Judge Me Not Sneak Peek: A Mysterious Call Puts Daryl in the Hot Seat

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What couple hasn't argued over a mysterious phone call?

ALLBLK's newest series, Judge Me Not, has many great things going for it, including the exploration of mental illness with its main character, psychological thrills, and zany characters.

But at the center of the series is also a romantic relationship between newly appointed judge Zelma Jay Johnson and her boyfriend, if that's a term you can even ascribe to him, Daryl.

Trouble In Paradise

TV Fanatic scored an exclusive first look at the all-new episode hitting the ALLBLK streaming network today!

And things get a bit intense for Zelma and Daryl.

Judge Me Not Key Art

Judge Me Not is one of the latest additions to the streaming network.

It's a series created, written, and executive produced by Divorce Court veteran Judge Lynn Toler, who has worked with AMC networks and We TV on series such as Marriage Boot Camp.

The series is very loosely based on and inspired by bits of Judge Toler's life.

It tells the story of a woman, Zelma Jay Johnson, played by Chyna Layne, who is newly appointed judge to an unorthodox courthouse and nothing short of zany.

Zelma Judge Me Not

Zelma is an incredibly intelligent and bright woman.

Still, she also battles some mental health issues for which she takes medication, and she often has to navigate her own mental health with the rollercoaster ride that is her new job, unpredictable family members, and a complicated romantic relationship.

As the season progresses, between her personal life and her professional one, Zelma embarks on a journey that can only be described as a psychological thriller in which she'll find her life at risk in more ways than one.

The series also stars Javon Terrell, Jonathan Chase, Ben Bladon, Gena Shaw, and Allyson Rochelle.

It also stars Terrence Green, Bonita Brisker, and Malena Cunningham Anderson.

In our exclusive clip, Zelma and Daryl are taking a ride somewhere, and all is well until Dary's phone starts ringing.

He ignores the call, but it raises some suspicions for Zelma, particularly when she sees the person calling.

According to the caller ID, it's the High Bar, an establishment they both frequent and are familiar with, but it doesn't make any sense to Zelma why a bar would be calling her boyfriend.

It doesn't help that as things progress, Daryl seems defensive.

Bruhhhh Judge Me Not

So who is calling Daryl? Inquiring minds want to know!

Check out the exclusive clip below and sound off with your thoughts in the comment section.

An all-new episode of Judge Me Not drops today on AllBLK. You can catch all-new episodes Thursdays!

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