But I swear before God, if my daughter isn't found alive, hell won't be a safe enough place for you!


Ethan: What's she asking you to do? You know I love Gabi as much as you do, but she is the one person to make you do things that you will not recover from.
Dhan: Trust me, please. I love you. I love the life we built. I'm protecting that as much as I'm protecting Gabi.

He believes that helping me is his purpose now. He thinks it binds us. He is never going to stop hunting me, Dhan. He is never going to let me go. I have to end it all now.


Trent: Gabi, I was so scared that I was going to lose you tonight. That I wouldn't get there in time... We need to talk, Gabi. I need answers on a lot of things.
Gabi: And I have them. Answers you're not going to like, but I need to talk to my team first.
Trent: Gabi-
Gabi: This will be the last favor that I ask.

She talks about Sir in the present tense. Do you know that?


Mr. Randolph, we don't dim someone's light no matter how brightly they shine. Now, apologize to Ms. Mosley.


Dhan: Why did you call me?
Gabi: I need for this to be over.
Dhan: You call me because you want me to do what you should've done, what you still can't do. I won't. I won't because I'm not the same person I was a year ago, the one who would've done it and asked no questions. I'm different, better, because of you, because of M&A, and now I realize it was all fake.
Gabi: Don't let my mistakes destroy your progress, your growth. You're right; you are different.

You are going to read this file and help me figure out who took her because if Gabi doesn't survive, neither do you. I will put a bullet in your head and won't think twice about it.

Dhan [to Sir]

I will always be the one who understands you, Gabrielle. That has always been our connection.


Shanice was stabbed 50 times and thrown in the field behind me. Historically, Black women have been forgotten, disregarded, cast aside. They are invisible in this society, and this predator knows it. He is brazen because he thinks nobody cares. But I know there are people out there who do care. Whoever you are, take a good, long look at my face because I'm coming for you, and I will not stop until you are behind bars or dead.


I remember you. You're the one who followed me that day. You found me for Gabrielle.

Sir [to Dhan]

You've come to kill me. That's why Gabi called you. Gabrielle loves me, executioner, that's why she called you. Because she can't do it herself. I know she's considered it. She always realizes how much she needs me. She needs me to be her partner to help solve your cases because you and the others aren't smart enough. Your clients would never be found if it weren't for me. Isn't that ironic, executioner? The big bad wolf of Mosley & Associates is their savior.


Found Quotes

Gabi: Who is this?
Reporter: Sarah Holden, Senator Holden's missing daughter.
Gabi: Sarah went missing 29 hours ago while playing in the park with her brother. There isn't a person in America who hasn't seen Sarah's face all over their TVs, highly increasing her chances of being found. Now who is this? [silence] This is why there will always be a need for what I do. Tasheika has been missing from the DC area for the last two weeks, and no one is talking about her. I sincerely hope they find Sarah. I do. But while you keep prioritizing the missing high-profile blonde girls of the world. My team and I will gladly continue to pick up the slack for the rest.

Gabi: We're a crisis management firm. We are PR specialists, lawyers, tech experts, and private investigators, all doing the job the police seem too busy to do.
Reporter: And what do you say to the people who call you vigilantes?
Gabi: We find missing people who have slipped through the cracks and bring them home. You're talking to a woman who, 20 years ago, had to rescue herself from her kidnapper because no one was looking.