Days of Our Lives Spoilers for the Week of 6-05-23: The Cops Think Sloan Is Hiding Colin, But is She Guilty of a Different Crime?

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Sloan may be innocent when it comes to her brother's disappearing act. But that doesn't mean she hasn't done anything shady.

According to spoilers for Days of Our Lives during the week of 6-05-23, Jada grills the allegedly reformed bad girl about where Sloan's twisted brother might be.

While the cops are as wrong about that as they were about her involvement in harassing Paulina and Chanel, Sloan's no innocent. Her first act in Salem was to blackmail Paulina, and now she might be the latest person to tamper with DNA results for her own benefit.

Spoilers for the Week of 6-05-23 - Days of Our Lives

Nicole's set to find out who the father of her baby is, but we all know Salem DNA tests are never right the first time. And in this case, Sloan's perfectly positioned to force the result she's hoping for.

For Sloan, the best possible outcome is EJ being the father. That would effectively untie Nicole from Eric so she no longer threatens Sloan's relationship. And Sloan took the DNA sample from Eric off-screen, which means she likely swabbed her own cheek instead of his.

It would hardly be the first time someone did something to a DNA test.

Nicole and EJ are usually sharper than this; EJ should get his own DNA test to double-check whether he's truly the baby's father.

The ideal twist would be for Nicole to continue with the speech she gave Eric and EJ last Friday and tell them that it doesn't matter who the father is 00 since they're fighting over it, she'll forget them both and raise the baby herself.

That's not likely to happen, though. The writers have made it clear that Nicole/Eric is endgame, so the only way forward is for the test to say EJ is the father, only for it to turn out to be Eric down the road.

Let's hope for something a little less predictable!

Elsewhere in Salem, Megan comes up with a bizarre plan to get the money she needs: marry off Dmitri to Kristen.

Yep, she wants her half-sister and son to marry so that Dmitri can gain a substantial inheritance dependent on him marrying before he turns 40 in a few months.

This crazy idea will go nowhere, but Dmitri will find someone else who might fit the bill -- Gwen!

If these spoilers leave you scratching your head, don't worry. There's plenty more going on this week. Please scroll down to check out the complete list of Days of Our Lives spoilers.

Sloan Gets An Unwelcome Visit - Days of Our Lives

Sloan gets an unwelcome visit from Jada.

The police have learned nothing from falsely accusing Sloan of harassing Paulina and Chanel. for the last few months. Now they're convinced she's hiding Colin.

Sooner or later, she'll file a lawsuit against them, and that'll be that, but first, she and Jada'll come face-to-face.

The last time they fought, Sloan managed not to let it slip that Nicole's pregnant. But could she accidentally admit that the baby might belong to Eric to get under Jada's skin?

A Bizarre Proposal -  Days of Our Lives

Megan wants Dimitri and Kristen to marry.

Megan's plan isn't as crazy as it sounds. Nowadays, Tony and Anna are a supercouple, but Kristen once married Andre, believing it to be the stepbrother she'd fallen in love with.

Still, marrying off her son to her half-sister seems like an act of desperation -- and one that's not going to fly.

Megan needs Dimitri to marry before he turns 40 to avoid losing an inheritance. Luckily for her, someone else catches his eye, but it's someone his mother will probably disapprove of: Gwen.

Jada Grills Leo - Days of Our Lives

Jada grills Leo about his encounter with Colin.

There's no need for grilling.

Leo didn't do anything but try to get Colin to give him an exclusive and was eager to tell the police after Colin threatened him, broke his phone, and stormed off.

Hopefully, Leo will give a complete statement and not try to get any material for his Lady Whistleblower column out of the situation.

Nicole Gets DNA Results - Days of Our Lives

Nicole gets the DNA results -- but are they accurate?

We'll learn who the father ISN'T- whoever the test says it is!

Nicole's already warned both men that she doesn't want a tug-of-war over her baby., but will either of the guys be able to help themselves?

EJ didn't even want Eric at the hospital while Nicole got the results, so things can only go downhill from here.

Colin Confronts Talia - Days of Our Lives

Talia is horrified when Colin confronts her.

Colin's flipped from "friend" to enemy (not that he was ever a friend), but will a violent encounter finally break his hold over Talia?

Nearly dying and getting arrested didn't change her obsession with him, so why should him turning on her do anything?

Talia has serious mental health issues when it comes to Colin; hopefully, someone will intervene before it's too late and he kills her!

Wendy's Dilemma - Days of Our Lives

Tripp makes his intentions known to Wendy, while Johnny explains why he stood her up.

Ugh. This love triangle continues to be irritating.

There's nothing wrong with Wendy dating two men while she tries to decide what she wants. But this once-badass character has been reduced to being swept off her feet by whichever man she's with.

She runs to Tripp every time Johnny stands her up, only for it to be a big misunderstanding. And she broke a date with Johnny once to comfort Tripp, only for that to be a ruse.

Someone please make this awful storyline stop!

Isolated and Confused - Days of Our Lives

A confused Abe refuses to open the door to Rafe.

Nurse Whitley is keeping Abe isolated from the outside world so that he won't remember who he is or that she's not Paulina.

This appears to be Misery: The Comic Version, with Whitley being over-the-top weird and obsessed with Abe. But things take a serious turn when Abe won't let Rafe in to rescue him.

This story will probably come to a head soon; while Rafe is trying to reason with Abe, Whitley faces a weird dilemma after being assigned to care for Paulina in the hospital!

Harris Gets a New Job - Days of Our Lives

Kate offers Harris a job.

Steve might have no use for Harris, but Kate feels differently. After all, Harris helped get her off of Dimitri's fishing boat.

She may have an ulterior motive for hiring Harris. According to spoilers, Roman wants to join the search for Abe, and Kate might feel it's too dangerous and want Harris involved.

At least SOMEONE isn't treating Harris disdainfully for no real reason. Maybe this story will allow him to redeem himself so we can stop hearing about how he kept Bo's secret for 12 hours before telling Hope.

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