his blood. He says a couple of times in Ride Season 1 Episode 1 that when he's at those eight seconds, he's focused on the moment and that it's a respite from his demons.

More than that, it's a union with the animal he loves. There are all those pressures of living up to expectations, and he's affected by that big time. I don't think he wishes he didn't have to do that.

Absolutely. I know Isabel said Cash is a lot like his dad. He seems to be a lot like her with his sense of responsibility. Is that part of it, and that he feels responsible for helping his mother save the ranch?

Sure. Absolutely. No question there. Nancy was referring to how we see Austin as more like Isabel and Cash as more like Dust personality-wise. Half his DNA is hers, with many similarities, especially concerning family and caring for the ranch.

Playing His Part - Ride Season 1 Episode 3

What is Cash's mindset going into the Denver race with his injured hand on Ride Season 1 Episode 7 and feeling like he still has so much to prove?

His mindset? He's got to win, no matter what. This is his chance to do it, and he will not let an injury get in the way.

Why is it so crucial for Cash to ride even with an injury? And is it because of why he was injured, or is it because he feels he has something to prove?

I think he's all of those things. He has something to prove for sure. He is untested, and he has yet to prove himself time and time again like someone like Austin. He's also trying to make money to save the ranch. Those are the two main obstacles he is currently dealing with.

Surviving 8 Seconds - Ride Season 1 Episode 6

What can you tell us is still coming up for Cash in this episode or the rest of the season?

Many surprising storylines are coming up, and some new information is revealed. He's forced to contend with a lot of drama, do some soul-searching, and figure out his purpose and why he is doing it.

Well, we can't wait to see that. You've been doing some double-duty guest-starring as Jamie in Good Trouble Season 5. Jamie and Callie just got engaged. Can you tease when we'll see them again or the big wedding?

I don't know. That's the honest answer. It's safe to say that I will be back sometime this season.

The Proposal - Good Trouble Season 5 Episode 2

I certainly hope so. We're massive fans of yours on both shows; everybody was rooting for Jamie and Callie to get together for good. That would be a fantastic big event at the Coterie.

I'm excited for them. It'll be fun to see everyone together.

We haven't had a big Adams-Fosters wedding since Brandon got married and Jamie and Callie met.

That's right! No destination wedding, though. Well, maybe. I don't want to jinx anything.

Undeniable Connection - Ride Season 1 Episode 5

We're looking forward to it. Your fans love seeing you on both shows.

That's right. Hopefully, they're not sick of me.

We're always happy to watch you on TV, Beau.

Ride Season 1 airs on Sundays at 9/8c on the Hallmark Channel.

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Ride Season 1 Episode 7 Quotes

Missy: Austin cheated.
Cash: Huh? But Polly said…
Missy: Not on me. He cheated at bull riding.

Missy: Cash, I am your coach. Your mother is mad enough at me as it is. I told her you were taking it easy.
Cash: I am. I’m not riding Bullet. I’m riding a bull that a bunch of girls so at their bachelorettes. This is my career.