George Prine: Look, man. Most of my clients are poor.
Colter: Victims. Your victims.
George Prine: Okay. I tell them where they can go to get the cash to pay my fees. I give them a number they can call.
Colter: So, you just pawn them off on these money jackals.
George Prine: Again, I'm not the bad guy here.
Colter: I'll be the judge of that. Keep talking!

Bobby: Does anyone ever say no to you?
Reenie: Yeah. Colter.

Colter: Alright, let's go. Gotta get close to that van. Find out where they took Sun.
Bobby: I'll take that as thanks for the lift in Colter talk.

Bobby: What?
Reenie: A lone wolf's gonna lone wolf.

You stay here, and you die. It's that simple.

Colter [to Sun Mai]

Colter: Looks like Sun was trying to repay a long she'd taken out.
Bobby: Who was she borrowing money from?
Colter: Well, sure as hell wasn't JP Morgan Chase.

This kind of generosity, you'll receive many blessings.

Ms. Mai

Ms. Mai: What did you find?
Colter: It looks like she didn't let it go.

Colter: I trusted you.
Billie: It's been five years. Maybe it's time to move on.

Colter: Thought this was a private hire?
Teddi: We had no idea Billie would be there. Should have known she'd never pass up this kind of reward money. It's like asking a shark not to smell blood in the water.

Billie: You're really slipping. You didn't clear the room.
Colter: I didn't need to clear the room. I'd recognize that perfume anywhere.

Billie: If I have permanent damage because I saved you from a burning barn-
Colter: You're never gonna let me forget about it. Yes, I know.
Billie: Damn right.

Tracker Quotes

Mark: Can you get him out?
Colter: Aside from forcibly removing him, if Jackson doesn't want to leave, there's really nothing I can do.
Mark: All we're asking is that you try. You don't strike me as a man to give up so easily.
Colter: No, sir, I'm not.

Colter: Bobby.
Bobby: Rebecca Smith. Smith? Are you kidding me? There's like a million results.
Colter: Oh, good, you got my text.