Found Season 2: Renewal Status, Cast and Everything We Know So Far

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NBC's procedural show Found stars Shanola Hampton, a series producer, a kick-butt public relations specialist turned vigilantly, Gabi Mosely. Gabi and her team have made it their mission to help the missing people who don't attract the media's attention.

The team mainly focuses on people of color and others who face bias for their ethnicity, sexual orientation, and lifestyle choices, among other things that tend to lead them to slip through the cracks of the Washington, D.C., police department.

Why is Gabi so passionate about her work? Because she is a kidnapping survivor herself and her dedicated team of people who have also been impacted by missing persons' cases.

Found Season 2: EWK Lead

While we only get bits and pieces of everyone's stories, throughout Found Season 1, it is revealed through flashbacks why Gabi stops at nothing to bring home the kidnapping victims of the families who hire her.

The show's theme is something that, more often than not, happens in real life all over the country, and bringing awareness to this lends to an emotional rollercoaster of a TV show. We are fortunate enough to get another season.

Found Wall - Tall Season 1 Episode 13

So, let's get into it!

Has Found Been Renewed?

Yes, Found was renewed for a second season in November 2023.

How Did Found Season 1 End?

Throughout Found Season 1, we learn Gabi's background and what brought her to become a recovery specialist working to find missing people that law enforcement and the media tend to ignore or dismiss.

She's Back - Found Season 1 Episode 1

We see this highlighted in the first episode when the daughter of a senator has been missing for 29 hours and is plastered all over the national news outlets, while another black girl, Dashika, has been missing for two weeks, and no one is talking about it.

When Gabi was a child, her teacher-turned-kidnapper kept her in a basement and went by Sir. He claims to care for her like a daughter, but to viewers, it feels a little bit creepier than that.

When another girl, Lacey, who now also works for the firm, is put in the basement with her, she has an instinctual behavior to keep her safe, and when the time presents itself to escape, Gabi hits Sir with a cast-iron skillet, and the two run for their lives.

These memories are burned into her brain, and so is the fact that the police never found her kidnapper. However, he is found by her, and she now secretly has him locked in her crisis management firm's office basement.

Down in the Basement - Found Season 1 Episode 2

However, on Found Season 1 Episode 13, the finale, Sir escapes from the basement, putting Lacey at extreme risk, considering she had no idea Gabi had him down there in the first place.

While all this is happening, the team is working on a missing persons case that was part of the pilot. It came back to light after an anonymous tipster taped a photo of the child to the front door of Mosely & Associates.

Dhan Rana is exempt from this case because he is the only one in on Gabi's secret. After Sir escapes, he helps Gabi by scrubbing the basement clean and erasing any evidence of Sir.

He also tells Gabi he got a hit from a former C.I.A. contact that someone matching Sir's description has obtained travel documents under a different name.

Lacey Alone - Tall - Found Season 1 Episode 13

This leads them to think Gabi is safe, and once their case is closed, she reveals Sir's captivity to Lacey (Gabrielle Walsh), Margaret (Kelli Williams), and Zeke (Arlen Escarpeta).

They think he is fleeing the country, but as the episode ends, we see him hiding in Lacey's apartment.

Found Season 2 Returning Cast

The main cast is expected to return for Season 2, including Shanola Hampton as Gabi Mosely and Mark-Paul Gosselaar as Hugh "Sir" Evan.

Plans for Sir- Tall - Found Season 1 Episode 13

Kelli Williams as Margaret Reed, Brett Dalton as Mark Trent, Gabrielle Walsh as Lacey Quinn, Arlen Escarpeta as Zeke Wallace, and Karan Oberoi as Dhan Rana are also expected to return.

Creator and Executive Producer Nkechi Okoro Carroll will give us more emotional ups and downs in each episode.

Found Season 2 Cast Additions

As procedural shows go, many additional characters in each episode play victims, family members, and whoever else is needed to tell the story.

However, who those might be played by has not been revealed, but we can expect them!

Undivided Attention - Tall - Found Season 1 Episode 13

Found Season 2 Plot

Considering the first season's ending, we are sure to see the different reactions of each team member play out and what, if any, tensions were created because of that.

Of course, we hope to find out what happens to Lacey and if Sir will target other team members, Gabi included. We may even see more of how Sir became the kidnapper and if he kidnapped anyone else.

There are also many questions circling Gabi and Mark Trent's relationship. There is some apparent romantic tension there, but where will they go now that Sir isn't locked in Gabi's basement?

Trent Assists - tall - Found Season 1 Episode 12

Maybe most importantly, we will see each team member's back story and how they became part of Mosley & Associates. Some have been revealed already, but there is a lot we have been dying to know.

What we know for sure is Gabi and Sir's relationship will be 'unhinged' in Season 2, as described in an NBC interview with Gosselaar, and there are plans for him to go somewhere in the middle of the season, which Gosselaar claims 'makes sense.'

What Is Found Season 2 Release Date?

There is no official release date yet. However, given its premiere in October 2023, a release date of late 2024 is not far-fetched.

Making the Press Listen - Tall - Found Season 1 Episode 12

Where To Watch Found Season 2?

Found will air on NBC and can be streamed on Peacock.

Found Season 2 Episodes

Fortunately, NBC has given the series a 22-episode upgrade for Season 2.

Is There A Found Season 2 Trailer?

There is no trailer yet for Season 2, but filming is set to start in March 2024.

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Found Quotes

Gabi: Who is this?
Reporter: Sarah Holden, Senator Holden's missing daughter.
Gabi: Sarah went missing 29 hours ago while playing in the park with her brother. There isn't a person in America who hasn't seen Sarah's face all over their TVs, highly increasing her chances of being found. Now who is this? [silence] This is why there will always be a need for what I do. Tasheika has been missing from the DC area for the last two weeks, and no one is talking about her. I sincerely hope they find Sarah. I do. But while you keep prioritizing the missing high-profile blonde girls of the world. My team and I will gladly continue to pick up the slack for the rest.

Gabi: We're a crisis management firm. We are PR specialists, lawyers, tech experts, and private investigators, all doing the job the police seem too busy to do.
Reporter: And what do you say to the people who call you vigilantes?
Gabi: We find missing people who have slipped through the cracks and bring them home. You're talking to a woman who, 20 years ago, had to rescue herself from her kidnapper because no one was looking.