The Idea of You: Everything We Know So Far!

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Prime Video excels at adapting novels, and love will be in the air this spring as the streamer adapts Robinne Lee’s romantic and steamy novel, “The Idea of You.”

Anne Hathaway and Nicholas Galitzine will steal the show in this forbidden romance as a 40-year-old newly divorced mom who unexpectedly falls for the 24-year-old lead singer of her daughter’s favorite band. Cue the drama.

Here is everything we know about the upcoming film, including the cast, the spoilers, the release date, and the official trailer.

The Idea of You Everything We Know

What is The Idea of You About?

The film was adapted from Robinne Lee’s novel of the same name. The Idea of You begins when 40-year-old Solène takes her teenage daughter to Coachella when her ex-husband bails.

Nicholas Galitzine as Hayes Campbell-The Idea of You

She meets the lead singer of August Moon, Hayes Campbell, quite unexpectedly there, and the two begin to date. Initially, the two explore their worlds as they travel and develop genuine feelings for each other.

The novel and film tease that this private relationship becomes too much for Solène as the press spots them, and their relationship becomes a viral sensation.

She must re-evaluate her own happiness with those she loves most since she dreamed of putting her daughter in the spotlight this way.

At the same time, this movie is a fun rom-com, but it’s so much more about a woman rediscovering her own happiness and worth.

A Globe-trotting Affair-The Idea of You

Who Stars in The Idea of You?

Anne Hathaway stars as Solène, a newly divorced woman who works at an art gallery. She was the first one cast in June 2021. She’s no stranger to the rom-com genre or Prime Video and starred in Prime Video’s original Modern Love.

Nicholas Galitzine portrays the lead singer in August Moon, Hayes Campbell. He’s made a name for himself since he starred in Prime Video’s Red, White, and Royal Blue.

Ella Rubin plays Solène’s teenage daughter, Izzy. She last portrayed Bianca on the HBO Max reboot of Gossip Girl.

Reid Scott plays Solène’s ex-husband, Dan, who cancels on taking their daughter to Coachella, which is why she ends up there. Reid currently stars on NBC’s Law & Order.

What a Resemblence-The Idea of You

The fictional August Moon band includes Raymond Cham Jr as Oliver, Jaiden Anthony as Adrian, Viktor White as Simon, and Dakota Adan as Rory.

Additional cast members include Perry Mattfield as Eva and Mumolo as Tracy.

Is The Idea of You Based on Harry Styles?

While many assumed The Idea of You was a fanfic based on Harry Styles, Lee shut that idea down quickly and told Vogue it was about a woman finding her self-worth,

“This was never supposed to be a book about Harry Styles. Nor was it ever intended as a classic, fuzzy romance.”

Self-Discovery-The Idea of You

“It was supposed to be a story about a woman approaching 40 and reclaiming her sexuality and rediscovering herself, just at the point that society traditionally writes women off as desirable and viable and whole.”

She admitted that she created Hayes Campbell as her dream guy and included parts of Harry Styles, Prince Harry, her husband, and Eddie Redmayne into his character. He sounds like every woman’s dream.

At times, the comparisons to Styles’ life and One Direction may seem eerie since he dated an older woman, too -- Olivia Wilde, but this was not her intention.

Is August Moon an Actual Band?

In Lee’s novel, August Moon was first mentioned, so it’s not a real band. The fictional boy band was inspired by One Direction. Here’s the exciting news -- August Moon’s title track, “Dance Before We Walk,” was released on Prime Video.

August Moon-The Idea of You

It’s from the film’s upcoming soundtrack, available on Amazon Prime, Spotify, and more.

What is the Release Date?

The Idea of You will premiere at South by Southwest on the closing night on Saturday, March 16. Tickets are still available.

It will then be released on Amazon Prime Video on Thursday, May 2, 2004.

Romantic Stroll-The Idea of You

Will The Idea of You Have a Theatrical Release, or is it Streaming Only?

Although the film will premiere at South by Southwest, it will not be released in theaters, and it will stream exclusively on Prime Video.

Who is Making The Idea of You?

Many people have produced the film, including Gabrielle Union, Cathy Schulman, Robinne Lee, and Anne Hathaway.

Jennifer Westfield wrote the screenplay. She’s appeared in series such as Younger and Queen America and wrote and produced the films Kissing Jessica Stein and Friends with Kids. She also wrote four episodes of Showtime’s The First Lady.

Romantic Stroll-The Idea of You

Michael Showalter directed the film and created a sexy masterpiece exploring a genuine connection and a different take on dating roles.

Where Did The Idea of You Film?

Although the film takes place globally in locations from Miami to Paris, they didn’t film in either of those locations. Most of the filming took place in Atlanta and Savannah, Georgia. It was filmed in October of 2022, before the strikes.

Anne Hathaway and Nicholas Galitzine were spotted rehearsing a steamy kiss on set in Savannah, GA. We can’t wait to see that scene.

Watch The Idea of You Trailer

Prime Video dropped the official trailer on March 6, and Anne Hatheway and Nicholas Galitzine exhibited smoking chemistry. 

Steamy Kiss-The Idea of You

As the trailer reveals, Solène (Hathaway) and Hayes Campbell (Galitzine) met at Coachella randomly, which started their affair. When Solène protested because of their age difference, he kept pursuing her, but their relationship shocked the world.

We’re so excited about this film. The leads are well-known in the rom-com genre, and the story is intriguing -- most teen girls will be thrown out if their mom starts dating the lead singer of their favorite band.

The drama is built-in, but this film also features an adorable meet-cute, fun music, and romance. It’s a must-see!

Check out the trailer below:

What do you think of The Idea of You?

Are you excited to see Prime Video’s latest romantic movie adaptation?

Let us know in the comments below.

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