Aaron Thorsen is an LAPD rookie who sparked controversy for being wrongfully accused of murdering his best friend as a teen.

The son of a famous rapper, he's lived a life of privilege up until he was accused of murdering his best friend while they were studying abroad in Paris. Despite spending a year in prison before getting acquitted, his presence at LAPD was controversial as the public opinion was that he was the real murderer despite the verict.

It was something that was since resolved as he looked into his friend's case while on the job.

Thorsen is one of the more recent rookies who served under Harper's tutelage before her maternity leave and promotion and finished up under Nolan.

Thorsen is close to the newest rookie, Celina Suarez.

Aaron Thorsen Quotes

Thorsen: Today feels less weird than yesterday, doesn't it?
Celina: Yeah.
Thorsen: And tomorrow will feel less weird than today.
Celina: Yeah.
Thorsen: Good, because I miss my friend.

Celina: I know I said that the kiss wasn't a big deal, but it still feels weird. And I have to be okay with that. You have to be okay with that.
Thorsen: OK. How?
Celina: I don't know.

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The Rookie Quotes

Tim: The Tim Tests, those don't make me like him.
Lucy: I know. You're nothing like him. Come here, you're nothing like him.

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