Robin Weigert: Tracker Star Was a TV Legend Before CBS’ Newest Hit

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Robin Weigert has captured our affection in her role as Teddi on Tracker.

A no-nonsense handler with a heart of gold, a loving wife, and a soft spot for animals, Teddi Bruin is the perfect character for Weigert to portray.

In an illustrious career spanning decades, Weigert has landed roles in film and television that have made us laugh, cry, and everything in between.

Robin Weigert Lead - Tracker

The Washington, D.C. native spent the first stretch of her acting career in the Big Apple on the stage, only branching out to film and television after a move to L.A.

Since then, you've seen her in countless television shows and miniseries. She's done just about every genre, and with every role, she's knocked it out of the park.

Whether she's playing a major character or a minor supporting one, Weigert always brings her immense talent to the set.

She's proven her ability to hold her own in scenes with major A-list actors, as well as her knack for stealing the scene.

Without further ado, let's take a look at some of Robin Weigert's most unforgettable TV roles before Tracker.

Robin Weigert Chicago PD Season 1 Episode 2

Erica Gradishar (Voight's Handler) — Chicago PD

The now-resigned Internal Affairs handler of Sergeant Hank Voight, Gradishar was portrayed by Weigert with a sincerity and fervor you rarely see from minor characters.

Considering she was playing a character who only appeared in five episodes throughout Chicago PD's first season (plus one episode of Chicago Fire), Weigert still managed to leave an impression.

We'd expect no less from this talented actress.

Robin Weigert on Big Little Lies

Dr. Amanda Reisman — Big Little Lies

HBO's smash hit Big Little Lies gave us incredible scenes from the likes of Nicole Kidman, Reese Witherspoon, Laura Dern, and Meryl Streep.

Among those greats, Robin Weigert matched wits and held her own, playing a relaxed and comforting therapist who managed to strip her patients bare with her shrewd insight.

Weigert shared scenes with Kidman's character, Celeste, that never failed to give you goosebumps.

The good doctor's relationship with Celeste was imperative to help her understand just how messed up things were with her husband, Perry.

Robin Weigert AHS Roanoke - American Horror Story Season 7 Episode 8

Mama Polk — American Horror Story: Roanoke

Given how many characters have passed through the ranks on American Horror Story, when one sticks with you, it's usually for a good reason.

Mama Polk was the matriarch of a family of cannibals, and if that sounds horrifying, it's because it truly was.

Weigert's expert portrayal of a depraved woman living out an unfathomable reality deserved all the praise that was doled out to her for this role.

Robin Weigert on Sons of Anarchy

Ally Lowen — Sons of Anarchy

Another gritty show on the list, Sons of Anarchy, cast a ton of greats in its day.

Weigert played an attorney on the team retained to represent the Sons of Anarchy Motorcycle Club.

Weigert's character dealt with the club's most sensitive legal issues, from murder cases to divorce.

She was scared off by Season 6 and replaced by a new attorney, but she left an unforgettable impression on the show over the course of three seasons.

Robin Weigert on We Were the Lucky Ones

Nechuma Kurc — We Were the Lucky Ones

Playing a completely different kind of matriarch, Weigert took on a heavy challenge when she accepted this role.

Nechuma Kurc is the backbone of her family, guiding them through their strife and giving them the tools they need to survive.

Weigert says she drew on her Jewish heritage to prepare for this role.

Her commitment to treating her characters with reverence is always noted, but it was especially powerful in this case.

Robin Weigert AHS Asylum - American Horror Story Season 2 Episode 2

Cynthia Potter — American Horror Story: Asylum

I'd be remiss if I failed to mention this role.

Although not as striking as her Mama Polk portrayal from Roanoke, this character was still worth a shoutout.

In the second season of American Horror Story, Weigert plays a desperate mother whose son was possessed by none other than Satan himself.

Surprisingly to no one, Weigert was incredibly believable in this role. She has a knack for maternal roles, and Cynthia Potter was no exception.

Robin Weigert on Jessica Jones

Wendy Ross-Hogarth — Jessica Jones

Eagle-eyed fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe will recognize Weigert from her stint on Jessica Jones.

Weigert played the wife of a cutthroat and unfaithful lawyer, Jeri Hogarth.

This particular character was one of Weigert's most compelling performances, and it doesn't get enough credit.

Ross-Hogarth was a wronged woman who met a tragic end, and — unpopular though this opinion might be — she deserved better.

Robin Wiegert as Calamity Jane

Calamity Jane — Deadwood

Last but most certainly not least comes one of Weigert's most prominent and memorable roles.

Calamity Jane is a character based on a real-life historical figure.

Keeping company with "Wild Bill" Hickok, Calamity Jane embodies an attitude that women of any time period can relate to and admire.

Flawlessly portraying an alcoholic, foul-mouthed, brash woman, Weigert received widespread praise for her role as Calamity Jane.

Notably, this is one of several instances where Weigert has portrayed an LGBTQ+ character.

Teddi Bruin - Tracker

Honorable Mentions

Throughout her career, Weigert has demonstrated talent that transcends genre and typecasting. From comedy to horror to drama, she's done just about everything.

Other notable, if small, roles she's taken include small bit spots on medical dramas like Grey's Anatomy and Private Practice and procedurals like Without a Trace and NYPD Blue.

She's also appeared on Lost, ER, The Mentalist, Once Upon a Time, and The Politician.

Robin Weigert in Smile

Film Favorites

Robin Weigert is no stranger to the silver screen.

Her role as Dr. Madeline Northcott in the film Smile was as inspired as it was off-putting in the best way.

She's also starred in Tokyo Cowboy, Bombshell, and Deadwood: The Movie, which is the film adaptation and continuation of the Deadwood TV show.

Awards and Recognition

Two separate film festivals nominated Weigert for her role in the 2013 film Concussion.

Robin Weigert at CBS Fall Schedule Celebration May 2024

She received (well-deserved) nominations for her work as Calamity Jane, including a nod for the Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama Series.

So, tell us in the comments: what did we miss?

What are your favorite Robin Weigert roles?

Do you think she was the right choice to play Teddi Bruin on Tracker?

You can check out Weigert's past work across several networks and streaming services including Hulu and Peacock, and don't forget to tune in to see her each week on Tracker.

Haley Whitmire White is a staff writer for TV Fanatic.

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